Ontario Grid Operator Awards Contracts for Nine Energy Storage Projects

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The Ontario Independent Electricity System Operator (IESO) on Nov. 23 said it awarded contracts for nine energy storage projects totaling 16.75 MW. The projects complete IESO’s plan to secure a total of 50 MW of energy storage in Ontario, the organization said.

Through a competitive request for proposals, the IESO selected five companies to develop the projects. Those companies are Ameresco Canada, SunEdison Canada Origination, NextEra Canada Development & Acquisitions, NRStor, and Baseload Power Corp.

“Storage technology remains one of the most innovative and exciting aspects of our energy policy, particularly because of the incredible potential it presents. It will help strengthen our system and improve service to electricity consumers,” Bob Chiarelli, Minister of Energy, said in a statement. “Our government is proud to see the leadership of these five Ontario companies as they move forward to create good jobs and invest in their local economies.”

According to the IESO, the nine project contracts are focused on capacity value – the ability to be available to store energy and provide it back when called upon – and arbitrage value – the ability to store energy during periods of lower prices and inject it back into the electricity system when prices rise – of energy storage. Read article


​Proponent                                                                    Technology    ​       Capacity (MW)
Ameresco Canada Inc.                                               Battery – Solid           ​2.0
Ameresco Canada Inc.                                               ​Battery – Solid ​          2.0
SunEdison Canada Origination LP.                            Battery – Flow           ​2.0
​SunEdison Canada Origination LP.                            ​Battery – Flow ​          1.0
​SunEdison Canada Origination LP.                           Battery – Flow            ​2.0
NextEra Canada Development & Acquisitions, Inc.  Battery – Solid ​           2.0
​NextEra Canada Development & Acquisitions, Inc.  Battery – Solid ​           2.0
NRStor Inc.                                                                ​Compressed Air ​       1.75
Baseload Power Corp. ​                                             Battery – Flow ​          2.0

3 thoughts on “Ontario Grid Operator Awards Contracts for Nine Energy Storage Projects

  1. All the chemical waste from this so called renuable and now massive battery storage projects. Utter madness! In a misguided effort to avoid co2 and h20 from clean coal generation. All based on the global warming / world government deception. As a race how stupid are we! Please Jesus, help us.

  2. So just how “green” are these batteries to build?

    Just as green as the turbines and solar panels? Eye twitch….

  3. IMO, the Nanticoke Lake Erie HVDC cable situation should be looked into which also involves IESO.

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