Government “Coffee Requests” that can’t be refused

by Dan Wrightman
In 1999 a friend of mine was planning to drive his truck to Costa Rica and asked if I could travel with him. Being young and knowing I might never get another opportunity to travel this way, I immediately said yes and we left for Central America in early December.

I had previously travelled by truck in northern Mexico, so I had an inkling of what to expect, but both of us were taken aback by the corruption we encountered on the Mexican roadways. It became obvious that as soon as we encountered any government authority through a traffic stop or a police checkpoint that we would be getting pulled aside and some of the first words out of the officer’s mouth would invariably be “Cafe/Soda?”

Slide1The game was this: the authorities would declare that they would have to search our vehicle for contraband, but that they would let us pass if we gave them ten pesos (enough at that time to buy a coffee or a pop).

The first time this happened, we refused, and the subsequent search of our truck stuffed full of tools and appliances took up an hour of valuable travelling time. Afterwards we just paid.  On average we were pulled over three to four times a day in Mexico.  We were frustrated and upset, not only by the cost, but by the abuse of power by government authorities. We felt sorry for what the people living there had to deal with on a daily basis.

Seventeen years have passed and I am astonished to recognize that we now have a government in Ontario that treats it’s own citizens in the same way. Multiple times a year the Ontario Energy Board announces a rate increase to our hydro bills, and each time it is minimized by declaring it as only a cup of coffee a month.

The billion dollar gas plant scandal is rationalized by our government as only costing a coffee a year for 20 years but that strains credulity, considering that the Green Energy Act was supposed to only cost us a cup of coffee and a muffin a month for 20 years.

The Ontario Retirement Pension Plan is being sold as only costing us a coffee a day.

We can see a pattern here, we have a government that is constantly bringing us new  coffee “requests” that can’t be refused. While one coffee a month for one rate increase may be palatable, it becomes a financial burden when we have a steady stream of (coffee a month) rate increases added on several times a year, annually.

Most of us are frustrated and angry, but we pay our bills because the inconvenience of a house without electricity is unimaginable, but unfortunately for some the price has become too high.

How did we get here and how do we get out of this?

Unconscionable government spin doctoring combined with lazy and complacent media reporting have played a large role in how we got here.

As for getting out of this mess, there are no easy answers, but I should note that the last state we drove through in Mexico was Chiapas, which at that time in 1999, was still experiencing an indigenous insurgency by the Zapitistas.  We were expecting a heavy military presence, but surprisingly there were no more checkpoints and no more bribes to pay.

Perhaps we just lucked out and hit things at the right time, but it felt more likely that the authorities knew the locals were not in the mood to put up with any more government coffee “requests”.

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  1. Great message. Canadian’s and folks in Ontario are so passive, they accept the corruption the last two Liberal Leaders dished out with hardly a word of protest.

    At least your Mexican cops were visible and not hiding behind the Chinese wall that our Ontario government is protected by.

    We get the government we deserve if YOU elected them!!

  2. And how many who did elect a majority in provincial liberal ( non Libel) and now a majority Fedaral ..( all social appealing )
    Won’t admit to it..
    It’s such a shame!!
    Dan’s post is very poignant .. I’ve passed it on to friends, colleagues, hoping that they will look beyond the end of their nose.

  3. Watched the program on TVOntario tonight related to the wind turbines in rural Ontario. It is so difficult to believe that the rural residents, whose lives have been trashed by turbines, get no compensation and are not taken seriously. How can this be? Where is Erin Brocovitch and all the celebreties who attack seal hunting and pipelines? Why aren’t they lined up en masse to fight for this clear and present danger? It is so evident that these people suffer and that they should be compensated. Why are they tossed under the bus?

    • Yes .. But Erin Brokervich was in ontario celebrating the tear down of the Gas plants .. All the while the green energy act was getting its hold.. Global warming from the so called Al Gore .. All called greed .. Get the ones who can’t read between the lies and lines .. And get the celebrity club to add its clout .
      No disrespect to Erin .. But she got her money .. And where are the people she actually helped win the case .. Against that company .. Look that up??
      And then look up our own nature of things .. Suzuki ..
      Ahh then we are really duped to his smile..
      All such crock ..
      Pray for our rural families that have lived on their land their family homestead ..and having to fight with no real truth to their consequence .. Because of lies of govt , corporations, and celebrity kool- Aid .. Stop drinking it

    • Marguerite, thank you for this expression of compassion!

      We need many many more people like you to stand up and say, “This is not right!”

      I wish everyone would come out to Huron County and see for themselves how the MOECC’s policy regarding siting has affected our homes and our lives…especially where the wind company has clustered turbines around neighbourhoods and homes and along the shoreline where gorgeous shoreline real estate has been affected.
      When these turbines are off, we breathe sighs of deep relief. We feel that we have the safety, security and pleasure of our homes back again. Out bodies feel normal. Our nervous systems relax. Please help us end this nightmare!

    • Go to the link posted a couple of days ago which shows the spiderweb connections of ENGOs in the U.S. Two of these groups are involved in Canada.

      Canada has its own spiderweb of ENGO connections but not yet charted.

      Copy and show this chart to people.

      Let Ontarians know what is taking place in North America.

      • It has to be exposed so that people will fully understand how this all happened in Ontario. Until people understand the cross boarder connections they will not see the larger context in which Ontario players are operating.
        Do some research on the connections behind this last Federal election and who is really ‘pulling the strings’.

    • Examiner, April 25, 2016

      ‘Big Green’s out-sized-influence over free speech’

      An article about how mainstream media outlets are being pressured about the climate change debate.

      ENGOs involved in this have plenty of resources available to contact the MSM.

      Article mentions:
      Friends of the Earth

      And others.

      This article first appeared in The Times, U.K. but a subscription is required to read the full article there.

  4. Subject: Gangsters in our house. Our Provincial House of Parliament that is

    Yes something stinks in Denmark and that stink has permeated the hearts and minds of democratic populations world wide.

    No, I am not talking about third world countries. I am talking about Ontario Canada and our legislative assembly. The quest for money and power has grown and become so strong that our own provincial government and governments through out the free world have slithered in bed with a very popular industry. Their pet industry. An industry that has used fear mongering tactics to scare us into submission. An industry that played on our desire to protect the future for our grandchildren. An industry that has gained trillions of dollars from our public purses. We have been sold a pig in a poke. This industry, no matter the trillions of dollars thrown at it, has failed miserably in Europe. Even worse is that now there is not even a nickel left to spend to develop better solutions.

    Now we can not even admit that we were sold a pig in a poke. Too much money has been invested. We are now in the position of having to protect our vested interest. And what rings true is that pride will always come before the fall.

    In desperation to our perception of the need to save our planet, we have blindly jumped on board a runaway train. We became the whipping post for blame. We feel guilty and to ease our collective conscience we clung to the notion that our government could embrace an ideology and embrace it with religious fervor not seen since the dark ages.

    Bigger than a gold rush, a wild west free for all exploded and exploited at break neck speed. Developers jumped on the band wagon and have been free to rape and plunder our lands, our wildlife and our economy. Money was donated to the provincial party in power to grant approvals. Especially if opposition to the project caused a slow down in the application of the project. Freedom of information requested by opposition was stalled or then trickled through having been heavily redacted with black marker.
    Back room deals were made. A former leader of their party was given a 1.8 billion dollar wind facility contract. In rural municipalities, mayors and councilors did not admit they had signed up to host wind projects on their own personal farm land. They did not step aside from the discussion and they vehemently rebuffed local opposition.

    Before long 91 rural municipalities would declare themselves as “not a willing host” because our Premier promised not to force wind projects on unwilling hosts. She lied. They have been forced on unwilling rural municipalities.

    The current government does not need the sparse amount of votes that would have come from rural Ontario. So they choose to ignore us completely.
    Opposition parties in our government were at first reluctant to speak out against the popularity of our current governments seemingly green solutions to combat climate change. This would cost them party support. Such was the fervor.

    Economies the world over have suffered. They have had to cut essential services in order to support this Energy Revolution. I am talking about the Green Revolution backed by the richest Green lobby groups in the world, the Green boots came marching, marching marching. We welcomed them with open arms.

    Do we need to do everything in our power to arrest climate change? Yes,most definitely. But that is only IF it is in our control. There is much debate on this.

    Will huge wind turbines and solar farms arrest climate change? Most definitely not. Our expensive experiment of plastering rural country sides with wind turbines and solar farms for over thirty years has failed. Their total supply to our grids world wide have been less that Net 0 %. We have not reduced emissions anywhere in the world. In fact, emissions have increased due to their very intermittent nature and reliance on fossil fuel back up. Gas plants and coal plants have to run hot and at the ready to kick in when the wind doesn’t blow or the sun doesn’t shine. This contributes to even more emissions. This on and off, up and down destabilizes the grid as well.

    Germany has had to install 26 new coal plants to back up their wind turbines. Germany has to import gas from Russia. China is building new coal plants at break neck speed and has admitted that they hope to supply Europe with energy. ( Shocked? ) Look at a globe of our planet and use a string to mark the distance from Northern China to Europe. Scary huh?

    Most fervent supporters of wind and solar in governments throughout Europe have admitted defeat. They are pulling the plug on these forms of so called green energy. They are cutting subsidies to the wind industry and solar farms and hoping to starve them out. Hoping that they will fade into a bad memory and over time be forgotten by the public or at the very least be forgiven by the public and written off as good intentions that just didn’t work. Jobs lost and lives destroyed, scenic tourist sites and historic landscapes ruined. Raptors and bats slaughtered by the millions are all that will remain of the biggest boondoggle in history of mankind.

    Not in our province though. Like a headstrong teenager, we continue to forge ahead, hell bent for self destruction and let our provincial government approve thousands more wind turbines. The green boots still come marching , marching marching. Our government deceives us by boasting that we no longer use coal as a source of energy. That is lying by omission. Our government omits telling us that we no longer use coal because we now use gas and have to build new gas plants to back up our wind turbines. Our gas plants have to run constantly at the ready to kick in when the blades of wind turbines stand idle. Both wind, solar and gas plants must be paid dearly, regardless of whether they produce or not.

    Our provincial government has spent so much of our tax dollars on this folly that we can not pay off our 300 billion dollar deficit. In fact our provincial government is in a state of panic and as all decisions made in a panic, the decision to sell off our valuable asset of our publicly owned Hydro |One is pure lunacy. Making cuts to our hospitals and schools is sheer lunacy too.

    Due to the depleted auto sector, Ontario has a lower demand for electricity in recent years and we actually have a surplus of electricity. Adding expensive wind power to that surplus and having no way to store that wind power is forcing us to sell our excess energy to US markets at a huge loss. At times we even have to pay US jurisdictions to take our excess power. In fact we have so much surplus power that we have to dump or spill off water at Niagara to avoid making more unneeded power. This has to be paid for too! We also have to steam off our gas plants to reduce power. We also have to power down our nuclear plants.

    In Ontario the wind blows more often at night when we are sleeping and not using as much power. I have read reports that 87% of the 3% wind turbines contribute to the Ontario grid is produced at night.

    On our hot sticky summer days when power demand is up because we need our air conditioners to cool us, the wind does not blow, yet we pay for wind turbines to sit idle while we also pay gas and nuclear to supply us with the power we need.

    On our coldest days of winter when power demand is up and we need our furnaces to run steady to keep us warm, the wind does not blow. Yet we pay for wind turbines to stand still while we also pay for gas and nuclear to supply us with the power we need. In the spring and fall time when the wind blows the most, we do not need as much power so we dump power.

    No one wants to like Nuclear power. We are afraid of a nuclear disaster.

    Proponents of wind power say to opponents of wind power.” Would you like a nuclear facility beside your house instead of a wind turbine?”
    What utter nonsense.
    It would take millions of 50 story wind turbines and still they would not be able to produce the green emission free power that a relative few nuclear plants produce. In fact there is not enough space on our planet to replace nuclear plants with wind turbines. This has been extrapolated by mathematicians.

    Can wind power ever work in an efficient and profitable way? Yes, a smaller one in my rural back yard or on a urban rooftop may on a windy days give you enough juice to run you clothes dryer or refrigerator for a while as long as the wind kept blowing.

    Can solar panels ever work in an efficient and profitable way? Yes, in summer months when there is more sunshine, if they are placed on rooftops of all government buildings but solar power has not done too well in Spain or Germany. Perhaps in Africa and in deserts. However, huge mirrored solar facilities in California have proven to attract birds to reflections of the sky and ignite them in flight. The dead birds are referred to as “streamers” when they evaporate in a stream of smoke. Did I read that streamers are observed at 3 streamers a minute or 1 streamer every three minutes? What difference? This is abhorrent to me.

    Is green, emission free nuclear power as dangerous as we think it is. Maybe but it sure has a good track record. Ontario is not at risk for a sunammi as was Japan. Poor siting of the nuclear facility is what caused the Fukishima disaster.

    Let’s talk about dangerous accidents.

    I have sharp dangerous knives in my kitchen. I keep them out of reach of children.
    I have dangerous medications in my medicine cabinet. I keep them away from children.
    Ontarians, by law must keep dangerous hunting rifles and shells under lock and key.
    I have dangerous anti freeze and paint thinners and such in my garage. I keep them up high out of reach of children and pets.

    Living in rural Ontario, I have a gas furnace converted to use dangerous propane because equally dangerous gas is not available in most rural areas.
    We have regulations and rules for the safe operation of propane and gas

    As a child I grew up with a wood burning cook stove that burned buckets of coal all night long and kept us warm when the temperature occasionally dipped to 20 and 30 below zero. Sometimes the cast iron belly of that cook stove glowed red in the dark but my grandfather made sure he placed the stove out from the wall and the wall behind the stove had a panel of steel on it. Our stove pipes were taken outside and taken apart each spring and the soot and flammable creosote was cleaned out.

    The stovepipe extended through the bedroom upstairs and kept the bedroom toasty warm. Now of course there are new fireproof stove and fireplace chimney liners required by law that are much safer.

    Driving a vehicle especially on slippery roads is very dangerous. By law we are required to wear seat belts and most cars have air bags to help keep us safer. We pay taxes for our roads to be sanded and use salt to melt the ice and snow. They are still dangerous but we have to use caution.

    My point here is that many things we need and use are very dangerous.

    Nuclear power is not perfect but it has provided the world with the most reliable and constant base load power with safety mechanisms to prevent a melt down or nuclear disaster. However, IF we spent the money on investigating newer and better forms of emission free power production that we are now spending on wind and solar power, I believe that mankind would come up with an even better source of power. Not long ago it was seen as impossible to land on the moon but we did it.

    Cheap and affordable power is what provided the prosperous and healthy lifestyles that we have been blessed with. It allowed us to refrigerate food. Cook our meals in safe ovens. It allowed us to manufacture goods and create jobs.

    The reverse happens when you make electricity so expensive and so unaffordable that manufacturing plants close up and move to jurisdictions that use cheaper rates. This has happened in Germany. It has happened in Ontario. We have lost 300 thousand jobs in Ontario because companies couldn’t afford their power bills. The US invited them and seduced them to move their operations to the US where electricity prices are much lower. Some manufacturing plants in Germany have switched over to diesel powered generators and are off grid. How does that stop emissions? Spain was caught in a scandal because they used gas powered generators to power solar farms at night!

    Yes crooks will always try and beat the system when they can make a profit.

    Gangsters in Italy were arrested and all their opulent booty confiscated when they were caught terrorizing local farmers to sign up for wind projects and give most of their profit to the mob.

    We have a different kind of gangster in our House of Parliament.

    Aside from possible pay offs and back room deals or bum kissing for popularity votes to keep them in power. These elected officials are very cunning. They have the power to change the rules of law.

    They created an Act. Acts are usually only used in a state of emergency such as the War Measures Act. You know, such as rationing sugar or fuel consumption or having a night time curfew to be off the streets.

    This government decided to halt the growing opposition in rural Ontario to wind and solar projects that are devastating rural Ontario’s communities.

    Our government decided to create the Green Energy and Economy Act that came into law in 2009.

    They simply declared in this Act that all municipalities would no longer have any planning authority for their land use when it pertains to green energy.

    There should have been an uproar. People gave up their right to lower tier government planning without a squawk! Why? Partly because rural
    municipalities depend on being given money from the Province so they did not want to rock the boat.

    Lower tier government is the backbone of any sustainable society. To give this right up is to expose yourself to fascism. It allows for a totalitarian system. It defeats democracy. For us to have allowed this Act to become law is a very slippery slope indeed. Only your municipality knows where the shoe pinches. Your municipality knows where and how it needs growth or needs to stop growth.

    Municipalities get elected to represent the people. We place trust that the constituents and taxpayers will be listened to by the municipality.

    The provincial government that once swore into law to the protection of wildlife has now been issuing permits to harass, harm and kill wildlife to make way for not only the wind turbines and solar farms but also all the miles of roadways into the wind turbines that will enable servicing. The clear cutting of forests has been allowed to accommodate the building of wind turbines projects.

    A very serious matter is that bats have been seriously threatened to extinction first by white nose syndrome which caused them to be listed as an endangered species that they urgently need to be protected and yet now are allowed to be slaughtered by having their lungs exploded by the pressure drop behind the whirling turbine blades. It seems that insects are drawn to the lights on the tall towers and bats follow to eat the insects. No bats means more insects and the need for our crops to be sprayed with stronger pesticides.

    Even our bird migratory flight paths have not been protected from the onslaught of wind turbines. This is shocking.

    This is how far we have come from reason in a knee jerk reaction to the fear of climate change.

    Yes we do need to make sure we have a cleaner and greener planet. that is why we work so hard to recycle garbage. That is why we have catalytic converters on our automobiles. That is why we had such efficient scrubbers on our coal plants.
    That is how we have had the good quality of air that we have enjoyed in Ontario since the 1980’s.

    The only thing that the proliferation of wind turbines has accomplished for Ontario is the wealth transfer out of the public coffers to the wind industry most of whom are foreign owned companies.

    Our government continues to foster the perception that our government is helping to stop climate change by lowering emissions and therefore enabling our current government to garner votes from the uninformed and urban population that will keep them in power while the runaway train picks up speed.

    This self interest by the government and in collusion with the wind industry not only defies logic but is criminal.

    Let me conclude with a wise quote from the wisdom of long ago.

    In an address on curbing monopolies to Congress on April 29, ,1938.
    Franklin D. Roosevelt said:

    Quote: ” The liberty of a democracy is not safe if the people tolerate the growth of private power, to the point where it becomes stronger than their democratic state itself. That in its essence is fascism. Ownership of government by an individual, a group or any controlling power. ” End Quote.

    May I suggest that the green movement has become stronger than our state.

    Our liberty and democracy is no longer safe. What is happening in Ontario is fascism. It is criminal. The wind industry has taken over our government.

    Will voters see that the Emperor has no clothes before it is too late for Ontario?

    We can not rely on hope. We must take action.

    • Spectacular discourse!

      One of the most comprehensive pieces ever written on the scam that is the industrial wind turbine industry.

      Well done Melodie.

      • Agreed. Should be published as its own article/blog!

    • Melodie, this level of awareness of the larger context we find ourselves in, despite the enormous efforts made by so many who saw it coming, is absolutely necessary to fuel the level of proaction we need now.
      I hope your comment will be seen by EVERYONE in this province.

    • Everything you have written is spot on. I particularly appreciate your choice of words near the end of summation to the crimes we see governed into law. Fascism. We fought wars to prevent fascist states proceeding into further power or from continuing to take from its people ruthlessly. It seems we need a foreign country to come take out the corrupt powers that be.

      I would appreciate the Canadian populace standing up for their rights and freedoms but as we saw during the G8, we have ignorant police that protect government profits and serve court notices. Taxes and government come before jobs, real wealth, intellectual discussion, infrastructure, social development, progress. This is where the term pigs comes from since they take from the hand that feeds them and still dig into the trough for more yet at no time is there a consideration of what it will do long term. They just enforce whatever the corrupt government tells them to. By extension, they are accomplices and willful in their actions. They in fact operate as a legal entity in court representing their corporate name. They publish twitter and facebook posts in an effort to increase their corporate profile. They operate as a business and are supposed to protect us but what business doesn’t protect its own interests first…

      Imagine that same concept applied to government that operates like a corporation and yet produces nothing. There is no product to sell. They have to dupe you into over paying for general services so that they can reallocate the funds to the projects of their choosing like wind turbines. Next time you are wondering why it is too costly to take the train somewhere and notice its double the price of industrialized nations and yet slower in some cases than third world ones, it is because we subsidize and capitalize our government to continue their mad game of paying themselves for nothing.

      Fascism can be seen in the insurance corruption of Ontario that is well known and identified internationally now. It is seen in the power distribution systems. It is seen in telecommunications networks. It is seen in our hospitals and our ability to simply stock equipment without insurance companies attaching unaffordable prices to it. It can be found in the future carbon tax scam. Its in the car companies and their development structures. You can find it on federal levels with the oil of Canada. You can find it when you go to buy a home and there are mystery companies that you must contact and register to. Its in the credit card companies and their links to the banks or the collection systems. Pick something in Canada and you will likely find a fascist system attached to it or forming and a team of liberals cheering it on but wondering why all the jobs are disappearing. The sad truth is the Con artist party is just as dreadful.

      It seems the government are themselves a fascist and colluding tyrant group hell bent on taking everything they can as long as you give it, just like a corporation. If you don’t fight them endlessly, they will take it. History has shown this. Also, by making you fight repeatedly, you tire out and give in to their demands. Big government at work. The latest census was entirely about figuring out where to tax people. They want to know where it is available and how to get it. Notice the bully tactics they are using this time around and spending your money to collect it. Yet with all the census data they have had for so very long, Canada and Ontario especially are looking at billions to trillions in debt and a failing system on virtually every level.

      We were recognized on over 15 international lists that varied from things such as healthcare, mine removal, peace keeping, even space and satellite advancements. What are we recognized for now? Stable banks after we bailed them all out for 145 Billion and yet they were all in profit ranges. This is how crooked the system has become even at its core.

      Now my question would be, why would any business or person want to be near or live in Ontario after they realize whats happening here. Although what becomes apparent though is that many of the worlds governments do these things to their people. Ontario is getting hurt more than the other provinces but not as bad as some areas of the world. Does this make it great to live here? Nope. Would someone invest in this? Nope. If this style of governing is global, I would stop investing in progress of humans, period. Maybe this is why stocks are failing, nothing and no way to go up with imbeciles running the world and hitting us with batons if we don’t comply. It is more popular to short the market. If you can bet on a crash, why wouldn’t you make it happen. That is a definitive way to crash the system every single time, not that they care.

  5. The International Wind Energy Public Health Disaster is a global disgrace.

    People are being conditioned to fear changing climates, but really the biggest threat on this planet are people who are NOT capable of interpreting scientific evidence making decisions that affect people now and in the future.

    Some people are so deluded, they’re lunatic.

    Consider Mr. Andre Ferreira (@aferreirad) who describes himself on Twitter as:
    “Communications and public affairs pro. I devour all things political and media-related. Torontonian by adoption.”

    Two days ago, Mr. Ferreira tweeted towards Wind Concerns Ontario, writing that he cares more about the health of “the planet” than that of “a few farmers”.

    “It’s NIMBYism, pure and simple,” he wrote.

    It appears the former comment has since been removed.

    Probably because it reveals psychological illness which causes some Torontonians & others to act as though people in farm country don’t deserve the same protections as city-dwellers.


    • Canadian Psychological Association

      Environmental Psychology Section

      Environmental psychology:
      “It can be described on a continuum that ranges from the study of the impact of spatial-physical environment on human behaviour to the influence of human behaviour on the natural environment,and sustainable development.”

      Environmental psychology is in a more advanced stage in the U.S. than it is in Canada.

      Can do an internet search on this subject.

      • The agenda to turn farming into an operation where an agribusiness owner can hire disposable migrant workers to do the bare minimum on the land so that there will be no one left actually living in rural communities is the exact opposite of what the world needs now and yet this is the direction we’re going in if we do not ‘call a halt’ to this madness. What we really need is a ‘rural renaissance’.
        Urban people are so out of touch with the earth and the intricate connections between all species on the earth. Children who come out of the cities to visit my home are completely out of touch with the reality of the earth. They have no idea how to interact with nature. They’re woefully disoriented. Their parents are unable to help them feel a connection to the earth because they have lost their connection as well.
        Thanks for the link Barbara. I’ll check it out.

  6. ” Would you like a nuclear facility beside your house instead of a wind turbine?”
    The question if put to residents of Kincardine-Port Elgin and surrounding Bruce Co communities would be a resounding Yes.
    Nuclear plants are not placed beside a house, but the authorities purchase 100s acres of land in 1960s for nuclear development, there is a very wide buffer zone between Bruce Nuclear and any homes. If such a policy had been followed with IWT much of the criticism would be muted, They would still be an economic disaster, but would not pose such a health risk and environmental eye sore to neighbours.
    Bruce Nuclear and predecessors have been an economic lynch pin for Bruce Co for over 50 years. Real jobs have allowed 3 generations of rural residents to remain at home, these dwarf any conceivable jobs touted for the “Green Economy”. Many of these are created in China. Odd that these jobs are never mentioned by Wynne in that “Green” context. As you say some people just don’t like nuclear power.

  7. Hi Dan,

    Please send your very well written letter to your previous Ontario MPP and ask that he send it to the Premier herself and ask her to respond to you directly.

    That is what my Simcoe/Grey MPP Jim Wilson did with my letter below yours. I am waiting for her reply. ( as if! ) However, our Ontario Government needs to know that many people are beginning to perceive the corruption at Queen’s Park.

    Keep those letters pouring into our red jacket Queen of the Pink Palace. Always copy Christina Blizzard of the Toronto Sun as well.

  8. The Washington Times, May 3, 2016

    ‘Exxon climate change dissent subpoena sweeps up more than 100 U.S. institutions’

    “Of the roughly 100 academic institutions and free market think tanks named in Mr. Walker’s subpoena of ExxonMobil, 69 are listed on Greenpeace’s # Exxon secrets website – and in virtually the same order.”

    The subpoena itself is online. Use internet search.

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