Germany: Sick by infrasound from wind turbines

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  1. A little information to begin the comments?

    Climate-KIC, London, U.K.

    Governing Board includes

    John Schellnhuber/Hans Joachim Schellnhuber, Germany, Also PIK Director & IPCC. VIP in the Climate Change Agenda.

    Rose de Lannoy, CCS/Carbon Capture manager, GDF-Suez, links > Organisation > Governing Board

      • Global Apollo Program

        “We can create a world powered by limitless clean energy”

        Program Authors include:

        Sir David King, more information at Radio Vatican
        Lord John Browne, Pattern Energy
        Lord Adrian Turner, INET senior research fellow

        Endorsers include:
        Jeffrey Sachs, INET and Columbia University

      • Lord John Browne & Hans Joachim Schellnhuber have been on the Deutsche Bank AG Climate Change Advisory Board together.

        Lord John Browne also has connections to the Rocky Mountain Institute in Colorado.

        More information on these two subjects on the internet.

      • Google: [ GET ] Damned Nations:Greed, Guns and Aid by …

        Book Title: Damned Nations: Greed, Guns, Armies and Aid

        According to this website the Authors are:
        Samantha Nutt, Lead author
        Stephen Lewis
        John Ralston Saul
        Jeffrey D. Sachs
        And others

        The website is barfviclahonetecde

        Googling book titles often only reveals the lead author’s name. Book published 2011 and available online.

  2. COP21 Paris Organization, London, U.K.

    COP21 Spearkers included:

    Achim Steiner, UNEP, guest on TVO c. 2011
    Ernest Moniz. U.S. Secretary of Energy
    Felipe Calderon Hinojosa, Fmr. Pres. Mexico & at Americas meeting Toronto, July, 2015
    Sir David King
    Tom Steyer, funded Colorado State Univ. NEE/New Energy Economy
    Sean Kidney, Climate bonds
    Mark Tercek, The Nature Conservancy
    And others

    List of sponsors at the page bottom.

  3. Ontario & Michigan

    gtm/Greentech Media, Jan.22, 2015

    ‘Bloomber, Heising-Simons Donate $48M to Cut Carbon and Deploy Clean Energy’

    Two charitable groups will provide $48 million in grant funding to accelerate the transition to clean energy at the state level.

    Michigan paid $22.6 billion to import energy from other states and countries in 2009.

  4. Wikipedia, Michael Liebreich

    Chair. of Advisory Board at Bloomberg New Energy Finance which he founded in 2004 and was acquired by Bloomberg, L.P. in 2009.

    Acquisition was to develop and promote the carbon and energy markets.

    Bibliography: No.3
    Jigar Shah, Remember Jigar in Ontario?

  5. The connections you expose Barbara are becoming very very interesting.
    When this whole thing is fully exposed people who are following your work will understand how this was orchestrated and by whom.
    Thank you.

  6. ‘Canadians invest in the future’ Posted Aug.21, 2014

    “Brookfield Asset Management and La Caisse de depot et placemnet du Quebec were among the Top 10 investors in renewable energy in 2013…”

    La Caisse ranked as the world’s eighth-largest renewable energy investor in 2013.

    Northland Power was the driving force behind a second-quarter investment in a massive Dutch offshore project.

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