Victory for Eagles! USFWS Gives Up Fight for Wind Turbine 30-Year ‘Take’ Permits

Now if Ontario would only follow suit…

Audubon, Liz Bergstrom
Eagles just scored a big victory in the courts. This week the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service dropped an appeal it was pursuing in support of 30-year “take” permits that allow wind farms and other industries to disturb and kill Bald and Golden Eagles, as long as they take steps to protect the raptors. The appeal was part of a legal battle over the agency’s 2013 move to extend the length of these take permits’ validity by 25 years.

The 2013 rule extended five-year take permits, administered under 2009’s Bald and Golden Eagle Protection Act, to a maximum length of 30 years with periodic check-ins. But in 2015 a federal judge sent the rule back to the drawing board, saying that the agency had not assessed the possible environmental impacts of extending the permit length as required by law.

The government initially appealed this court decision, but now has dropped its appeal. While USFWS did not provide a reason why they were dropping the appeal, the extended permit period has been met with substantial criticism. When it was first introduced, the proposal was criticized for allowing companies to self-report deaths and giving too much leeway to harm birds. It was also somewhat vague, stating that USFWS would work with companies to use “advanced conservation practices” if projects continued to kill eagles, but it never specified what these practices were. Read article

6 thoughts on “Victory for Eagles! USFWS Gives Up Fight for Wind Turbine 30-Year ‘Take’ Permits

  1. Finally! A ruling with a sceptic brain attached if only there where more!

    Alarm bells should have registered in groups concerned about their feathered friends when years ago this new little diddy came to light.

    Anyone uping the years by 25 all while touting the practice they care about the birds is pure rubbish!

    An entire species can be gone in only a few years let alone 30!

    Their God mantality to save the planet continues with their “wind turbines are low carbon emitters” is growing very old in my books, anyone that’s been privy to see a project built can attest to how ridiculous that stament is.

    Intelligent people already know the true facts of temperature change
    It comes from the sun to cosmic rays to the clouds, ocean that create our temp change.

    But if you got a big ugly product to sell that’s a money maker I guess you can make up anything.

    Personally speaking even with their God mantalities I don’t think they can fix the sun!

  2. There other money maker is your BC bond reregistered slave name that you get with all your other licences and sin r cards; Yes you are a corporation! But at the bottom of this pyramid scheme. We’ve become there slaves and they made to be masters. Lab rats as they continue to spray us from the skies,poison our water with fluoride,hide gmo’s in our food and and fraud us with the legal name. nice reality they created for us and we go along with it.

    • Exactly Sommer. Education of the gullible masses , especially city folk, who watch way too much tv & believe all the hype on the beautiful, peaceful looking IWTs in their promotional advertising, funded by you & I, never having to be within 100KMs of a real one, let alone live beside /surrounded by the always screaming Giants.
      It’s getting harder all the time with our ever more leftist, misleading media/journalism. The Sun is going down & the Nat. Post isn’t doing well…..It’ll be up to groups like ours & little real news outlets like Rebel to educate people & spread the truth. It’s been a long haul & it’ll get much longer yet, before we succeed. Treasonous Trudeau & all the Lib/Left prov. govs., aren’t going to make it easy.

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