Tearing us apart: Wounds not healing after wind turbines turned friends into bitter enemies

war battleFarmers Forum, By Tom Collins
LISTOWEL — Wind turbines tear apart communities and relationships, causing animosity that lingers for years, warn farmers who have lived through the ugly battles. Don Winslow signed up in 2013 when a wind turbine company planned to build five turbines near Peterborough. Three months later, after immense public pressure and hostility, he couldn’t do it anymore.

“It relieved our stress tremendously (to cancel the contract),” the then-70-year-old Winslow told Farmers Forum. “We don’t have to sneak around the neighbours, hoping to not run into them. There is always an element of society that is going to go overboard but people I respected were just as upset as the real radicals.”

There are more than 2,100 turbines in the province with another 1,500 on the way. The province is expected to announce new projects this month that could include another 100 wind turbines in turbine-rich Western Ontario where the stories are shocking.

“There are people here that have absolute hatred for others. I have never seen anything so divisive in our community ever, in my entire life,” said Alma-area dairy farmer Tim Martin. “You try to say forgive and forget, but a lot of people say ‘we forgive them but we remember.’ They put their pocketbook ahead of our health and above the community’s well-being, and people don’t forget that.” Read article

5 thoughts on “Tearing us apart: Wounds not healing after wind turbines turned friends into bitter enemies

  1. Dalton McGuinty aides charged, Auditor General report incl a plethora of scandalous deficiencies, ,,,Wynne next? Please tell A.G.Mme Meilleur…NO ONE is above the law ….SIGN THE PETITION.. it is free..

  2. Ed Schouten wind plant supporter says:
    “You’ve got to be careful today because people are jealous and they’ll get back at you,” he said. “We have a lot to lose here. They can easily sabotage something on you. There’s all kinds of crazy people out there today.”
    So Schouten positions himself as a victim here, despite the fact that in 6 years of battle with the N Gower anti-wind group, he never once articulated once how the plant would benefit anyone but him. The plant was proposed for a site smack up against the community of N Gower, a small residential village within the city of Ottawa. A petition against the project easily garnered 1200 signatures, Schouten and the company Prowind.could have circulated a counter petition which might have received 25 signatures.
    He futher states:
    “The anti-wind protestors “say (turbines) tear up the communities. They’re the people that tore up the communities, not the turbines”.
    Right, people defending their community against industrial development are in the wrong, here,
    The developer experienced financial problems which is probably the real reason the project failed. from the outset the small project made no economic sense, except of course for Schouten and a few others landowners,
    The article could have used some counter point, obviously Jane Wilson would have been happy to reply to Schouten’s remarks.

    • Maybe IWT hosts should check for any liens on their property with the UNEP FI list of those financing IWTs in Ontario.

  3. When leaseholders realize the serious ramifications of their decision on their neighbour’s health and property values and the financial mess this province is in because of these turbines, they will face a huge personal crisis.

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