Residential Power Bill Comparison 2015: Ontario 52% higher than New Brunswick

What do all those lines on an Ontario power bill mean? How does a Hydro One power bill stack up to a New Brunswick power bill? Here’s a comparison from recent October, 2015 billings.

HydrooneHydro One statement:

  • 3 lines for the differing Time Of Use charges (916 kWH costing $19.18+$17.31+$52.38 = $88.87)
  • Delivery charge ($101.39)
  • Regulatory charges ($6.02)
  • Debt Retirement charge ($6.41)
  • HST ($26.35)
  • Total ($229.04)
  • Less the Ontario Clean Energy Benefit (-$22.90)
  • New Total $206.14
  • Current cost per kWH with Clean Energy Benefit ($206.14/ 916 = $.225 per kWH)
  • Without soon to be removed Clean Energy Benefit ($229.04 / 916 = $.25 per kWH)

NB-PowerNB Power statement:

  • Monthly Service Charge ($22.65)
  • Kilowatt-hours used (833 kWH @ $.1025/kWH) costing ($85.38)
  • HST ($14.98)
  • Total ($123.01)
  • Bottom line cost per kWH, including the HST ($123.9 / 833 = $.148 per kWH)

In Ontario, this consumer would pay 52% more (including the Clean Energy Benefit), and will soon pay 69% more when the Clean Energy Benefit is terminated on December 31, 2015.

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10 thoughts on “Residential Power Bill Comparison 2015: Ontario 52% higher than New Brunswick

  1. This is incredible! It is corporate greed and mismanagement at its finest. No wonder industry is not coming here. This is so sad for people in rural areas who pay more and generally earn less. We need a huge shake-up and some fairness here!

    • Increasing the Hydro rates makes Hydro One shares more valuable as investors can then expect greater returns on their investment.

      Also can raise the stock price so the government can get more money from the future sale of Hydro One shares.

      Going to put more people into energy poverty.

      • The dividend paid on Hydro One stock has to be maintained or the share price will decline.

        By the way, which other Ontario crown corporations outside of the energy sector pay taxes to begin with?

      • A better way of saying this is, “in lieu of taxes”, money/profits from Hydro One goes to the government?

  2. Very interesting posting. A couple of questions of clarification:

    The NB Power rate shown here is for a rural. The connection charge for urban consumers is $2 lower. Is the Hydro One customer shown here on the R1 (medium density) rate? If so, the story for a R2 (low density) would be worse.

    Is the NB Power bill calculated on the basis of the direct meter reading? I think all Ontario residential bills are based on the direct meter reading multiplied by 1+(loss factor).

    • The Hydro1 bill is for low R2 (low density rural). The rural/urban rate differential is less than in Ontario.
      The NB Power bill is based on a direct meter reading. No loss factor is applied.
      Half the population of NB is still rural. Our urban mandarins have to pay attention to us.The NB Liberals found that out when they tried to sell NB Power to Hydro Quebec. Imagine where that would leave us.

  3. Our HydroOne bills did not change one bit last fall and winter even tho we didn’t have our hot tub running for 6 months. Our paper Dec. 2013 bill was different from the online bill and then we received another bill for Dec and it was different again from the other two.
    Our own govts are killing Canada and it’s people, both figuratively and literally.
    What govt would pass a law that lets it’s own Prime Minister and non-winning contractors sue itself?

  4. It is unbelievable what the Wynne government has done to this province and is continuing to do!!! Now 15% of HydroOne is sold with more to come in the future. She has been advised against it but she needs the money for Toronto infastructure!!! I as a senior find these hydro rates deplorable. Look at what the other provinces pay!! We used to be a have province but no longer. I worry what my children and grandchildren will be left to deal with. Enough is enough!!!!

  5. In the past 5 years my Hydro has gone from 125 mth to 485 .I,m a single Parent of 2 girls who are in College ,none of us have been in jail,on Welfare, and have paid our own way keeping the bills paid by working 2 jobs. To say I’m terrified of loosing my home is a understatement.My bills this year has put more stress to the point where I don’t have full fridge or pantry. My girls have also had to go hungry when in School,I feel so low not being able to help them.I,m 56 and very tired .Years of struggling ,for a house I use to call home .Never before have I been in this spot ,I use off peak times for everything ,unplug when not in use and my bill just keeps getting bigger,Get rid of the Delivery charges give us a chance to live the last few years in our home,PS I use to heat with Hydro now I’m using candels and clothes to bed.Your stealing every last bit of pride I had for Ontario.

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