17 sperm whales die after becoming disoriented in the North Sea… that also happens to have 1600+ offshore wind turbines

Five sperm whales have washed up on beaches in Lincolnshire and Norfolk. They are thought to belong to the same all-male pod as 12 others that were found dead around the Netherlands and Germany last week. Read more



Impacts of Noise from Wind Farm Construction and Installation on Large Whales A Brief Summary“, by Karen Stamieszkin, Provincetown Center for Coastal Studies
“Wind turbine operation also creates noise that may affect right whales and other cetaceans. Noise from operating turbines can reach a marine mammal through an initially waterborne, airborne, or substrate- borne path. Aerodynamic vibrations caused by the rotating blades travels through the air before reaching the water and then the animal. Vibrations from the structure itself will enter the water directly. Vibrations from the nacelle (the housing for the energy generating components of the turbine) will depend upon mechanical refinement and construction, and will transmit down the structure, becoming waterborne noise, as well as through the air. Vibration from this source may increase over time as the mechanical components wear. Vibrations transmitting from the base of the turbine must propagate through sediment before becoming waterborne; therefore these noise levels also depend upon substrate composition. Generally, sounds produced from operating turbines are harmonics of the rotational frequency of the blades (Nedwell & Howell 2004).”

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List of Offshore Wind Developments in the North Sea

beached whale

From Wind Turbine Syndrome:

18 thoughts on “17 sperm whales die after becoming disoriented in the North Sea… that also happens to have 1600+ offshore wind turbines

  1. This sad turn of events will no doubt give the ever benevolent Kathleen Wynne the opportunity to say that by disallowing wind turbines off shore in the great lakes she has saved all those wonderful fishes on behalf of the people of Ontario.

    • Good day to you all, I would like to draw the attention to all that want a responsible peaceful remedy to the criminal acts preformed by your elected actors in fraud that has caused this harmful environment to all of our communities with the damage done with these industrial wind turbines as to the fraud in so many other ways. This being said I also would like anyone to prove me wrong either by asking anyone from the BAR association that anyone signing or using and contracting with a the legal name of the Birth Certificate are committing fraud.
      But this only applies to all “non” BAR members which are legally allowed to use the legal name. Therefor what I am focusing on is all contracts made with Wind leases are fraudulently constructed and deemed a fraud and all the lawyers and other BAR members were and are aiding and abetting people to commit this fraud. This is due to the fact that the legal name used was and has not had consent or expressed permission from the copyright owners to that legal name used in signing any of these wind contracts. Once a fraud is exposed contracts are null and void.
      So please do your homework and see if you can proof me wrong.If you can prove I am wrong with your proof I would sincerely apologize I wish you a wonderful day. No legal namer

  2. A Snapping Shrimp, weighing in at an inch and a half long, has one enlarged ‘snapping’ claw. It stuns it’s prey merely by snapping it, the pressure wave caused is enough to stun its target.
    The so called ‘experts’, lobbying for the global corporate ‘Big Wind’ energy companies, have no idea just what harm the vibrations and infrasound caused by wind turbines may do to the marine environment and neither do they care.
    The environmentalists are so committed to green energy at any costs they choose to ignore the ever growing environmental damage these wind machines, both onshore and offshore, are now proven to be responsible for.
    When navies have tested new ‘sonar’ weapons the lunatic environmentalists couldn’t wait to come out of the woodwork to condemn them.
    And when whales are beached and die the best thing the same lunatic environmentalists can come up with is CND….??? These deaths are caused by nuclear power?
    When Sperm Whales dive to feed they dive very deep. To do this requires an extremely sensitive and delicate nervous system to allow the extreme and rapid pressure changes without injuring themselves!
    It would make far more common sense, something apparently missing in these environmentalist activists, to at least consider the potential harm that several thousand off shore wind turbines may cause to marine life?
    We are truly allowing the lunatics to run the asylum, our planet!

    • Andrew, I believe you are correct. Part of my training was in marine biology. I think that the ILFNs (infra-sound and low frequency noise) interferes with cetacean sonar location function.
      This is the best explanation for the beaching and death of these magnificent animals. All humans bear the guilt for these deaths and it is particularly hard on those who realize that in the order of creation, they are far superior to us. They do not require technology to conduct their lives, their loves, their song.

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