WIN! Vt. AG will not press charges against environmental activist Annette Smith for wind developer

Vermont’s Attorney General Bill Sorrell will not press charges against one of Vermont’s most outspoken critics of industrial wind and solar projects. But that critic says the fight isn’t over.

Known for her persistence, Annette Smith threatened a civil rights lawsuit against the attorney general’s office if they did not drop the investigation. She claims she’s a lawful advocate for Vermonters and simply exercising free speech.

Smith believes she’s a voice for the powerless, she helps Vermonters without lawyers protect their legal interests before the Public Service Board. “We can work together to site renewable energy. We don’t have to fight over this. We don’t need lawyers to fight over how we build our energy future together,” said Smith. Smith runs the nonprofit Vermonters for a Clean Environment and she works with homeowners who are unhappy with the siting process for solar or wind projects.

But allegations that she was practicing law without a license triggered an investigation by Vermont’s attorney general: An energy developer sent a letter to the AG alleging Smith, “provided legal advice” and helped “draft pleadings” for those parties.  Read article

5 thoughts on “WIN! Vt. AG will not press charges against environmental activist Annette Smith for wind developer

  1. I hope Vermonters will force Bernie Sanders to weigh in on this issue during this campaign. You need to find out how or if he is connected to the industrial wind industry. Last I saw he was completely unaware that the alarmism that resulted from the IPCC’s flawed data and Al Gore’s catastrophic predictions has been exposed as a tactic to frighten people into believing that we need to rush into these wind projects, shrug our shoulders and accept that residents who are suddenly forced to live so close to these turbines and their infrastructure are merely ‘collateral damage’ when we’re panicking to ‘save the planet’. Go to for much more information.
    Also, people need to realize that wind is now a ‘resource’ and as the resource assets of the planet were mapped as part of the United Nation’s Agenda 21…now Agenda 30… all areas where wind prospects are high on the planet have to submit to priority land use/ eminent domain protocol to wind companies.
    Do the research. Correct me if I’m wrong.
    This is what we must expose.
    We have to get to the bottom of this.

  2. “But allegations that she was practicing law without a license”
    Kind of funny when you look at the words like practicing, like so does liars oops I mean lawyers practice to use law?
    If they still practice that means there still not good at lying as that is all they do is practice legal fiction. How much practice do they need to be excellent at lying?
    Anyways she believes she’s a voice for the powerless,Is that us? We are powerless?
    Yes we are if we are actors in there playing courts of the crown fiction legal construct.
    Actors being the joiner to the legal fiction corporate birth certificate namers than we are all powerless as we enter there courtroom in dishonour.No need to practice as that is what you claim to be in dishonour as your using a copyright registered BC name that is not yours to use without the crowns permission. Yes only liars/lawyers BAR attorneys\members are allowed to use the legal name..
    Lose the name .com Stop being a dead fiction strawman. Ye of little faith Prove me wrong! Any liars out there looking at this site?


    And here are some of the things Annette said in the video:

    And he said, “this is a criminal investigation.”
    And I said, “what!”

    What this has done is to expose what an undemocratic process we have for siting renewable energy projects, and it has also, I think, brought attention to the playbook and tactics of the wind industry in particular, which uses silencing people as a way of– not only as a way of getting their projects through– but assuring that the opposition, let’s call them neighbours, have been silenced.

    It cost them money to participate. And it’s just endless, endless, endless, endless paper, with no resolution.

    Everybody needs to go and see what goes on in there, because until you experience it, you cannot understand just how horrible it is for the average person to try and deal with it.

    There is something really, really wrong with this picture, and I don’t think it has to be this way, and I think we can change it. So I want to thank the people who brought this complaint to the attorney general’s office… [applause]

    And I also want to thank very much my attorney– excuse me, my criminal defense attorney– three words I never expected to use, certainly not in the context of the work that I’ve been doing with Vermonters for a Clean Environment for the last 16 years and with so many of you. That’s the best part of the work is we, the people. And we the people will change the system for the better.

    • You’re darned right you’ll change it, now that we have the best president in years if not all time! President Trump is no fool on fax green energy or the scam that is Global Warming, I mean Climate Change, I mean……This BS is going to stop really really soon as Pres Trump is a rare pres for & of the people. God bless him! Now if i boy Canada could find & elect a Trump clone…..Even 10 yr old Baron Trump would be far better than Treasonous Trudeau. That’s no joke it’s a fact.

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