Chatham-Kent Wind company pleads guilty to two offences. Fined $11,000

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CHATHAM-KENT, ONT.—A company that develops renewable energy projects has been fined $11,000 for two environmental offences, including failing to comply with the Renewable Energy Approval (REA) by installing a transformer substation.

Gesner Wind Energy Project operator, Saturn Power Inc., pleaded guilty to the two offences, which also included failing to submit an annual bird and bat monitoring report on time, contrary to the Environmental Protection Act (EPA), explains a December 2015 release from Ontario’s ministry of the environment.

Operating from New Hamburg, Ont. the company works on renewable energy projects and also operates a wind energy project, the Gesner wind farm, in Muirkirk, Ont.

According to the ministry, the REA was issued for the Gesner wind farm, where, during construction, it was discovered that the project needed construction of a transformer substation, which the REA did not include approval for.

“Approval of a transformer substation is significant because of the potential for transformer substations to produce noise,” explains a release. “The company constructed the substation without seeking an amendment to the REA.” Read article

11 thoughts on “Chatham-Kent Wind company pleads guilty to two offences. Fined $11,000

  1. so – Next Error isn’t the only wind company that seems to be winging it on multi-million dollar projects.
    It’s hard to imagine a company big enough to put up IWTs that didn’t do enough planning/research to know they would need a transformer station.
    I know Tom Bird has moved on… Is Derrick Dudek now working for this company?

    And WIRES – you have to have BIG wires on POLES to move the electricity … you can’t just hook them up to the nearest hydro poles…

    Is there anything else you’ve forgotten? lmao

  2. I’m also wondering… when they discovered they didn’t have a permit for it… did they go to the gov’t and maybe find out how long it would take to actually go through the approval process? Calculate the cost of the delay and decide the fine would be cheaper?
    Was this suggested by the gov’t?
    Shouldn’t the change in the project have required more open houses and maybe another chance to do another ERT?
    Is it too late to request it?

    • That’s exactly what I was thinking Bob. For a pathetically small ~$5,500 that sure sounds like a cheap deal to not have to do any of the noise studies and construction outlines for a massive substation. What a way to save money! Watch the wind companies do the math on this one and then start cutting even more corners…

      And imagine being the neighbours to this substation who had NO say on it. ZERO. Oops, sorry, would a cheque for $500 satisfy your noise complaints for the rest of your life?

      Then there is the bird and bat kill reports that they ‘forgot’ about. Yeah. “Quick! Just write a few numbers: 5 sparrows, 6 blackbirds, 4 pink birds… that should fill the chart out enough to satisfy the MOECC and MNR. Like they read this shit anyways.”

  3. And look where this information was published! In commercial news where at least the majority of the public don’t look for information.

    Aside from the fines, was the project allowed to proceed? Contract violations that were “fixed” by using fines?

  4. We can almost guarantee that any reports they do submit do not accurately tell the truth about the #s of birds and bats killed.

  5. So what are we doing here? Now that there are two liberal government s in control.. It’s so sad that the majority of people don’t even read this news on OWR.. Let alone anything .
    General public see hear and whats on the mainstream ..
    Can’t look beyond their noses that anything affects them because they are not listening .. Because they are controlled .. And can’t make a stand or an opinion ( fear of judgment ) Whatever !
    They don even complain about hydro rates rising .. It’s just another thing ..
    What’s the next bargain … They are thinking .. What can I get at Walmart …
    But they still claim change .. As they dump their chlorine pools in the fall to sewers .
    Wind and solar is their way of saying .. We need change ..
    They haven’t a clue .. And they don’t have a clue a out the rural damage nor rural neighbours not talking anymore.

  6. $11000 dollar fine ? What a joke, 1.1 million would have been appropriate.
    One turbine generates $ 800.000 dollar a year on electricity.

  7. This whole GEA is the biggest crock of sheet ever. Barbara I commemorate you on all the fact finding you are able to dig up. It really is amazing how far reaching the money tentacles reach out. I hope in my life time some politicians will be found guilty of corruption and receiving money illegally and wind up in the slammer.

    • Unfortunate Paul, but until fooled folk, idiots & corrupt people stop voting Lib/Left, nobody will be held to account. Sad, very very sad.
      Long live the right honourable Stephen Harper, best & most honest Canadian PM in history. Every honest, informed Canadian with s brain voted /vote Conservative, simple as that.

  8. Stephen Harper – the man who took away the environmental protection from nearly all our waterways, the man who put Duffy, Brazeau, and Wallin in the Senate, the man who was in the process of signing the TPP and other trade deals, and the man who was behind so many scandals? THAT Stephen Harper, Douglas Moran?
    The man who promised to review the wind energy situation – and invited CANWEA to help set it up?
    THAT Stephen Harper, Douglas Moran?
    I didn’t vote for any of them because they’re all some combination of stupid, evil, and corrupt… but to say what you said about Harper …
    I read your post three times, certain that it had to be over the top sarcasm… but, no – I think you mean it.

    Oh dear.

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