Bluewater Gets Reports of “Material” Fall Off Turbines

turbinebladeBlackburn News, Bob Montgomery
Bluewater council has asked staff to look into reports that parts of wind turbines are falling off of the blades. Mayor Tyler Hessel reports a few residents have told their councillors that they’ve been told by wind energy company officials not to take crops off near the turbines until they notify the company so they can slow down the turbines.

Hessel points out some of the turbines are near municipal roads so if there is a possibility of parts of the blades falling off the municipality would like to know about it. Hessel adds his understanding is that sensors attached to the blades with adhesive are the source of the consern but stresses at this point the information they’re getting is second hand so they’re looking for confirmation of that and an explanation from the wind energy company.

Hessel adds if there is a possibility of sensors becoming separated from the turbine blade the municipality as well as all of the residents living anywhere near a turbine should be alerted to that possibility.

12 thoughts on “Bluewater Gets Reports of “Material” Fall Off Turbines

  1. And how do you slow down the turbines? When the generators are connected to the power system, they are synchronized to the system That means they turn at a predetermined speed based on the number of poles in the generator and the frequency of the system (60 cycles). With the generator paralled (connected) to the system, there is no possibility of “slowing down” the turbine. So there’s your first piece of bunk in this whole piece of nonsense.

    • Maybe some think that IWTs operate like electric house fans on low, medium and high when you want them to?

      • LOL, you say that in jest, but there are people out there that do believe exactly that. There are also people that don’t understand why you can’t store electricty on a commercial basis.
        Its surprising how ignorant people are of electricty. I guess it’s too technical a subject for most.
        i was thinking, during this election proceedings, many of the descriptions of Harper could be put to the Mcguinty/Wynne years with equal vigor, but the majority of people know nothing of what’s going on in the province.

      • Well, I minored in physics so have a some idea of what’s taking place. And guys like you, John, who know how electricity is produced will have to carry the heavy load in this affair.

  2. If you find a piece or pieces from IWTs on your property, under no circumstances turn these over to anyone. Just notify the proper authorities.

    Let anyone who wants these IWT pieces get a warrant. Record any pertinent information pertaining to the pieces. And don’t leave finger prints on them either.

      • Turn IWT pieces over to anyone and evidence gets lost?

        If pieces land on town or county property like roads this can be photographed as well but don’t touch any pieces.

      • Barb, that playground could be Ubly, in Huron County. I haven’t been that way in quite a while.
        If I’m not mistaken, I believe there is a John Q. that is a lawyer for a lot of twps. in the 3 county thumb. Could this possibly be the same person?

      • According to this Annual Report John Q. is Chair. of the Michigan Public Service Commission.

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