Public inquiry needed on Green Energy Act

wind scam inquiryToronto Sun, Bob Runciman
Ask any provincial politician and he’ll tell you one of the biggest complaints he gets is the increasingly unaffordable cost of electricity in Ontario. It’s killing the province’s economy and will only get worse.

Factoring in the 3.4% hike imposed Nov. 1, the cost of on-peak electricity has skyrocketed 77% since smart meters were imposed in 2010. So don’t be surprised if those Christmas light displays are a little less bright this year. Another 10% increase kicks in Jan. 1, with massive increases to follow for the foreseeable future.

It’s been clear for some time — the past two provincial auditors have confirmed it — that government policy is responsible, with much of the blame going to the disastrous Green Energy Act. Yet the madness initiated under Dalton McGuinty is being continued under Kathleen Wynne. If anything, she’s doubling down, continuing to award new long-term contracts at outrageous prices to produce power that we don’t need. And it will only get worse when her cap-and-trade scheme finally takes shape.

Losers under this green energy folly are easy to identify — businesses large and small, seniors on fixed incomes, low-income Ontarians and on and on. There is no shortage of losers. Read article

4 thoughts on “Public inquiry needed on Green Energy Act

  1. And it is so much worse in rural areas. The cost of electricity is obscene. All the three rates should be decreased. The lowest rate should be a great deal lower. We are being ripped off on so many parts of our bill.

  2. Thank you Senator Runciman for having the courage to take the lead. Where will this go from here. When can this Public Inquiry begin.

    The longer this is allowed to go on, the more damage at all levels is occurring.

    And yes, the rural people of Ontario have taken the brunt of this and deserve full compensation now.

  3. When wil people see threw this fraud not only in IWT but the causation to all this misery this world is going thru.
    You and I are the problem!
    It is illegal to use the legal name!
    Get that thru and you’ll see Babylon crumble.Restore our freedom they took away without full disclosure.
    You are the cure not your idol politicians or this man posting this article in the paper. He has no cure
    You do,we do.
    Ask this reporter to do an article on this fraud,I can tell they won’t post it as it will cost these parasites there jobs and free us out of there pastures
    Peace and love

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