Frontenac Island Township ‘dumbfounded’ by OPP police fees of $300/wind turbine

By Elliot Ferguson, Kingston Whig-Standard
MARYSVILLE — Recent changes to how the Ontario Provincial Police bill municipalities for service could have a major impact on rural townships that are home to wind turbines.

More than six years after the turbines on Wolfe Island became operational, Frontenac Islands Township council was surprised in December when it received a bill for policing from the Leeds County OPP. “They charge us the same in this new policing formula for a wind tower as they do for a house,” Mayor Denis Doyle said. “It costs us a lot of money.”

Frontenac Islands Township pays an average of about $300 per household for policing, meaning new policing fees for the wind turbines properties added almost $26,000 to the township’s policing bill for 2016. “We were dumbfounded why our rate went up so much,” Doyle said, adding that township staff had to go back through the bill to find out the reason for the increase. “That’s gone way up from what we were expecting.”

Ontario sets tax rates on different types of properties depending on their use. Residential and commercial properties pay the full amount of property tax, while land being used for farming or forestry pay 25 per cent of the tax rate. Properties where wind turbines are located can only be taxed at a rate of five per cent of the full tax rate, Doyle said. Read article

3 thoughts on “Frontenac Island Township ‘dumbfounded’ by OPP police fees of $300/wind turbine

  1. The ONLY ones that should be paying this extra fees should be the hosts of the turbines. Why should the residents be sapped with this add on? I’d be voting to divvy up that bill and hand it over straight to the owners.

    We have a mere 1 OPP officer on hand for 2 very large areas. If this applies to new turbine filled townships are we to expect they will be too busy policing a crop statue when a real situation is at hand?

    These farmers that host their lands appear to be getting a tax break as well. It seems rather unfair for a community to have residents come up with this hefty add on all the while the greedy host gets a check to host one.

    Guess just one more thing all townships have to make sure they add onto getting back when faced with these projects.

    What about the billion dollar wind companies having to fork it out? Do we know any local business owners that can pass the buck onto the public to protect their business?

    Nope it’s the billion dollar companies that we help. You know the ones that don’t even reside in the areas. Guess I better send my kids to police college where he can learn the importance of such things as holding a flashlight into a large field, sitting in the access driveway for anyone that may happen upon the site with a tank.

    Awe green energy scam isn’t it dreamy!

    • Some IWT contracts may have the land owner responsible for the property taxes while other contracts may have the IWT owner pay the extra taxes.

      At any rate the rest of the community is not responsible for these extra OPP costs.

      Transfer wealth/money from one group of people to another group of people!

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