Wind developments are Resonating Across the Grid

Andrew Dodson was interviewed by Scott Medwid and Rick Maltese on the subject of grid stability, and the impact of “green energy”.

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  1. Poorly located and integrated alternate energy sources may not only be impacting the localities of wind farms with barometric/infrasound pollution, but also be impacting the entire power grid with destructive harmonics and resulting RFI (radio frequency interference) pollution.

    The “Green Energy Act” may well have simply replaced one form of environmental pollution with two new forms of environmental pollution .. and in the process have jacked-up the public’s energy costs and select parties’ profits.

    Negative impacts of alternate energy could be affecting the health of everyone who’s connected to the grid, not just the rural folk close to the wind farms. It’s time for everyone to ask some serious questions!

  2. Powerful video. Can anyone take the time to make a transcript of this talk?

    Watch to the end, in minute 21:00 he says:
    “Those that can see aren’t telling the truth”. “They will be held accountable, in this life or the next”.

  3. Richard, the transcript is available if you click this video on youtube and click on ‘more’ in the description. It’s fairly accurate. I don’t know how to copy and paste just the transcript.

    • Canada is part of the North American electricity grid except for Texas which has its own separate power grid.


    Host Brett Gaskill speaks with Annette Smith, executive director of Vermonters for a Clean Environment, on the current issues of industrial wind power in Vermont.
    May 9, 2016

    Selected Excerpts…

    Annette: “I’ve literally been shocked, as somebody who’s been aware of regulations and working in the industry, I’ve been shocked by what our state under Governor Shumlin has allowed. I really consider it a crime, an act against nature, to allow what’s been happening. It’s surreal. But we have a problem we need to deal with. And that’s the people who live around these projects who need relief and we all need to come together to figure out how to help them.”

    • It’s more than Gov. Shumlin at “work” in Vermont. Can assume that Vermonters know this?

      • WRI/World Resources Institute, Washington, D.C.

        One of the most influential NGOs in the U.S.

        Board here:

        Al Gore is former member of this Board.

        Climate Reality Project, Washington, D.C.

        Founded by Al Gore.


        View the Board members


        There is one VIP Board member common to all three organizations and one NGO ( with Vermont connections.

        Ontario has signed a cap-and-trade agreement with Vermont.

        All three organizations have Ontario connections through Board members.

      • FYI, Ella

        NRDC/Natural Resources Defense Council (New York City) is another very influential U.S. NGO organization.

        Co-founded by this same VIP as in the above organizations and now an honorary member of The Board of Trustees.

        Can also look up the sources of funding for these organizations on their websites.

      • Capital Institute, Greenwich, Conn., U.S.

        Advisory Board includes:

        Peter G. Brown, McGill University
        Gus Speth

        Also see: Sponsoring Projects – Partners for more information.

        Note connections to INET/Institute for New Economic Thinking, New York City.

      • The Next System, New York City

        Gar Alperovits
        Gus Speth

        Signatories to The Next System include:
        Gus speth
        Leo Gerard, USW
        Bill McKibben,
        Peter G. Brown, McGill University
        Peter A. Victor, York University

        And many others.

        Ella: John Conyers, Michigan and others from Michigan.

      • NONPROFIT CHRONICLES, Aug.30, 2015

        Scroll down to: THE MISSING

        “For what it’s worth, some foundations have seen fit to to support; its biggest foundation funders are the Kendeda Fund, the Oak Foundation and the Grantham Foundation.”

        CEGN/Canadian Environmental Grantmakers Network

        Members include: Oak Foundation

    • The same tactics are being used here in Huron County. Rural people are being absolutely violated.
      Just as we thought that the families who made loud and clear statements about their adverse health impacts were being finally heard and an investigation led by the Health Unit was ready to begin, our Health Board has stepped in and delayed the start of the investigation.
      This is all so wrong!

      • We have the list of names and their email addresses.

        At a meeting today, where we learned that the investigation would be significantly delayed and perhaps cancelled entirely, we heard statements from our interim Director and the Board members that shocked us.
        The more than 30 residents who are being adversely impacted in Huron County and have made written statements to that effect, were described as ‘biased’ because they were ‘self reporting’. It was suggested by one member of the board that they need to safeguard against the ‘slippery slope’ other wise they could get “dragged in hook, line and sinker” and “sucked in big time”.
        It was also suggested that an investigation would be a “duplication of services”.
        The disappointment and disillusionment people are feeling is staggering.

      • When you’re going through hell,
        keep going!

      • When you see a physician for a “complaint”, isn’t that self-reporting? It’s routine that doctors refer to patient “complaints”

        Like patient “complains” of back pains for example.

        Who put the pressure on this Health Board?

    • “Who’s on the Health Board?” That’s a great question, considering Boards of Health are liable for negligence, according to the Ontario Health Promotion and Protection Act (“HPPA”):

      These excerpts, from the HPPA:

      “Protection from personal liability
      95. (1) No action or other proceeding for damages or otherwise shall be instituted against the Chief Medical Officer of Health or an Associate Chief Medical Officer of Health, a member of a board of health, a medical officer of health, an associate medical officer of health of a board of health, an acting medical officer of health of a board of health or a public health inspector or an employee of a board of health or of a municipality who is working under the direction of a medical officer of health for any act done in good faith in the execution or the intended execution of any duty or power under this Act or for any alleged neglect or default in the execution in good faith of any such duty or power.”

      “Board of health not relieved of liability
      95. (3) Subsection (1) does not relieve a board of health from liability for damage caused by negligence of or action without authority by a person referred to in subsection (1), and a board of health is liable for such damage in the same manner as if subsection (1) had not been enacted. “

      • Who in the government has any direct oversight of the Board? Such as appointments of the local HO.

        Does any Board member or family member have any financial interest in the IWT industry or any contracts with developers?

        Ask each member of the Board these kinds of questions and let them respond.

        Then proceed for there as a start?

      • Can funding for local hospitals be cut if the Board doesn’t toe-the-line?

      • This excerpt should help put things in perspective.

        Again, from the Ontario Health Protection and Promotion Act (“HPPA”):

        “Medical officer of health
        67. (1) The medical officer of health of a board of health reports directly to the board of health on issues relating to public health concerns and to public health programs and services under this or any other Act.”

      • Barbara, the information on each of the board members is available from the office of the Huron County Health Unit. I hope that someone will look into their backgrounds. To my knowledge, not one of them has any health related qualifications. The fact that they were willing to overlook the reality that the decision to initiate the investigation by the Health Unit was based on an assessment of criteria, is absolutely alarming to me . They did not express any interest whatsoever in the fact that over 30 families are being impacted and have come forward and made written statements. We know there are more who have not come forth yet. We were shocked to hear one of the members say that people advocating for those who are being impacted will get them “dragged in hook, line and sinker” and “sucked in big time” to legal matters. He said that the board would be on a “slippery slope”. Not one person responded to this callous response.

      • Is there anything more overt than this situation is?

        There has to be some connection to the provincial government?

        The Port Elgin is only one turbine and this involves many more IWTs which might have to be shut down which would be a black-eye to the government.

        Sometimes things are only said and not written which works just as well in these kinds of situations. Leaves no written records.

        Maybe some FOIAs to start with?

        Could also be in other areas of local government which depend on provincial funds?

    • The NRDC/Natural Resources Defense Council, co-founded by Gus Speth, along with the Sierra Club. U.S. and the Union of Concerned Scientists who put the “SQUZEE” on our auto industry.

      There is a Congressional Oversight Report identifying the NGOs involved in auto industry CAFE regulations.

      • The Union of Concerned Scientists has been pushing for 30% renewables in Michigan.

        Michael Polsky, Invenergy, is on the Board of the WRI/World Resources Institute founded by Gus Speth.

      • funny how that works Barb, we voted NO on that last election season and they’re still trying to shove that up our…………
        Major corruption in Michigan thumb at the moment.
        People fighting left and right, up and down and everywhere. Communities torn to shreds.
        I see 180 turbines in front yard, they want 60 more, and then it will be more, and more.
        I might end up in jail eventually.
        Ready, Locked and Loaded here.

      • Votes and elections don’t mean anything to those involved in this situation.

        Votes are circumvented but using the courts.

        People in the Thumb need to know who’s funding this.

        For example, the Charles Stewart Mott Foundation, (Flint Michigan) is or has been funding Oil Change International. The head honcho of Sierra Club, U.S. is on the Board of Oil Change International.

        Sierra Club was one of the NGOs involved in the auto industry CAFE deal. And pushing for renewable energy.

        You would think that the Michigan MSM would bring issues such as this to the public’s attention?

      • MSM, silent.
        Not one word in any major paper or even one word about the turbine that blew apart during the last winter storm.
        Should have been on the local news, nada.
        Only small local news paper covered this event.
        Localized to calm the rural residents.
        Used to be some coverage on ‘Michigan Capitol Confidential” web site. Now, silent.

      • Michael Polsky, Invenergy

        Personally flew into Michigan to dump his agenda on my township, he lost, but we still loose. Just the sight of these monsters stops my house from being sold.
        I try to pass this information off to those who need it, but ears are deaf until it’s to late.

        Calvin ( you know who I mean) is correct when he has stated, Civil Disobedience is the only course of action that is going to bring this bomb to a head.

      • This event of the IWT failure will likely by posted on international websites as the cause of the failure is now known.

        The NRDC/Natural Resources Defense Council (founded by Gus Speth) is also involved in the CAFE situation and pushing for renewables and EVs.

        Both NRDC and Oil Change International are involved in the Alberta oil sands affair. And the Keystone XL.

        Auto industry + fossil fuels.

        Then: Gus Speth & Al Gore association.

      • You mean the cause being that the brakes failed and the thing went biz-zerk , flinging everywhere. That cause?
        (heavy sarcasm)

        God Bless you Barb, keep up the good work. Thanks

      • Perhaps New Yorkers should pick-up on known information as well.

      • U.S. House of Representatives, Washington, D.C., May 18, 2016

        Letters: ‘GOP Member Letter to Environmental Activist Organizations on Coordinated Efforts to Deprive Scientists of First Amendment Rights’

        Letter sent to 8 organizations including:
        Climate Accountability Institute
        Union of Concerned Scientists.
        And others

        Click on each letter and note the footnotes.

        Some of these organizations have Canadian connections.

        Ella: Copy

      • Council of Canadians, Ottawa, ON

        Advocates for 100% renewables by 2050.

        Board of Directors 2015/2016 includes:

        Maude Barlow
        John Cartwright
        Heather Smith, United Nurses of Alberta
        Fred Wilson, Unifor

        And others.

      • Global Footprint Network, Oakland, California

        An international Think Tank.

        About Tab: > Advisory Council

        Advisory Council Includes:
        Thomas E. Lovejoy, George Mason University, U.S.
        David Suzuki, Canada
        James Gustave Speth, now residing in Vermont
        Peter Raven, Member of the Pontifical Academy of Sciences.
        And others.

        Can do an internet search: Gus Speth + Peter Raven and others in this organization/network.

  5. One of the reasons given for not doing the investigation in Huron County was that it would be a “duplication of services”.

    • How could it be a “duplication of services”? When was an investigation into these complaints related to environmental health done for the first time?

      • If there was a “service” that was available, it should have been offered to people complaining of noise, low frequency sound modulations and infrasound health effects long ago. If this “service” was effective, the policy on siting would have been changed long ago.

    • Here’s what the law says, the Ontario Health Protection and Promotion Act:

      “PART III COMMUNITY HEALTH PROTECTION Complaint re health hazard related to occupational or environmental health 11. (1) Where a complaint is made to a board of health or a medical officer of health that a health hazard related to occupational or environmental health exists in the health unit served by the board of health or the medical officer of health, the medical officer of health shall notify the ministry of the Government of Ontario that has primary responsibility in the matter and, in consultation with the ministry, the medical officer of health shall investigate the complaint to determine whether the health hazard exists or does not exist.”

      What’s the determination?
      Does a health hazard exist? Or not exist?

      • “Health Hazard” is defined in the HPPA:

        “HEALTH HAZARD, as defined in s.1(1) of the Health Protection and Promotion Act, means
        “(a) a condition of a premises,
        (b) a substance, thing, plant or animal other than man, or
        (c) a solid, liquid, gas or combination of any of them,
        that is likely to have an adverse effect on the health of any person.” “

      • And IT IS the Board of Health’s responsibility to “superintend and ensure the carrying out” of this function:

        From the HPPA:

        “Duty of board of health
        61. Every board of health shall superintend and ensure the carrying out of Parts II, III and IV and the regulations relating to those Parts in the health unit served by the board of health.

      • It is my understanding that the investigation was designed to determine whether or not the turbines are a health hazard. People already know from direct experience that they are, but they registered for the investigation and were willing to do whatever it takes to get these turbines that are too close to their homes turned off as soon as possible.

  6. The media needs to interview the members of the board and get their direct comments on this matter. They also need to find out what their qualifications are for sitting on this extremely important board of health and how they or their community under their leadership is involved with the wind companies.
    The question of who in the government has direct oversight over the Boards of Health in our counties is key.

  7. The most important characteristic of a local Board of Health member
    is telling the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.


    What is the local Board of Health?

    Consider Norfolk County, Ontario, for example,
    “Ontario’s South Coast”
    on the beautiful north shore of Lake Erie,
    home of Long Point, a United Nations (UNESCO) designated “biosphere reserve”
    (and located less than 2 hours from the GTA!)

    The Haldimand-Norfolk Board of Health serves Norfolk County
    and (its poor cousin) Haldimand County,
    and is comprised of all the elected members of Norfolk Council,
    and that’s it–
    there’s nobody from Haldimand County on the Haldimand-Norfolk Board of Health.
    [Curious, eh?]

    Anyway, the local Board of Health is like an interface between
    “the people” & public health systems.

    The Ontario Health Protection and Promotion Act, section 67. (1) promises:
    “The medical officer of health of a board of health reports directly to the board of health…”

    If they don’t want to follow the law and do their jobs,
    tell them all to resign.

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