Watch: The Unscripted Kathleen Wynne

CTV is airing the movie Wynne quit on. This is how the Premier reacts to the opposition, press and protesters. You can imagine what she muttered to herself when we protested her in the midst of her scripted speeches.


17 thoughts on “Watch: The Unscripted Kathleen Wynne

  1. I’ve just watched the first few minutes of this and the words “open”, “accessible”, “honest”, “empathetic” and “authentic” used to describe Premier Wynne are the exact opposite descriptions of the way this person has handled the industrial scale wind debacle in this province.
    She has never responded to pleas from victims in this way. Her myopia and wilful blindness of the plight of victims is beyond anything I’ve ever seen.
    Has anyone ever experienced these positive values from her during this horrible experience in rural Ontario with turbines and their infrastructure being imposed on our neighbourhoods/homes?

  2. Love (NOT!!) how Deb Matthew pushes the Liberal caucus to hold the line on their deficit by finding every possible way to generate revenues for the gov’t. Never a mention of how they can control their bloody spending. I hope people can see through her pathetic attempts to be “transparent”, “authentic”, “honesty” crap.

    Love (NOT!!) how she craftily managed with her very manipulative partner, to twist McNaughton’s words about the school sex education program into a homophobic slurr!! calling him a Neanderthal. This woman has no class!!

  3. Just think next Tuesday morning we could wake up to another tax and spend Liberal government. Or perhaps a lot of people will conclude that it’s better to have the devil we know than devil who has really never worked a day in his life. This ‘trust fund’ fellow could be even more dangerous than Wynne. Wants to go on a spending spree….10 billon dollar deficit could easily turn out to be 20 or higher

    • Indeed! A “water-shed” election for Canada. Will Canada follow the UN demands or be its own country?

  4. The use of the eagle feather was ironic, considering how her government is fine with demolishing their nests.

  5. Wynne and Rounthwaite seem *almost oblivious
    that wind turbines are THE BIGGEST WHITE COLLAR FRAUD
    happening in Ontario, right now.

  6. Electric power has been made un-affordable for many Ontarians while at the same time power is being sold and/or given to U.S. states.

    The Ontario Power system is owned by the people. Those charged with running the system have already caused harm to many people by selling power cheaper or giving it away at the expense of the ratepayers.

    It took awhile to gather the data about these issues but it is now available. Running a” Robin-Hood” operation here?

    There is such a thing as malfeasance in office.

  7. Thank you Barbara!

    Hopefully the judicial review of the Green Energy Act will uncover the misfeasance of the alliance.
    Learning who are the key characters and the connections is crucial.

    Follow the RICO conversations on wattsupwiththat.

    • Does Canada/Ontario have RICO laws?

      And even if the judicial review uncovers misconduct you have to wait for that legal process to be completed.

      It’s possible to use misconduct laws now? A legal issue to look into.

      • There already is an on-going Ontario court case using misconduct in office/misfeasance regarding off-shore IWTs.

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