Wynne energy: excuses excuses excuses

By Graeme MacKay, Editorial Cartoonist

By Graeme MacKay, Editorial Cartoonist

I’m reminded of this sign I lost at the last protest we did on Wynne in London. Used it for her in Sarnia too (yeah, when I was wearing a jail bird dress… didn’t think that one through (-;). Fact is McKay’s cartoon proves she hasn’t changed a bit in the past 2+ years.

2 thoughts on “Wynne energy: excuses excuses excuses

  1. You’re right about that. We’ve yet to hear a single word from her that suggests she is listening to the subjects of this experiment, who did not give their consent, and who stand to lose the major investment of their life/their homes while their electricity rates keep rising.

  2. makes my head spin —
    “but not sleep problems” —

    in Henri’s words …

    ‘[excerpt] In re-examination WPD’s Wilson asked about sleep anxiety and deprivation, which can lead to serious medical conditions. Dr. McCunney said no study shows a causal relation between these symptoms and wind turbines. His 2014 literature review identifies “longitudinal assessments of health pre- and post-installation” and “enhanced measurement techniques to evaluate annoyance”—but not sleep problems—among “further areas of Inquiry.”’

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