Dear Mike Crawley (Liberal Wind Pusher for AIM PowerGen, IPC, GDF Suez, and now Northland Power)…

crawley Mike Crawley
Sent: Tuesday, February 02, 2016 10:18 AM
Subject: Mike Crawley – Contact information

As some of you may know, I joined Northland Power this past July.   Belatedly, attached and below please find my new contact information.  For those in the power sector, Northland Power ( is pursuing  wind, solar, pumped storage and thermal generation opportunities in Canada, Europe and Mexico.  We are also open to considering good opportunities in other jurisdictions that meet our investment criteria.

mike1Best regards,

Mike Crawley | Executive Vice President
Northland Power Inc.
d: 647 288 1066 | m: 416 554 8513

From: Ginny Stewart
Sent: Tuesday, February 02, 2016 3:05 PM
To: Mike Crawley
Subject: Re: Mike Crawley – Contact information

Hello Mike,

You cannot imagine how surprised I was to hear from you especially in light of the fact that you have not responded to any of my emails or complaints since the Plateau Wind Project went online in early 2012.

I would like to take this fortunate opportunity to bring you up to date on my current situation. I am very much aware that you will say there is little you can do from your new position at Northland Power, but I would like to bring to your attention how your investment opportunities are destroying the lives of people in all the jurisdictions which you target.

You might be interested to know that from April 17, 2012 through April 7, 2015 I filed nearly 70 complaints with the MOECC, copying Plateau Wind Inc. on many of them. I have incident numbers for each and every complaint. It is also my understanding that the obligation of the MOECC and the Owner/Operator of a Wind Generating facility are to report the complaints to each other. In order to keep a record of my complaints and their acknowledgement and because a record of my complaints was not available to me without a freedom of information request but ironically available to Plateau Wind Inc.,  I began to send my complaints electronically; the only acknowledgement of such to me by your company was one email in 2013 that my emails would be responded to through the Ministry of the Environment.

It is very time consuming, frustrating and degrading to continue to call the MOECC on a routine schedule and not receive any acknowledgement or mitigation for the insufferable agony that I, my family and my neighbours are subjected to regularly. I have however kept an ongoing journal with entries beginning February 24, 2012 through to today. At an ERT hearing in June of 2015 my witness statement boasted a 128 page summary of typed health related entries. That journal continues to date with barley a day going by without the affects of my nightly experiences, especially in the winter.

In September 2012 a presentation was made to The Grey/Bruce Medical Officer of Health and the Board of Directors. Fourteen Casualties submitted their experience by supplying a statement of their experiences. We were all looking for relief for symptoms that presented themselves after the commencement of the turbines in our area.

DestroyedHomeI remember how you came to my home on two occasions and tried to reassure me that there would not be a negative impact to my health, my property values, and that I would barely be able to see the turbines from my home. In fact you brought me an industry study on property values near IWTs that claimed that property values would in fact rise. You sent a photographer to photograph the view from our home and then superimpose the turbines so that I would be assured that they would not be invasive. How brilliantly you deceived me. The reality of massive 120 meter machines placed 1,400 meters to 3 kilometers from a home is drastically different from  photographs of benign looking “windmills” peeping over the tops of trees. Since the installation of your project, 7 families have moved away siting the IWTs as the reason. Some just walked away, others suffered a huge financial loss on the sale of their property.

So while you, Mike continue to meet your investment criteria, I hope that you will remember that it is because of the suffering of so many individuals; babies, children, young adults, middle aged people and the elderly that you reap your benefits. Eventually it will no longer benefit the “common good” because the critical mass will become too great.

Thank you for taking the time to become informed. I’m guessing that the last 4 years have just flown by for you while we suffer a slow agonizing existence.


Virginia Stewart Love

15 thoughts on “Dear Mike Crawley (Liberal Wind Pusher for AIM PowerGen, IPC, GDF Suez, and now Northland Power)…

  1. Hey Mike,

    I know you’re reading this ’cause you’re such a social wiener and so crave the spotlight.

    We’re delighted that a celebrity such as yourself, known far and wide as the Poster Boy for Wind Wankers, would take time from his busy schedule to check in on us here at our modest website.


    Helpful hint for my buddy: when your wind industry finally goes south, and it will, you can always apply for a job as Steve Buscemi’s stunt double.

    • BEWARE Mike Crawley!
      [Some people think]
      his assets are toxic!
      & his money is dirty!

      ‘[excerpt] “International Power (IPR) has been rebranded as GDF SUEZ Energy International”
      Press Releases – 17 DEC 2012
      “New joint venture in Canada: GDF SUEZ pursues its asset optimization program”

      GDF SUEZ today announces that it has agreed the sale of a 60% equity interest in its 680MW Canadian renewable generation portfolio, with an enterprise value in excess of CAD 2 billion (€1.5 billion), to Mitsui & Co. Ltd. and a consortium led by Fiera Axium Infrastructure Inc. who each hold a 30% interest in the new joint venture.

      GDF SUEZ will remain the largest shareholder, retaining a 40% interest, and will continue to operate and maintain these assets. The 680MW portfolio comprises 363MW of operating wind facilities, and a further 317MW of wind and solar capacity that is expected to start commercial operation between 2013 and 2014. All projects are backed by Power Purchase Agreements with provincial utilities. The facilities are located in Ontario, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island and British Columbia.
      As part of the transaction, a total of CAD 1.1 billion (€0.8 billion) of project finance has been successfully raised from Japan Bank of International Cooperation, Bank of TokyoMitsubishi UFJ, Mizuho Corporate Bank, Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation, and The Manufacturers Life Insurance Company.

      This sale and the successful project financings demonstrate the high quality of the portfolio… ‘

      ‘[excerpt] “About GDF SUEZ
      “…GDF SUEZ employs 218,900 people worldwide and achieved revenues of €90.7 billion in 2011. The Group is listed on the Brussels and Paris stock exchanges…” ‘

  2. Maybe “negligence” involved here on the parts of the developer and the Ontario government?

    • Seems to me if “negligence” is involved here on the parts of the developer and the Ontario government, that all persons affected by IWTs in Ontario would want to know.

      • The questions is not who knows but how many log-books have people kept for proof of non-response?

  3. “Second Generation Victims”, plagued
    by questions like, “what is a complaint?”

    See here how Mike Crawley & Co. pulled it off …

    “Noise complaints to be investigated”
    Daniel Pearce, Simcoe Reformer, 15 July 2010

    ‘[excerpt] The company that owns the wind farm in the west end of Norfolk says it will undertake an infrasound study in the Clear Creek area to determine if its turbines generate low-level frequencies that nearby residents insist are sickening them.

    “We anticipate the study will be done this summer,” David Timm, vice-president strategic affairs for International Power, told Norfolk council on Tuesday night.

    The findings will be made available to the public, he added.

    Scientific evidence so far shows no link between turbines and illnesses in people who live near them, Timm said.

    But his company, which recently bought out the former owners PowerGen, [sic] wants to do the study anyway because of complaints from a number of people living near a cluster of turbines in the Clear Creek area, he said.

    “We take noise complaints seriously and we investigate them,” Timm said.

    The Ontario Ministry of Environment has studied the Norfolk farm and gave it the OK, but it also suggested the company do the infrasound testing, he said.

    “We have to investigate the issue and see whether the issue exists or not,” Timm said.

    Over the past year, residents who live near the turbines have insisted the vibrations do exist and are ruining their lives. They say they suffer from headaches and especially sleeplessness.

    Some have moved out of their homes and were present at Tuesday night’s council meeting.’

    • Here’s how the Clerk for Norfolk Council recorded the minutes of Mr. David Timm’s presentation at the July 13, 2010 Norfolk Council meeting that’s referred to in the newspaper article above.

      Norfolk County Clerk Ms. Beverley Wood is recorded as being present for the meeting.

      “Mr. David Timm, International Power Canada Inc.
      Re: Update on Norfolk Wind Farms
      Mr. David Timm, International Power Canada Inc., appeared before Committee to update Council on the Norfolk County Frogmore, Cultus and Clear Creek Wind Farms. Mr. Timm noted that International Power was formerly Aim PowerGen.
      He explained that there were issues raised in the summer of 2009 regarding noise levels. The Ministry of Environment did an on-site investigation and determined that the noise levels were within the limits of the Certificate of Approval. The other issue was low frequency noise particularly in the Clear Creek area. He stated that the MOE is currently determining guidelines to assess infrasound and hopefully will have something ready to begin testing over the next couple of months.
      Mr. Timm addressed health issues related to wind farms and stated that the Chief Medical Officer of Health for Ontario has done the analysis and presented a report stating there is no direct link between wind turbines and health effects. He stated that all complaints are taken very seriously. “

      • ‘[excerpt] The Ministry of Environment did an on-site investigation and determined that the noise levels were within the limits of the Certificate of Approval.

        Did Mr. David Timm misrepresent to Norfolk County officials and the public?

        In this letter from Mr. Bill Bardswick, Director, West Central Region of the Ontario Ministry of the Environment, dated September 30, 2009, Mr. Bardswick wrote to another of AIM PowerGen’s victims:

        “Thank you for your email dated September 17, 2009 to the Minister of the Environment in which you express concerns regarding ministry activities at wind farms in Norfolk County […]

        There is currently no scientifically accepted field methodology to measure wind turbine noise to determine compliance or to determine non compliance with a Certificate of Approval limits.”

        David Timm said the MOE found the projects were compliant, but the MOE said they were unable to determine compliance or non-compliance.

  4. A statement such as this along with logs, e-mails, cell phone records might be used to prove that responses were not made.

    This would be about the “complaints” and not the noise itself.

    This would be same as any other kinds/types of complaints such as a gas leak that was not responded to.

    Sometimes issues have to be separated out so they can be acted upon.

  5. Now I’m being warned about visiting this website!
    The warning reads:

    “This might not be the site you want

    Some devious or potentially harmful websites
    impersonate the URL or content of legitimate sites.

    Does this address look correct?

    Yes, it’s correct.
    Report as safe.

    No, this isn’t the URL of the site I want to visit.
    Report as unsafe.”

    • Just used Google and didn’t get any warning.

      However, T. Adam’s website has not been available through Google today.

  6. Crawley is a corrupt, treasonous, dirtbag POS much like Wynne & the jackass POS Trudeau, both elected by brain dead idiots, misinformed (by the corrupt leftist MSM) fools (fooled folk). He deserves to be the one suffering all the harmful effects that his useless IWTs have brought to innocent rural folk & sea creatures alike (whales, etc.).
    The only way we’ll ever stop IWTs, is by Caladonia style blockades. Baring that, it’s civil war time in Canada. Trudeau & Wynne must be stopped now or were doomed.

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