Tribunal agrees approved Pontypool wind project would destroy plant and animal life

pontypoolKawartha Lakes This Week, Mary Riley
MANVERS TWP – Ward 16 Councillor Heather Stauble was literally doing a happy dance at the Fenelon Falls Community Centre after learning opponents of an industrial wind turbine project near Pontypool scored a huge victory on Thursday (Nov. 19). Coun. Stauble was at a special council meeting when she got the news that the Environmental Review Tribunal (ERT) had announced its decision on the appeal of the Settlers Landing Nominee Ltd. wind project.

Announcing the decision to council, she was visibly overjoyed as councillors hugged and congratulated her. “This a huge, huge step forward for the community,” she told This Week.  She noted this is only the second ERT decision in Ontario that has overturned a wind energy company approval in favour of a community.

The Director, Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change issued a Renewable Energy Approval (REA) to Settlers Landing Nominee Ltd., granting approval for the construction, installation, operation, use and retiring of a Class 4 wind facility with a total name plate capacity of 10 megawatts in Pontypool. Settlers Landing wind park would have put five industrial wind turbines near the village. SLWP Opposition Corp. appealed the REA to the Tribunal in May on the grounds that the project will cause serious harm to human health and serious and irreversible harm to plant life, animal life or the natural environment. Read article

3 thoughts on “Tribunal agrees approved Pontypool wind project would destroy plant and animal life

  1. Wow we got a crumb Geez and a win for plants and animals we living people are last of the chain of life.
    Ever wonder why we only get crumbs ?///

    • Have you seen the photo of the UK Supreme Court judges in their black robes trimmed with gold decorations, who have become involved in a climate change judicial scandal?

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