Ontario’s Liberals have completely broken the electricity system

The Hamilton Spectator - Editorial Cartoon by Graeme MacKay

The Hamilton Spectator – Editorial Cartoon by Graeme MacKay

Finally – the Globe and Mail gets it!

The Globe and Mail, Editorial
In politics, as we wrote Wednesday, people get upset about the little things. Remember Bev Oda’s $16 glass of orange juice? In the context of a 12-figure federal budget, or ministerial trips justifiably running into the tens of thousands of dollars, some overpriced OJ hardly mattered. And yet it galled. Small misdeeds are relatable. A big, complicated and massively costly government screw-up, in contrast, sometimes leaves people cold.

Let’s see if this warms you up. On Wednesday, Ontario’s Auditor-General announced that, between 2006 and 2014, thanks to incompetence and mismanagement on the part of the province’s Liberal government, Ontarians overpaid for electricity to the tune of $37-billion. And over the next 18 years, consumers will be overpaying to the tune of another $133-billion.

Let’s try to put those numbers in context. Electricity overpriced by $170-billion is equivalent to $12,326 in excess costs for every man, woman and child in Ontario. Over 27 years, that averages out to $457 per person, per year. According to Statistics Canada, the average Ontario household has 2.6 people, so for the typical family, we’re talking about a power utility bill roughly $1,188 higher than it should be – every year. Read article

36 thoughts on “Ontario’s Liberals have completely broken the electricity system

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  1. Ontario Hydro or Hydro One has been so politicisied for so long it has firmly established itself as a cancer in the ecionomy of Ontario.
    I don’t hold out much hope that Wynne appointee Susan Pupatello can find a cure for it.
    I always like to remind everyone that as Dalton McGuinty was retiring his son said he was so pleased.and proud that his father left the province in better shape than it was when he took over.
    But, when it comes down it I hold the Conservative party in contemt for choosing the leader they did in Tim Hudak. That was the error of the decade as it allowed Wynne the next most incompetent to win the 2014 election.

    • Ontario has been run by an elite group for a long time. By and large rural people did not encounter this or have to deal with this situation as they ran their own affairs. Now rural people have to deal with this situation.

    • Although I wouldn’t personally have selected Hudak to run my party if I was a Progressive Conservative member at the time, I don’t believe it was he alone, who lost the election. The Liberal election win(Wynne?), like the two before it & the recent federal election Liberal win, were bought & paid for by public servants unions with taxpayers dollars in the form of huge raises for public servants, plus every climate alarmist, faux environmental org so also paid with our money through Trillium Foundation grants etc. Add in the Media Parties love affair with the left & only a miracle could have helped the Cons. get elected.
      At this rate, with Liberals hiring even more loyal (to them only) public servants, changing the voting system to heavily favour leftist governments & we may never again have good honest governance in Ontario or federally.

  2. eNews Park, Illinois, Dec.3, 2015

    Leading Canadians Call for Investigation of Climate Change Denier Groups

    “False representations mislead Canadians and violate the Competition Act”

    U.S. news source used as this story seems to have disappeared in Canada?

    Group of six Canadians involved in this complaint and include:

    Stephen Lewis, Fmr. Canadian Ambassador to the U.S. and close friend of the late Maurice Strong.

    Tzeporah Berman, Adjunct professor at York University and was with Greenpeace Canada and Greenpeace International.

    Three Canadian scientists are also parties to the Complaint.

    Ecojustice Canada has close ties to the U.S. Earthjustice organization through their Boards of Directors.

    Another Esther situation developing in Canada?

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