Wynne’s green energy putting Ontario in red

wynneLondon Free Press, Jim Merriam
It’s to be hoped the Fraser Institute didn’t spend much money on its recent study of the fiscal performance of Canada’s premiers. Every resident of Ontario able to sit up and take nourishment — probably including Wiarton Willie last week — has known the study’s conclusion for a long time: Premier Kathleen Wynne is doing a lousy job of managing Ontario’s economy.

Wynne, with the help of her predecessor Dalton McGuinty, has reduced Ontario from a powerhouse to an empty house. On almost every file Wynne’s government is found wanting if not severely under water, to borrow a phrase from the mortgage industry.

The worst is energy. The cost of power in the province has forced industries to close and some families to choose between heat and groceries. A columnist in a Toronto newspaper recently suggested the heat-vs.-food statement is an exaggeration. He should spend a few minutes listening to clients at food banks in rural areas. But I digress. Much of the high cost of power is associated with renewable energy production.

A new study from the University of Ottawa confirms what we’ve been saying all along: Ontario brought in wind energy with a “top-down” style that brushed off the worries of communities where the massive turbines now stand. Stewart Fast, who headed the study, said, “It was a gold rush, basically.” Since those involved kept details secret to avoid giving their competitors an edge, residents didn’t know what their neighbours were planning. “That is really the worst way to go about something that you know is going to have a big impact on landscape and people,” he said. Read article

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  1. Time to put up more billboards to oust Wynne as they have in Toronto. How long are you willing to take her and McGinty’s bovine feces???????

    • Yes Phillip, isn’t our new billboard great! It’s a Rebel Media project that we’ve just got under way. Wait till we get our next one up directly accross the road from Wynnes constituency office. She’ll be able to see it, right from sitting in her office chair! Ha! Then we’re putting them up everywhere & anywhere accross On. But we need help to do it. Anyone wanting to donate to this cause, can do so by going to RebelMedia.com. or http://www.FireWynne.ca
      We need much more billboard advertising happening, to start educating the public about the realities of IWTs & about the extreme corruption, incompitence & other treasonous actions of these Wynne, Trudeau, Coullard, Clark, all other Treasonous Liberal/ Lefty regimes in Canada.
      We also need to conduct a study on how much increase in doctor visits /health care costs can be attributed to IWTs after they’re placed in communities way too close to people’s homes, then get those results out to the general public who are already pissed about the Liberals gutting of funding to doctors & xtremely huge cuts to all surgeries, not just elective surgeries but event life saving ones also.
      This treasonously corrupt, cold hearted witch Wynne (and treasonous Jahadist lover Trudeau, the idiot son of the worst PM in history) has to be stopped now, not the next elections but right now. Or were forever screwed. Bye bye Canada. We’re Gone, were not back.
      Canada is worth saving? Fighting & dying for once again as our fathers & mothers did not long ago in the second WWar. This is now the 3rd World War & may need to fought in a similar manner, c/w much spilled blood. But I hope that can be avoided. ISIS & windies (same thing basically both terrorist groups) want bloodshed galore of course. To be perfectly clear I am not advocating violence in any way. I don’t personally possess firearms & hope I never need to.
      Let’s get people educated instead, & legally get these bad folk booted from office & hopefully locked up in prison where they belong. It requires a well & honestly informed public. People are generally good.

  2. Thanks to Gerald Walton Paul for sharing his perceptions with us through the Kingston – Whig Standard, Feb 17, 2016.

    “The gem of Lake Ontario”

    ‘[excerpt] Citizens of Amherst Island for Renewable Energy (CAIRE) and Association to Protect Amherst Island (APAI) indicate the polarization of residents. Both sides insist they are “for renewable energy” though those against the turbines don’t want windmills in their own backyards (NIMBY). I’m with (APAI): Believing that windmills are fine in some places (say among the high-rises in Kingston), but not on Amherst where they would blight the beauty of this precious jewel.

    During my 33 years in Kingston, I have visited Amherst nearly a hundred times.’

    ‘[excerpt] While I’m for green energy, I think Amherst should be an exception. This place of beauty provides natural vistas. To invade this treasure by giving priority to man-made gargantuans, downgrades the importance of preserving beautiful places rather than spoiling them.’

    Noticed the article doesn’t mention the negative health effects likely to harm some island residents.

    Anyway, one might be surprised to find all across rural Ontario there are people who think their areas are beautiful and shouldn’t be spoiled.

  3. They will push you out of your farms and force you to live in their overcrowded cities. I think that was the plan all along. As the public realizes that this so-called “green” energy (i.e. wind turbines) is a farce, it will be too late for the farming communities. Furthermore, once they own the land, they will build to their hearts’ content. I, without a doubt, would never live near those eyesores. I know for a fact that they would cause me ill-effects just from the sound they produce – even if it’s not constant. It’s bad enough trying to exist in a mega-city like Toronto. I belong in a farm community, but the option is no longer available to me.

    The whole plan is to shove everyone into mega-cities, while we’re left with no option but to purchase most of our food from foreign countries. Shameful!
    Guard your farms with your life. We have come to a point in time where it’s critical to address overpopulation. I’ve heard nothing being done about this. That’s the biggest problem on this planet. We must stop living beyond our means. That alone will reduce energy consumption. I have no faith in corrupted governments managing world affairs. They’ve proven time and time again to be blatant liars – sociopaths!

    I can’t imagine how distressed these people from farm communities must be feeling from this takeover. Yes, I feel your pain. Please, don’t give up!

    • Thank you Perry for ‘getting it’!

      It is so helpful to have people from cities come out here and see, hear and feel for themselves what we’re trying to describe. Our homes are being ruined.

      We need many, many more people like you to educate people in the cities about this agenda to make rural Ontario uninhabitable.

  4. Did you miss something?

    Progressive Conservative “Leader” Patrick Brown says, “the debate is over!”

    Do you believe it?

    Thanks to Steve Paikin for letting us know…


    Here’s what they said, (around 26:30)

    Steve Paikin (to Progressive Conservative MPP Vic Fideli):
    I saw your leader today in the lock-up say something that not many conservative leaders around the world, never mind in this province, are prepared to say. Patrick Brown, in his first budget lock-up said, “the debate about climate change is over. We’re not going to re-litigate that.” And I guess I need to know from you, do you like the government’s plan to deal with that through this cap-and-trade scheme?

    PC MPP Vic Fideli:
    I absolutely agree with our leader that that debate is over. I do not agree with the government’s plan because they are treating it as a tax grab.

    • Almost unbelievable! And cap-and-trade part is nothing more than a tax grab.

      The vast majority don’t know that what is being touted about climate change are just hypotheses and all of science is filled with hypotheses not just climate science.

  5. Craziness @ WCO?!

    Here’s what “Mike J…” wrote:
    2016-02-27 9:47 am

    “Once again, human health takes a back seat. Good on you all for your hard work. I sincerely hope a couple bat-houses and a recreation club for Turtles don’t overturn this.”

    And then, here’s what “Lili” wrote:
    2016-02-27 10:02 am

    “Once again, a human is in mocking mode simply because an outcome doesn’t reflect their personal priority. I think it’s disgraceful, disengenuine and downright ignorant.”

    How does what Mike wrote imply that
    he was mocking or dis[i]ngenu[ous]???

    Is Lili being “downright ignorant”?

    • Many are upset about this decision but don’t let this divide rural Ontarians.

      To prevail use the “tools” you have. There is more than one way to accomplish things.

  6. Delusions?

    An open letter to Mr. Vic Fideli, Member of the Legislative Assembly of Ontario:

    Dear sir:

    The comments you made on the Steve Paikin show cause considerable confusion.

    Which “debate” were you referring to when you said
    that debate is over”?

    Yours truly,
    patients waiting

    PS ~ it’s too bad the federal government didn’t enforce the Radiation Emitting Devices Act, eh?

  7. “You know they’re being exterminated at Auschwitz”

    “O but the turtles!”

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