NextEra wind turbine blade snaps in Nova Scotia

article_largeYarmouth County Vanguard, Tina Comeau
PUBNICO, YARMOUTH COUNTY – Maurice D’Eon describes what he heard from his home on Saturday as “thunder out of the clear blue sky.” Not only was he surprised to hear what sounded like thunder. But afterwards he was even more surprised by what he saw.

When D’Eon, who lives near the Pubnico Point Wind Farm, came outside to investigate what he heard, he saw that one of the blades on a turbine was “in distress.” The blade was bending, says D’Eon, who says he heard the thunder-like sound at around 5 p.m. on March 19. “It was like thunder out of the clear blue sky,” he says.

D’Eon said he contacted someone from the company to report the incident and what he was witnessing with the blade. On Sunday morning that turbine sat idle, while the other nearby ones continued to rotate.

The wind farm is owned and operated by NextEra Energy Resources. The company’s director of communications, Steve Stengel, says the company is looking into what happened. Read article

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