Niagara Region Wind won’t say how many trees they are cutting down

Niagara Region Wind Farm project co-ordinator Shiloh Berriman wouldn’t say how many trees would be cut on along the 45 km route laid out for the transmission lines.

“That’s not public information that we’re willing to give out. We haven’t finished out tree clearing yet, so I don’t actually have a number. And it’s not something public that we would like to give out,” she said.

1297813168809_ORIGINALBy Allan Benner, The Tribune
Andy Koopal frowned as he looked down at the freshly cut metre-wide tree trunk, recalling the majestic oak that it once supported. “That tree was over 150 years old,” he said. “It was a perfect healthy tree. There was no need for it.”

He said the tree – likely a sapling when Canada became a country – was one of eight old growth oaks that border his 10 hectares of farmland on Concession 6 in Wellandport, near Side Road 42. When the Fort Erie resident drove into Wainfleet recently, he said he was shocked to see that all of the trees were cut down and removed. “I came by here Saturday. Then I saw the damage they did,” he said.

Along with Koopal’s trees, likely hundreds more were cut throughout rural west Niagara to make room for transmission lines feeding into new industrial wind turbines being built near by Niagara Region Wind Farm, said Wainfleet’s engineering manager Richard Nan. The company is building a 230 Megawatt industrial wind farm, with wind turbines located in Wainfleet, West Lincoln and Lincoln. Read article

9 thoughts on “Niagara Region Wind won’t say how many trees they are cutting down

  1. This just makes me sick – they say they’re doing this all for global warming – well we know the importance of trees — but let’s chop those down. And, of course we can’t tell you how many “that’s a secret” Just like the wind project “trade secrets” What ever happened to transparancy…. Follow the money and you’ll find out!

  2. And what do trees do …
    Reduce carbon ..
    We are in a very sorry state iof corporate state of affairs ..
    So sad ..the devil is truly at large

    • Trees reduce CO2 but now changed to carbon which is “black”. Something like “witches” and “black cats” presented to the public.

      • When was the last time someone slid on good old fashioned, run of the mill, plain Jane “white ice”?
        Now the culprit is always “black ice”, even if the road was snow covered.

        Why do news reports rarely mention the color of the perpetrators vehicle, unless of course it’s “black”?
        How many times have you heard “they escaped in a black SUV”?

  3. Kathleen Wynne is the most corrupt premier in the history of this province. The people that voted in this rotten government are either greedy government union scum or useless morons that should never be allowed to vote. Keep fighting everyone. The truth will come out and then we will hunt these scum down and put them in prison for the rest of their filthy lives for what the have done to our province.

    • “Greedy government union scum” would not have voted for the union busting party that is now in power. They have attacked the unions that represent government employees to the point of attempting to steal our pensions we have paid into. This party is pro big business, anti union, and kill the little guy for profit orientated. They only care about lining their own pockets and to hell with leaving anything for the next generation!

  4. This is all so disillusioning. As we learn the truth, and realize how wrong all of this is and how unable we are to prevent this serious damage to our environment, we invariably have to conclude that there is a crime taking place.
    Every level of government is allowing this to happen in our communities.

    This is absolutely painful to witness!

  5. Hello, I am not a resident of West Lincoln, I live in Burlington; however, I was listening to the news on 03/16/16 and heard that there will be trees cut down to make room for these wind turbines. Correct me if I’m wrong, but don’t trees
    produce oxygen??? I think that it is absolutely disgusting to cut down trees to make room for wind turbines… Move the turbines where there isn’t any trees…I’m sure there’s a spot or two. Thank you

  6. Chch tv had a segment on the news on mar 16/16 -West Lincoln wind farm
    77 -turbine wind farm – approximately 7000 trees will be cut down in the West Lincoln area. Democracy or dictatorship? I can’t understand with all the information that is available about wind turbines that people are still signing contracts! Take off the green coloured glasses people. Stop signing away your land and rights


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