Wind Terror in Turkey

turkey-1The Law is My Oyster
If you thought the carry-on and underhand tactics by the wind companies in Ireland was something to believe, feel relieved that you are not being threatened by the Turkish wind industry (probably owned by the same crowd?), who seem to be well in control of local government and the district courts.

The environmentalist Esen Fatma Kabadayi Whiting has been conducting a brave struggle against the energy company ABK Çeşme RES Enerji Elektrik Üretim A.Ş since 2013 February. She has been resisting the building of wind farms close to residential properties and has also been highlighting the devastation caused to protected areas of conservation and to agricultural land.

The energy company responded to this campaign by making a complaint of criminal slander against Ms Whiting, but she denied the charge as bogus in the Çeşme 1st Criminal Court. The company representative who made the complaint did not bother to appear, but despite his non-appearance in court to pursue his complaint, the case was adjourned to 18 December, rather than being dismissed.
Ms Whiting has often spoken out against the compulsory appropriation of land under the Emergency Nationalization procedure and the environmental damage caused by the Çeşme WPP company. She vowed not to give up and promised that the struggle would continue against the Çeşme WPP as she predicted: “One day the wind will turn.”

I didn’t slander anyone. If I had said those words to him there I would say them to him again in this courtroom. I’m not one to be merciful with my words,” said Ms Whiting. Read article

13 thoughts on “Wind Terror in Turkey

  1. The wind companies are corrupt wherever they are in the world, especially when they are protected by corrupt governments.
    We can only wait and fear for how much worse it will get in Ontario now that Wynne has an ally as Canada’s next federal Prime Minister.
    The rape and pillage of our agricultural and rural lands, by wind machines and blankets of solar panels, has only just begun.
    Andrew Watts

  2. Hmmm another strong woman with a backbone, the windies sure don’t like those.

    I hope her community rallies behind her, no one deserves the disrespect given by these railroading big wigs.

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