No ‘veto’ for areas opposed to wind energy projects

Kathleen Wynne: “I would say to them [municipalities] that they have a whole lot more say than they did five years ago. We never said there was going to be a veto for municipalities, but we put in place much more rigorous consideration of municipalities’ concerns.”
Elliot Ferguson, Kingston Whig-Standard

a) She admits we had zero say five years ago, and she doesn’t apologize for her support of such an undemocratic process. Actually she seems quite comfortable with the fact that they rammed it down our throats.

b) If a community still can’t say “no”, then they can only say “yes” or be silent. That is not a SAY in the process. When it comes to “consent”, when a person says “no” to an “advance”, that “no” is respected, or they have been violated, end of story.WynneKiss

6 thoughts on “No ‘veto’ for areas opposed to wind energy projects

  1. When Wynne says they have “more say”, suspect she is
    referring to the fact they’ve said more.

  2. EXACTLY …very similar to the wynnebag’s tweet on ” what residents wanted to see in the budget “….a face validity initiative ….instituted to calm the masses

    • Consent, think: rape & Dianne Saxe


      “If the local voice really matters, it has to have the ability to say yes or no,” Hardeman said.’

      “MPP says municipalities have less say”
      Kingston Whig-Standard | Elliott Ferguson | Apr 4, 2016

      ‘[excerpt] Oxford County MPP Ernie Hardeman, the Progressive Conservative critic for municipal affairs and housing, said that while Kathleen Wynne’s government says it is giving municipal councils more say in the projects, the reverse is actually true.

      “If you don’t allow them to say no, you’re not giving them a say,” Hardeman said Monday.’


      Dianne Saxe …& “the greatest economic & environmental fraud of all time”….

      ‘[excerpt] Commissioner Saxe (who is battling laryngitis) said that the office is dealing with hundreds of issues and can realistically handle only five or six a year. “I can’t insist that anybody do anything,” she said. She said that she heard and acknowledged “the passion” expressed in the meeting today but in the short term, she couldn’t do anything, and in the long term “we’ll have to see.”‘

  3. Sounds like sexually assault. What do you mean “no”. You can’t say that. “no” means “yes” here in Ontario!!

  4. Seems there is Kingston area political family that has done rather well from the “green” energy fiasco? At least in a political sense?

  5. Citizens contemplating a resolution declaring their community not a willing host to industrial wind development should consider the likely government response.

    Yes to wind turbines means Yes,
    No means Yes,
    Maybe also means Yes.

    Only in an Orwellian world of Wynne and Chiarelli could such an assault on the English language be possible,

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