We try to make it as simple as possible for them…

Unwilling Hosts

unwilling host2016
…but they still do this.  All of these project were given IESO contracts yesterday:

Invenergy LLC
Strong Breeze Wind Power Partnership
Strong Breeze Wind Project
Wind (on-shore)
Municipality of Dutton Dunwich UNWILLING HOST

EDF EN Canada Development Inc.
Romney Energy Centre Limited Partnership
Romney Wind Energy Centre
Wind (on-shore)
Municipality of Chatham-Kent and Town of Lakeshore UNWILLING HOST

EDP Renewables Canada Ltd.
Nation Rise Wind Farm Limited Partnership
Nation Rise Wind Farm
Wind (on-shore)
Municipality of North Stormont UNWILLING HOST

Renewable Energy Systems Canada Inc.
Parc eolien Gauthier LP
Parc éolien Gauthier
Wind (on-shore)
Municipality of The Nation and Township of Champlain UNWILLING HOST

Renewable Energy Systems Canada Inc.
Otter Creek Wind Farm Limited Partnership
Otter Creek Wind Farm Project
Wind (on-shore)
Municipality of Chatham-Kent (and then there is Randy Hopeless, who never fails to sell out this municipality. Have a referendum Randy, then you can actually see how the people you are supposed to represent actually feel.)

26 thoughts on “We try to make it as simple as possible for them…

  1. Money talks – I come to believe that ordinary citizens don’t matter – As far as wind turbines — we (public) will be saddled with the cost of these for years; the high electric costs – then a super fund to take the rusting things down. It is a shame that public officials don’t actually “listen to the public”.

  2. This should be front page news in the lying hypocrisy file of the Ont Liberals, instead we see 24 hr fawning over Justin Trudeau. At least it should be at the front of any PC campaign. Are you listening Patrick Brown? Is any Ont politician listening?

    • Unfortunately you are asking a question that no politician of any party is doing! Listening or even showing any concern for what is being done to rural Ontario.
      We know the Liberals will continue to approve wind projects just as long as they can get away with it and unfortunately the NDP will never oppose this so called ‘green energy’.
      And although the PCs did suggest they would impose a moratorium on future projects whey also said they would ‘honour’ existing contracts!
      Quite frankly I would be amazed if these foreign owned wind energy companies hadn’t lobbied PC MPs and MPPs as hard as the Liberals and NDP and even more amazed if more than a few PCs hadn’t accepted the same bribes as the Liberals and NDP.
      I would trust Brown little more than either Howarth or Wynne in Ontario to actually shut this scam down. It generates far too much money for our ‘entitlement’ driven government to take advantage of.

      • Yes, sadly the Wind moratorium was the PC policy plank that dared not speak its name, last time around. I was assured by my MP that it was part of their policy, but Tim Hudak was afraid to stress it. Will Brown be any different? Not if he considers rural Wind affected ridings to be in the bag and that it might turn off GTA voters. But even they must get the message someday that $37 B is a lot to overcharge Ontarians for electricity.

    • Front page news should headline this every day until you the living people get that using a legal name is not legal
      When you do get the ah ha moment to real eyes your vote never meant anything
      We cannot be legal namers to ever get the respect of these politicians
      We allow be a fictions a corporation,a strawman a slave without any rights or power we need to get them to be a public servants for our communities
      You cannot get very much done being dead and not heard properly.
      They operate all as corporations and they are hell bent on only focusing on the dollar signs just like the BC certificate a bond to enslave you.
      Even to vote is fraud as your using a copyright legal name you never have authorization to use. Thats how you get these problems.
      Ask K Wyne she’s a lawyer to give you written authorization to use the legal name I have ask other lawyers or bar attorney’s about the legal name because it is copyright and you will never get the original copy as they OWN IT.
      So our silly signed petitions of not a willing host falls on DEAD ears from dead stock fictions without a voice.

  3. Of note the RES / SNP Parc Elaine Gauthier does have Municipal Support and are willing hosts.There is an agreement in place for the Substation to be installed in the Champlain Municipality ( Champlain not willing for Turbines)and the Turbines installed in the Nation Municipality.(willing hosts)

    • I sure hope the substation location and the turbines do not impact residents who live there and have every right to the safety/security and pleasure of their homes.
      We all even have rights under the World Health Organization that have been violated by wind companies and condoned by this government.

      • The WHO,Est.1948, is a UN agency and the activities of the UN are playing a big role in the situation that rural Ontarians are experiencing right now.

        Canadians have bought in to the UN much more than the Americans have. Strong and Dowdeswell are a couple of examples.

      • UNEP FI/UNEP Finance Initiative

        Members/ Signatories have pledged to finance and/or invest in renewable energy.

        Check the list against the names of these Canadian Signatories who have provided money for Ontario renewable energy projects.


        Would the WHO be allowed to interfere with this? Use your own judgement.

        Now the Canadian pension funds are getting involved in Ontario renewable energy projects.

      • Also for UNEPFI try: http://www.unepfi.org > “Our Members” on the page left sidebar. Then scroll down for the list.

        UNEP & UNEP both established at UN Rio 1992

  4. Barbara, are you saying that WHO’s protections are no longer valid in regard to protection from noise and the deleterious effects of infrasound radiation?

    • Look at who’s running the UN. If billions are going to be spent on IWTs then why would another UN organization be allowed to interfere with this?

      And then people can make their own decisions based on the information at hand.

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