Liberals wasting billions on ‘green’ energy we don’t need

Chatham Kent wind turbines from Lake Erie and Rondeau Bay2Toronto Sun, Lorrie Goldstein
When it comes to addressing climate change, former Ontario premier Dalton McGuinty and current Premier Kathleen Wynne deserve credit for one significant thing. By eliminating Ontario’s use of coal to produce electricity in 2014, they can rightfully claim to have successfully completed one of North America’s largest efforts, ever, to reduce industrial greenhouse gas emissions linked to climate change.

True, McGuinty originally promised to do it by 2007 in the 2003 election that brought him to power and the Liberals were seven years late in fulfilling his promise. But they did get it done and it is significant. Globally, electricity produced from coal is the single greatest cause of industrial greenhouse gas emissions, dwarfing minor contributors like Canada’s oilsands and, in fact, global oil production in general. China gets 80% of its electricity from coal, India 70%, Germany 45%, the U.S. almost 40%. Canada gets less than 11% of its electricity from coal and Ontario 0%.

The problem is the McGuinty and Wynne governments claimed they eliminated coal use by investing billions of public dollars in wind and solar power. That claim is nonsense. In 2003, coal provided 25% of Ontario’s electricity. Today, wind and solar power, mostly wind, provide 4% of Ontario’s electricity.

Obviously, it is mathematically impossible to replace 25% of electricity power generation with 4% of electricity power generation. What the Liberals actually did was to replace coal-fired electricity with nuclear power and natural gas-fired electricity. Read article

8 thoughts on “Liberals wasting billions on ‘green’ energy we don’t need

  1. So true, anyone in the wind plastered zones can tell you that.

    It has been a long while now that next era has even on the blustery days been shutting down their turbines due to the excess power we have in our grid. And yet they sit idle most days in the hot summer when there is no wind on those muggy days. So they’re off when it’s hot and they shut them off when it’s windy.

    The point is seeing that they’re just so useless then why are there still thousands more set to come?

    I can look out at a sea of turbines in at least 5 projects from my house because yes you can see the monstrosities from other townships and it dumbfounds me to see them all sit idle while we pay for them to not produce a thing.

    Yet let’s add more and waste more money! It’s ludicrous and the sooner the liberals and green blind people see that the better.

    So I will next year get to see another 2-3 projects added to the useless ones I have around my house already. Seriously brain dead goals I can’t wrap my head around.

  2. C-words!

    Changing Climate Causes Corruption in Canada!

    “‘Concerning’ data on MOE turbine monitoring”
    Frances Learment | Thursday, November 26, 2015

    ‘[excerpt] SAUGEEN SHORES – Is the Ministry of Environment enforcing its own regulations governing allowable noise levels from the UNIFOR wind turbine in Port Elgin?

    Several Saugeen Shores councillors don’t think so, and want a meeting with all involved to share data revealed in a Freedom of Information (FOI) request made by STOP (Saugeen Turbine Operation Policy).

    Saugeen Shores Deputy-Mayor Luke Charbonneau and Coun. Mike Myatt filed a Notice of Motion, to be debated at the Dec. 14 meeting, calling for officials with the Ministry of Environment (MOE), Town, and STOP to share information about noise levels complaint data released with the FOI request.

    “Some of it is concerning, and I think the most important thing that we need to have assurance on is that the regulator, the MOE, is doing its job and ensuring that where one of these turbines is operating under a Ministry-approved regulation, that it is doing so in compliance with that regulation, and the Ministry is ensuring it is doing so in compliance of that that regulation… I’m not satisfied that is happening,” Charbonneau said following the Nov. 23 committee of the whole meeting.

    “We need to be satisfied that (compliance) is happening in the interest of all the people that live around that turbine and frankly, the people who may end up live under other turbines that one day may be built in Saugeen Shores.”

    The Motion says the FOI information found previously undisclosed documents that “…appear to reveal several incidents where noise emissions from the UNIFOR turbine exceeded the noise limit standard set by the MOE…”.’

  3. This UNIFOR IWT is a symbol of support by labour for wind energy and as such is an untouchable project.

  4. I’m so grateful to see this article!

    Here’s a very interesting recent article at wattsupwiththat .

    The comments are worth reading as well.
    I enjoy seeing the way the scientists who participate on wattsupwiththat handle the man made climate change alarmists.
    Often in comments to articles on this site, our situation in Ontario is mentioned. Both federally and provincially, our ‘leaders’ on energy issues and our MOECC ‘leaders’ are in desperate need of a re-education. It is so embarrassing to have elected people who are so ill informed.
    The costs to all of us, to our children and grandchildren are/will be such an enormous burden! And all will have been a waste.

    • Most of the information posted at WUWT is very complex scientific information and it takes that kind of an education to be able to understand the issues involved in climate studies.

      Those in charge of policy making in Ontario do not have the kind of education to understand these issues and rely on others to tell them what the climate issues are all about.

      Look up the CVs for those in charge in Ontario and making the decisions. They are making decisions based on something they know very little about.

      • The information on wattsupwiththat is complex, scientific information. The people who comment are absolutely rigorous as they tear apart the claims being made by alarmists. Anyone commenting who is uninformed is seriously challenged.
        If you look at the stats for Canada on how many people study the sciences or math to the degree that they could follow the conversations on wattsupwiththat, you would find that the percentages are extremely low!
        However, if you follow the comments and glean the gist of the discussions, you will see clearly that we are in serious trouble in Ontario and Canada because our ‘leaders’ are uninformed. Our situation is being discussed on this site…even the IWT debacle is recognized for what it is.
        So, we now have a circumstance where the information they feed to the CBC, which is being pumped out steadily, especially in the lead up to Paris, is being heard by people who are in no position to analyze it. takes these claims and tears them apart on a daily basis.

  5. Yes, Barbara, I agree.
    That’s why I keep saying that we need to make the management of the energy portfolio an election issue. We need to elect a government who will agree to having a team of experts in the relevant fields working together to make the best decisions possible for our province and our country.
    This simply cannot be left up to people who are unqualified.

  6. Our Climate change/Green Energy Strategy is all about Kathleen Wynne lining her personal pockets in the future when she calls in the many favours and secures the position of Senior Executive at one of her big business Green Energy Companies. Just my personal opinion based upon evidence to date.

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