Wind turbine at Ferndale leaning – but don’t worry, they’ve ‘tethered’ it…

1297824222971_ORIGINALBy Rob Gowan, Sun Times, Owen Sound
One of three wind turbines at Ferndale is listing, and officials are trying to determine what to do about it. But the owners of the facility say that the site is secure and there is no risk to public safety.

“The landowners are safe, the neighbours are safe, properties and structures are safe,” said Aaron Boles, senior vice-president of investor relations and communication with Capstone Infrastructure, which owns the three-turbine wind farm. “The closest structure to that turbine is 400 metres away and the closest road is 900 metres away, and that whole turbine to tip height is 115 metres.”

Twenty-four hour security has also been placed at the site and the turbine has been tethered, Boles said. Capstone first became aware of a problem with the turbine last week when electronic communications with it were interrupted, he said.

“We sent a maintenance crew up there and, doing their routine regular maintenance to get the turbine back online, they noticed that one of the turbines appeared to be listing slightly,” said Boles. “We immediately sent our engineers up there to the site and they confirmed the turbine was in the leaning position.” Read article

12 thoughts on “Wind turbine at Ferndale leaning – but don’t worry, they’ve ‘tethered’ it…

  1. “It is highly unusual for a turbine to move at all,” said Boles. “Because it is unusual, especially in Ontario, we are getting the best qualified minds on the site to make that decision.”

    Right, and what about the 6 towers at Bornish Wind plant posted here Jul 2014? I see no news story of them being torn down, just pictures and comments, anyone know the outcome?

    If the tower is leaning slightly, the “best qualified minds” are not going to have a solution to straighten it. The Bornish story mentions a tower base requires approximately 800 tonnes of concrete , with 40 tonnes of rebar, I would suggest that the construction company, no doubt different from the Wind company, skimped on the amount of rebar or concrete, or made some other basic construction error.
    Doesn’t matter whose mistake, the tower should come down.

    Just imagine a 25 story apartment building in Toronto built so it leans slightly, and officials telling the public ” not to worry, no problem”.
    No, I cannot imagine that happening.

    • Not enough qualified inspectors so circumvent the Ontario building code laws?

      Time to show other photos and keep on taking photos but they don’t have to be posted online.

      Could be long-term liabilities for the province itself.

      Landowners who host these IWTs may not sleep so well from now on!

  2. Nothing to see here folks move along move along.

    Their experts don’t you know, and these things are going to last decades? Hmmmm riiiiiight.

  3. With the rate of how these are being built and pumped out to be put up in fields, I wouldn’t be surprised if they are being built with popsicle sticks and gum.

  4. “It’s in the leaning position.” Is that a technical engineering term ?! Or are they inventing wind-turbine-yoga ?

  5. They call themselves engineers? Keystone Cops is more like it.

    Get the frickin dynamite!

    Wind companies are never prepared for anything other than making money.

  6. What exactly happened with the Bornish towers that were leaning way more than this one, in 2014?

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