Metrolinx pulls plug on Lisgar GO station wind turbine: produced 91% less electricity than projected

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Metrolinx has packed up its 31-metre-tall wind turbine at the Lisgar GO Station after it produced 91 per cent less electricity than projected.

The provincial transportation agency has officially dumped a pilot project aimed at creating renewable energy using a $620,000 wind turbine.  Unveiled in 2009, the turbine was slated to produce enough energy to power 80 per cent of the Lisgar GO station’s electricity per year – 98,550 kilowatt hours (kWh). It fell far short of its targets, producing less than ten per cent of that.

“These things are sometimes difficult to predict. It was based on educated estimates and, as it turns out, they were lower than anticipated,” said Metrolinx media relations manager Anne Marie Aikins.

Metrolinx staff began taking down the structure in July, finishing sometime in August.  Aikins said it has since been sold. Read article

50 thoughts on “Metrolinx pulls plug on Lisgar GO station wind turbine: produced 91% less electricity than projected

  1. Ella in Michigan:

    From the right sidebar an article on Algonquin Power & Utilities in Huron County, MI.

    Same company is doing the Amherst Island, ON wind project.

    • Now, that makes perfect sense to me, at this point.

      (lets be real, a good percentage of people just do not care until it’s to late and the baby has disappeared down the bathtub drain)

      Gov. Snyder sold Michigan out.

      Thanks Barb.

      • For the 2014 election he was only slightly better but this has now changed to negative.

        Either way Michigan lost.

      • CSIS | Center For sSrategic & International Studies, Washington, D.C.


        “In the fall of 2007, the CSIS and National Security Program and the World Resources Institute’s (WRI) Climate and Energy Program launched a partnership on energy security and climate change.”

        Supported by:
        Doris Duke Charitable Foundation
        Tides Foundation, Connect US Energy Fund
        The Energy Foundation

        Follow the money!

      • I have great reservation of information published by centers for studies of this and that, think tanks, institutes, foundations and even many so called and too often self-promoted political energy afvisors. What i trust most are those who work in applied science such as the engineers. No new scientific concept makes it all the way through to reliable, fit-for-purpose and field proven status without their intense involvement! So why is the media not consulting them?

      • “Either way Michigan lost.”

        I know, I look at it (IWT’s) everyday.

        We can also thank Granholm, prior.

      • ” She sure sold the people on green jobs. ”
        yes Barb, see a couple links from Michigan Cap below.


      Last week when we had high winds, I noticed one night all the lights on every turbine was out. Now this is unusual. Sometimes half of them are on, sometimes not. And of course, they sure don’t work when it’s calm out. Although, they do like to spin them around during the calm days here and there periodically. I think it’s just for show.
      We have had a lot of power outages in the last two years, and every time, the lights are still working on the turbines, but the communities sit powerless.
      I don’t “hear” them at my distance, but I do “feel” them. I can tell you when they blow my way. I try to stay away from the area as much as possible. Of course, I can’t just leave my home when they bother me.

      • And, unfortunately for me, I have developed tinnitus in the last two years.

      • Another organization to keep in mind for Michigan is the Rocky Mountain Institute in Colorado.

        Carbon War Room merged with them in December 2014.

        Their combined Board of Trustees has some very influential people on it and one with a family connection (brother) to the UNFCCC Christina Figueres.

        All this activity taking place right in Colorado.

  2. Canadian Engineers working in most of Canada’s energy industries from hydro, to nuclear to O&G etc. repeatedly stated years ago…. “Why are GreenPeace, Sierra Club”, David Suzuki Foundation and Naomi Klein promoting such weak energy solutions such as wind and solar?”…….. Now we know the real reason….. They don’t want real solutions! That want to grow their green agenda, green empires and their degree of power and control…… and we have all been suckered!!!

    • Also send to the MPs.

      The public may be growing tired of the “trash” science that’s being thrown at them?

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