First Nations bands 1000km away have more say on Dutton-Dunwich wind project then local residents do

wind scam inquiryJohn Miner, London Free Press
First, they found out they’re getting giant wind turbines even though they didn’t want them. Now, residents of a Southwestern Ontario township are learning the support of six Ontario First Nations communities — more than 1,000 kilometres away, some not even in the same time zone — helped give a Chicago-based energy giant an edge in its winning bid to build the unwanted wind farm.

One of the native communities is along Hudson Bay, the others in the province’s northwest near the Manitoba border.

It’s another sign that for all the changes Ontario has made to ensure the controversial projects aren’t imposed on areas that don’t want them, as they have been in parts of Southwestern Ontario, problems — and surprises — persist. “It’s ludicrous for them to do something like that,” said Jamie Littlejohn, a spokesperson for Dutton/Dunwich Opponents of Wind Turbines. Littlejohn heads a citizens’ group opposed to the project in Dutton-Dunwich Township, southwest of London.

Progressive Conservative MPP Jeff Yurek said he was “shocked” that communities so far away could influence an energy project in his riding, and he wants the ruling Liberals to shelve the wind farm. “I don’t think it’s fair to residents of the municipality — it’s a huge loophole the government needs to close,” said the Elgin-Middlesex-London MPP. Residents in Dutton-Dunwich, in rural Elgin County, are vehemently opposed to Invenergy LLC’s project.

Under Ontario’s new bidding system for wind-energy contracts, participation by a First Nation gives companies an extra edge. Invenergy, which won one of the coveted contracts for its proposed Strong Breeze Wind Farm in Dutton-Dunwich, found its First Nation support — and investment — in Ontario’s northernmost community and remote reserves near the Manitoba boundary. One of the First Nations communities participating in the project, McDowell Lake, has only 59 members. Read article

10 thoughts on “First Nations bands 1000km away have more say on Dutton-Dunwich wind project then local residents do

  1. Funny,
    No one has any comments?
    Hmm… Scared to comment on the Native involvement!? and yet here WE ARE… LIVING IN TURBINE HELL. But no one listens to us. Maybe ignoring the rest of us is equally as racist as giving priority to Natives THOUSANDS of KMs North of here.
    I am all for equality but I’m just a white girl whining to no one!

    • A tactic to divide people. Many First Nations people don’t agree with this policy and maybe they are afraid to speak-up too?

      • Were all natives on this green earth
        They fail to say we are all to suppose to be equal and yet again this control mind hive called government knows how to separate,divide and conquer the goals for the almighty notes they print for us to all run after.
        This land belongs to our creator,no one owns it we are here to use it and share it and not rape the resources.
        Yet corporations are out to rip up all the resources all in the name of money for there stockholders.
        We’ve become there human resource and doing the same thing as like the musical chair game.
        We even call ourselves a corporate citizen birthed,registered,tagged, bonded,ID labelled in all caps as a product in there so called boundaries(fenced) as chattel(cattle) as they also capitalized on us being stocks
        So yes in a sense we agree to there bondage and as there human resource.
        Here is a superior court judge that knows the fraud of the legal cyst-em and how and why we got into this mess and she explains we need to wake up and do something ourselves each one of us. Stand up to this fraud!

  2. The Wynne government knows exactly what it’s doing in this manufactured “win-win” scenario:

    Use First Nations as your pawn to further your ridiculous agenda, throw in a bit of red ass-kissing and dispense “climate change” platitudes, then wait for anyone to criticize this setup so you can play the racist card.

    The fact of the matter is, deceitful schemes like this only accentuate and promote distrust and disrespect between Ontario citizens of all races.

    This is just the kind of thing that the hypocritical Ontario government campaigns against.

  3. I cant believe how much of a waste of money these turbines really are.I live up in the grand bend area and more often then not these turbines sit idle on windy days. I get so pissed off when i drive to my cottage and have to look at these things.

    • Paul, I’m assuming you have never experienced the effects of infrasound or the rage of having to listen to the noise day and night. There are people in Huron County who celebrate when these turbines are not moving because the myriad of symptoms they experience do not occur. They feel like their lives are back to normal…the way they were before the turbines were started.
      Imagine what it’s like for those who have to see and feel the effects of them every day.

      • This reminds me of chronic illness situations where people feel better some days and then they are right back to suffering again.

      • Hi Barbara. Thank you for helping define:
        like “chronic illness situations where people feel better some days and then they are right back to suffering again.”

  4. Follow the money trail. Prove the Government connection to the wind industry. Prove the individual money investment to the IWT’S and you have something concrete. Besides getting violent this is the best alternative. When construction begins in Chatham area make this the “last straw”. Physical obstruction with conviction. Words have not worked. Playing fair has not worked. Lawyers have not worked. Only a turtle with a hard shell seems to do the deed.

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