On & off peak electricity prices increase 88% in 5 years

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May 2015 comparison form Manitoba HydroProvincial Comparison May 2015

17 thoughts on “On & off peak electricity prices increase 88% in 5 years

  1. Don’t know why this is a surprise. McGuinty told us he was going to raise them every years till 2015 back in 2009 when he started the Green Energy Act. Wynne has told us she’s going to raise them until 2020,at least, for the same reason. So why the surprise?

  2. The only real surprise, is in the number of people who voted Liberal when the hydro prices were on the way up, as of the last election. I’m really surprised at the number of voters who can’t see far enough into the future, and predict for themselves, what the ongoing effect will be, especially when the forecast was even higher prices.

  3. George Smitherman. Need I say more? Except to remind people he told Ontarians that the Green Energy Act would only increase their hydro rates by 1% per year. 1 PER CENT !!! Why doesn’t Liberal math balance???

  4. Ontario urban areas use natural gas as a major source of household energy needs.

    This shields them from high electricity prices. It’s easier for urban households to cut-back on electricity use and/or off-peak use.

    Urban areas are the vote rich areas. Toronto Hydro was not sold to provide money for urban transportation.

    Rural Ontarians have become marginalized.

    • I totally agree. Hydro bills in rural Ontario are incredibly high. Sometimes families come here and rent places because the rent is reasonable and then they get totally sideswiped by an obscenely high hydro bill. If I use $86 worth of hydro in a month, it costs almost that much to deliver it. Imagine if you went to the store and bought $3.00 worth of bread and they charged you $3.00 for putting it in your hands. Then if they charged you again for their debt retirement?Somehow this piracy goes on unabated. ARRGHHH

      • I totally agree. I’m rural and are constantly frustrated by the lack of current information about the cost of hydro and why on the popular news media. Urban folk have no idea what is going on. Any urban people I talk to look starry eyed when I tell them the rural situation.
        You mention high delivery charges. It is so, but one should look at why. All the new “Green Energy” is being installed in the rural landscape. It all requires new transmission lines and transformers etc. Hydro One has to install this equipment, not the Green Energy producer. That means the Hydro One customer, the rural customer , has to pay for all this new trannsmission equipment. that is amounting to thousands of miles of new transmission line we have to pay for. Since urbanites are suppolied by the likes of Toronto Hydro etc. who don’t have anything to do with Green Energy, these costs are not shouldered by them and their customers.
        Rural folk have become the dumping ground of Ontario, and largely with out political representation.

  5. If you think increasing costs of electricity are bad–
    you should learn what they did with noise standards–
    “caused real harm to real people”.

    In England, one Member of Parliament recently described
    ““two decades of deception” from the wind industry
    about the effect of turbines on health of near neighbours”.

    “Wind farm noise report ‘parallels VW scandal’, MP claims”
    Western Morning News | 21 October 2015 | http://www.westernmorningnews.co.uk

    ‘[excerpt] the existing method by which councils assess wind farms – the ETSU-R-97, which was created in 1996.

    Conservative MP for Daventry Chris Heaton-Harris claims the new report draws “parallels with the Volkswagen emission scandal” where vehicles were rigged to conceal the harmful pollutants they emitted………..’

  6. Two points — I suspect the calculation for Kenora did not include delivery charges, which for us are a bit more than the total electricity charge. Secondly, our kids live in Whitby and even with gas heat, their power bill is a fraction of ours for far more usage. Yes, rural Ontario is the sacrifice zone for this government — desecrate it with un-needed power projects, rob it of services and revenues. Then pour it all into Toronto but waste it. Like their firesale of Hydro — we will all be net worse off. Who profits? Someone needs to follow the money.

      • So according to the OEB calculator a rural Ontario homeowner pays 40% more for electricity than a homeowner in London, ON for the same electricity usage.

    • If and when it is disclosed who the buyers of Hydro One are, then it may be possible to follow the money.

    • I’m sure we are all in favour of comparing apples to apples. Community utilities such as Kenora Hydro, Toronto Hydro etc. are not saddled with having to build thousands of miles of new transmission lines to accommadate wind and solar concerns. That is the sole province of Hydro One and their customers. Until the community utilities and the urban areas they serve, accept large solar and wind insltallations with in their boundaries you will not see high delivery charges, indeed you may not see a seperate billing for delivery charges. Since delivering is all Hydro One does, you have to see their price reflected on the bill. All those of us who are customers of Hydro One are expected to pay for new transmission and transformation facilities to accommadate Green Energy. Yes, rural Ontario gets it where the sun don’t shine again. Yes, it is possible to follow the money trail now, probably far easier than if it was a private buisness, then we wouldn’t be able to follow the trail.

  7. Hi there! my name is Lyn – I have always been one of you biggest supporters! from Lake Erie to Bimbrook and town in between etc.! – I always asked good questions left helpful messages – I never left nasty replies!! – but the last few months I have heard NOTHING from you people!!! – I have emailed Barbra a number of times with this issue!! no reply!! this is no way to keep and get more supporters for this cause!!! Please get back to me!!! Lyn

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