Residents hit with unexpected turbine construction impact

Adelaide concrete4Port Colborne Leader, By Steve Henschel
WAINFLEET — They knew the turbines were coming, they even knew the fight to stop them was all but over; what they didn’t know however was how construction would impact their lives. A group of Wellandport residents living on Side Road 42 and Concession 6 recently met with Wainfleet Mayor April Jeffs to go through a laundry list of complaints associated with construction of wind turbines, specifically the transmission lines for the project. “There is no notice,” said Concession 6 property owner LeaAnne Robins, who has seen construction devastate roadside trees in front of her property. “They’ve massacred all the 80-year-old oaks on the road,” she said, explaining she expects construction of transmission towers to follow the clear cutting.

She said there was no notice given of how her property would be impacted and added it is hard to see the trees go. “It’s kind of the reason you live in the country,” she said, adding, “we didn’t buy property out here to stare at metal monsters.” Robins noted one instance where construction trucks have delayed access significantly to her property. On Side Road 42 where transmission towers are already going up those delays have become common.

Construction has repeatedly blocked access at the north end of the road, forcing residents to take long detours. “The school bus won’t even come down the road,” said Scott Murphy, whose four-year-old son and seven-year-old daughter now have to walk about a half kilometer through a construction zone to catch the bus. Read article

5 thoughts on “Residents hit with unexpected turbine construction impact

  1. I can fully relate to the people who are having their home environments absolutely ruined by the construction of turbines and their infrastructure.
    This is why communities must do everything they can possibly do to stop this horrible incursion!
    How does one replace mature oak trees that add charm, beauty and all of the healthful effects that trees bring to our environment? It’s so ironic that in this ridiculous wasteful effort to ‘save the planet’, these turbines are ruining our environment.
    People choose the location of their homes for a wide range of reasons. Aesthetics is one of them. How many families lives have been turned upside down because of these turbines?

    • City folks probably don’t know how slowly oaks grow. Can live up to 200 years and become part of the culture and history of local communities.

  2. It only gets worse!!!!! The gravel trucks and other equipment will move in next. It will be non stop for months and possibly over a year. Often times they exceed the speed limit. Many of the drivers have no regard for pedestrians or children. When you call the municipality for assistance for the noise occurring at night, holiday and weekends they will say there is no noise by-law.. The heavy equipment will cause ruts to form in the PAVEMENT in the direction of travel with the heavy load. The wind company will deny that any damage was done and tell the municipality to “prove it”. They will work on the transmission line for months too. They will dig it up at the junction boxes at the intersections, suck out the water with a loud “Badger” pumping truck….if they are having difficulty, this will continue for months.
    The security vehicles will scrutinize your every move while you walk your dog and attempt to go about your life. It is a nightmare watching the destruction and you will be in a state of shock when the turbines are erected and realize for the first time their enormity. There will be a brief calm while the construction continues farther away. The day the turbines start spinning, your life will change. It is only then that you realize that the nightmare has just started! The noise is incessant. The low frequency noise will penetrate your home. The MOE will be useless and give you the run around. The only chance we have is for all groups to work together to expose this injustice. In the mean time, I suggest your council be proactive and attempt to get some ground rules and a commitment from the company concerning construction hours. Good luck!

  3. Sorry to say that your problems are just beginning!!!! After the construction/destuction, the turbines will be “commissioned” and you will find out who the unfortunate people are whose health will be negatively impacted!!!!
    Been there -done that -still suffering

  4. Now we can see the inpact on the brain from infrasound. Vi can prov that infrasound information is received by the brain. It is not a placebo effect.

    Convention against Torture and Other Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment
    Wind Farms, Infrasound And The Brain By Neuroskeptic | July 16, 2015
    For a Non-Lethal Weapon, Israel Uses Sound.
    International Project Explores Potential Harm of Inaudible Sounds
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    Acoustic Trauma : Bioeffects of Sound

    You can continue search.
    Good luck

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