Wind developer ‘donates’ cash to Liberals each time project processing stalls

moneybagsWPD donates thousands of dollars to the Liberal party to keep their project moving through the system. And the thing is – it works! Each time they donate, the project moves ahead to the next stage. Put the dirty quarter in the candy machine, twist the crank, and out pops a gumball.

Which begs the question we’ve been asking ourselves for years: How many other wind developers have paid their way through the ‘system’?

(Doesn’t Glenn Murray act odd in this clip? Is he nervous about something?)

WPD Canada spokesperson Kevin Surette acknowledged company representatives have attended “some fundraising events in the past few years.”, Ian Adams
Simcoe-Grey’s Member of Provincial Parliament says a wind energy company’s donations to the provincial Liberal Party appeared to influence the approval of the company’s project in Clearview Township.

During Wednesday’s question period, Jim Wilson laid out the timeline between WPD Canada’s court application last July to force the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change to make a decision on the company’s Fairview Wind project renewable energy application, and a $6,000 donation made to the Liberal Party during the Simcoe North by-election period in September.

“Every time it looked like the project was in jeopardy, a donation was made to the Liberal Party of Ontario,” Wilson claimed in the Ontario Legislature. “These facts … only reinforce the need for a public inquiry.

“Does the minister seriously expect the people in my riding to believe that these donations had nothing to do with his approval (of the project).” Read article

13 thoughts on “Wind developer ‘donates’ cash to Liberals each time project processing stalls

  1. Ella, FYI

    Good Jobs First

    ‘Uncle Sam’s Favorite Corporations’, March 2015

    A 20 + page report with subsidy amounts listed which includes big wind & solar.

    Some of the same companies also operate in Canada.

    This list of companies can also be compared to the UNEP FI/ UNEP Finance Initiative list of companies. Includes financial institutions as well., and follow the link to the above subsidy report.

    Follow the money!

  2. How much more obvious does this need to be before people wake up to what’s happening?
    This Minister and the MOECC at all levels are bluffing their way through.

    There must be a way to stop them!

  3. The Great Leap Forward Program of Klein & Lewis is too absurd to analyze closely, but a couple of glaring inconsistencies are worth pointing to. The statement “if you wouldn’t want it in your backyard, then it doesn’t belong in anyone’s backyard.” would be welcomed by many objectors to IWT development, Somehow I don’t believe they have us in mind.
    The electric trains powered by renewable power are interesting, but even Klein isn’t deluded enough to foresee similar air planes. Indeed air travel goes consistently unmentioned. Something will still be required to transport celebrities and VIPs like her around the globe.
    Finally, Klein and Lewis presumably eat well and heat their home; no real explanation on how they will continue doing so without any fossil fuels, in their lifetime.Klein doesn’t look the type to hoe a garden patch and put up food for the winter.

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