Pickens: NextEra’s unfairly influenced Liberals with private meetings & $18,600

Nextera sucksNew York Times, Alexandra Stevenson
Some excerpts, but do read it all:
“Like other investors who have challenged governments, Mr. Pickens has taken his dispute to an international court. He is seeking $700 million in damages for future losses related to bids that his wind power company, Mesa Power, lost in wind power auctions in Ontario.

Mr. Pickens and Mesa Power contend that the Florida company, NextEra, was granted exclusive access through private meetings with important government officials that ultimately tilted the bidding in its favor.

The province of Ontario granted NextEra $3.8 billion in energy contracts. Mesa Power contends that $18,600 in donations that NextEra made to the ruling Liberal Party in Ontario before elections in 2011 had undue influence on the auction.

NextEra did not respond to a request for comment.”


“A review of documents and emails between NextEra executives, lobbyists and government officials show that NextEra met and held calls with high-level officials at the Ontario Ministry of Energy, the premier’s office and the power authority, even as Mesa Power executives were told they could not speak to officials until contracts were awarded. When NextEra lobbyists requested more information, officials sometimes responded within hours.

Mr. Pickens’s lawyers argue that NextEra was able to wield influence because of its chief lobbyist, Bob Lopinski at Counsel Public Affairs. A former adviser to the Ontario premier, Dalton McGuinty, Mr. Lopinski was hired in 2010. He contacted former colleagues in the premier’s office to set up meetings for senior NextEra executives including Mitch Davidson, the chief executive. He also arranged for meetings at the Ministry of Energy and the power authority.” Read article

3 thoughts on “Pickens: NextEra’s unfairly influenced Liberals with private meetings & $18,600

  1. IF these allegations prove to be true, the Liberals attitude towards ethics is more far-reachiing than I was aware of. In an excerpt from the afterward of Harriet Parke’s novel (afterward written by Glenn Beck), it states:

    “Once you cut through all of the propaganda, you’re left with nine basic principles that Agenda 21intends to pursue:

    1. Move citizens off private land and into high-density urban housing.
    2. Create vast wilderness spaces inhabited by large carnivores.
    3. Reduce traffic congestion and slash fuel use by eliminating cars and creating “walkable” cities.
    4. Support chosen private businesses with public funds to be used for “sustainable development.”
    5. Make policy decisions that favor the greater good over individuals.
    6. Drastically reduce the use of power, water, and anything that creates “carbon pollution.”
    7. Use bureaucracies to make sweeping decisions outside of democratic processes.
    8. Increase taxes, fees, and regulations.
    9. Implement policies meant to incentivize a reduced population (i.e., “one-child” type laws).
    But before we get to the endgame,……….”

    I think we’ve seen evidence of most of these “goals” from the Liberals, over the years. Liberals, in cahoots with NextEra? I’d guess it is quite within the realm of possibility.

    Now, who wants to vote for Trudeau? Same party, same fundraisers, same strategists. Same agenda? I think “YES”.

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