EnviroCan wins tilt at radar-hexing windmills

exeter radarJohn Miner, London Free Press
Environment Canada can’t block wind farms from being built close enough to throw off its weather radar readings, but it’s won the right to order turbines curtailed during severe weather in Southwestern Ontario, documents obtained by The London Free Press show. Under a 32-page agreement negotiated with NextEra Canada, Environment Canada can order the Florida-based wind energy giant to reduce wind farm operations in extreme weather that could jeopardize public safety.

Following a call from Environment Canada to its operation centre in Juno Beach, Fla., Next­Era has 20 minutes to “feather,” or adjust, turbine blades back in Ontario so they won’t contaminate radar readings, according to the agreement provided to The Free Press under the federal Access to Information Act. The curtailment can last up to an hour, but can be extended by Environment Canada if dangerous weather conditions — Southwestern Ontario is located in a tornado alley and heavy snow belt — persist.

Ground Zero for industrial turbines in Ontario, with the biggest and largest number of wind farms in the province, Southwestern Ontario has been a hotbed of rural opposition to the highrise-sized installations, which took off after the Liberal government began signing sweetheart deals with energy companies — paying them far more for their electricity than consumers pay — under its Green Energy Act in 2009. But while much of the opposition to wind farms has come from activists concerned about health, land values and control over where the towers can be built, which the province took away from municipalities, the contamination of weather radar readings by spinning turbine blades — known as “clutter” — is an international concern.

Scientists in United States and Europe have shown that a weather radar signal bounced off a spinning turbine blade can appear to be a rotating cloud or tornado. The wind farm operations can also distort precipitation estimates. Read article

2 thoughts on “EnviroCan wins tilt at radar-hexing windmills

  1. Because, under various trade agreements, the gov’t has given up the right to put Canadians before the profits of foreign corporations.

    The Conservatives started signing these deals, and the Liberals said they would change them, but actually did nothing. Now Harper wants to sign more.

    So they ‘negotiated’ an agreement with Nextera? What about Suncor, Samsung and the other players?
    They should just call them every time they see clutter and tell them to shut it down to find out if it’s a tornado or a turbine. lol

  2. They have 20 minutes to ‘feather” the turbines? In 20 minutes a tornado could rip right through. Isn’t the maximum time frame 30 minutes tornado warning at this time for detection and most of the time it’s 15 minutes.

    Just use U.S. doppler radar which covers some of southern Ontario and back over to Michigan to look for severe weather approaching Ontario. To put this another way, look out for yourselves.

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