Huron County Board of Health to start Investigation on Wind Turbine Effects

SANY0199Lakeshore Advance, By Valerie Gillies
Area-wide Concerned Residents of Huron County were granted time to make a presentation to the Huron County Board of Health at their March 3 meeting in Clinton. There had been enough chairs set up to accommodate an audience of 45, but it was soon evident that this was insufficient as many more chairs were added and yet there was standing room only by the beginning of the meeting. The Concerned Residents estimated there were over 80 people in attendance. This is significant as the public does not often attend Board meetings. The Board voted to allow the group an extended time to present, granting them 20 minutes instead of the usual 10 minutes allotted to delegations.

Jeanne Melady and Gerry Ryan gave the presentation. The Concerned Residents group cited that they were speaking on behalf of those affected by wind turbine developments in St. Columban, Ashfield-Colborne-Wawanosh and Grand Bend. Melady stressed that they were not speaking out as victims, but rather to protect the health of those who are affected by these developments. The goal is to share the experiences of those living here in the form of impact statements. She indicated that, “The residents who have been affected are no longer holding back from expressing the pain that they feel. They live with it daily.”

Melady informed the Board that Huron County has the third highest number of wind turbines in Ontario, following Bruce County which has the most and Chatham/Kent is second. These turbines are at a higher wattage than previous developments have been which is believed to be the issue which causes the health effects that are present. They faster spinning turbines cause a higher noise level, both in audible noise and in infrasound. Read article

18 thoughts on “Huron County Board of Health to start Investigation on Wind Turbine Effects

  1. There have been some absolutely dedicated people in Huron County who saw this dangerous situation coming because, they did the research that is available to everyone. They tried to stop it from happening for several years now. They used proper protocol. They have dedicated countless hours to this cause and their ‘names shall be exalted’. People will one day soon find out the truth.
    So, as much as I recognize this as a breakthrough, and I encourage all adversely affected people in all counties in Ontario, where these turbines have surrounded homes, to work together and gather their statements and go to their Health Units for a response, the thought of allowing this to continue for another two years is absolutely unethical.
    Why is our Minister of Health in Ontario not protecting these people and why has the bar for proving causation been set so high? Who is responsible for this?

    • People had to push the Board to carry out the law and the same should be done all over Ontario.

      The wife of the present MOH is on the Board of the Suzuki Foundation the last I checked and where does the Suzuki Foundation stand on this issue?

  2. I challenge everyone to read this article:

    and distribute it as widely as possible. It is full of information.

    We need people who are fortunate enough to not be being impacted directly and who are not experiencing the deleterious effects of noise and infrasound radiation to stand up and say, “This is not okay!”

  3. One BIG mistake in the CTV report – The one month testing phase in April will include 5-10 people to work out any bugs in the survey.

    When the survey launches in May, participation is open to ALL Huron County residents living in close proximity industrial wind turbines.

  4. Just see a new group on LinkedIn started on documenting turbine fires.

    Wind turbine fires and solutions

    I believe 10 fires this year so far with news footage and pictures on each incident. I believe this may be the most accurate listing of these unreported massive fires and damages that are happening weekly in the green energy field.

  5. I have followed this site for about 5 years now. The same conversations, the same listings of articles written , the same listings of websites. Angers against government at all levels and sometimes amongst yourselves. If it wasn’t for the Blanding Turtle signs of success would be almost non-existent. I left a comment a few years ago and received little reaction. I basically said put turbine problem where it should be, with the land owners who lease their property to these companies. Publish the names of these people and let the communities involved deal with them. Many places like Manitoulin have refused service to these people Remember they should be treated for what they are , not your friend. They have provided the vehicle to harm your health, your property value and your general choice of where you want to live. Hit them where it hurts .Flip the defense to offense. Use the media and local social connections to let them know that you know who they are and you DON’T like them. Please stop the talk and start the action. Count me in.

  6. Public shaming is what victims of wind energy projects have endured for going on a decade. Adding insult to injury.

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