Ross McKitrick: Climate crazy Ontari-ari-ario’s no place to grow, but to get the hell out of

CHATHAM-KENT, ONTARIO, INTERNAIONAL POWER GDF SUEZ from Stefina LineRoss Mckitrick, Financial Post
The latest news out of Queen’s Park is that Kathleen Wynne’s Liberals plan to deindustrialize Ontario. Of course they don’t call it that; they prefer the term “decarbonize.” But for an industrial economy, the government’s new climate action plan, leaked to reporters this week, amounts to the same thing.

The proposed scheme beggars belief. Having phased out coal-fired power, the province now plans to phase out natural gas, the only reliable alternative for non-baseload generation. Despite electric cars being extremely costly and unpopular, more than one in 10 new car sales will need to be electric, and every two-car household will have to own at least one electric car. All homes listed for sale will require a costly energy audit. Home renovations will have to be geared around energy efficiency as the government defines it, not what the homeowner wants.

Around the time that today’s high-school students are readying to buy their first home, it will be illegal for builders to install heating systems that use fossil fuels, in particular natural gas. Having already tripled the price of power, Queen’s Park will make it all but mandatory to rely on electricity for heating.

There will be new mandates and subsidies for biofuels, electric buses for schools, extensive new bike lanes to accommodate all those bicycles Ontario commuters will be riding all winter, mandatory electric recharging stations on all new buildings, and many other Soviet-style command-and-control directives. Read article

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  1. TD World/Transmission & Distribution, Jan.13, 2016

    ‘Opower Demand Response Delivers Strong Results for Utilities’

    “Opower has announced new results for a series of Behavioral Demand Response implementations at utilities across North America.”

    Includes Ottawa Hydro, DTE Energy, Consumers Energy.


    Al Gore’s Generation Investment Management ( London, U.K. ) owns 1,770,152 shares of Opower. > Page 2

    Also for Ella.

  2. wolfhillblog

    Dr. McKitrick spoke (starting at :19) on the topic of Green Conservatism at the Manning Centre Conference in February.

    The following is a partial transcription.

    ‘[excerpt] On false environmental thinking embedded in high-level decision-makers:

    “I can only conclude that a lot the decision-makers—and this kind of thinking is embedded at very high levels—have in mind a completely false picture of the Canadian environment. They’ve been convinced that it’s much worse than it is and that the trends are going in different directions.”‘

    ‘[excerpt] On false beliefs:

    “You need to understand that the problem is actually alarmism, and the raft of false beliefs, and not the need for little tweaks to the tax code.”‘

    ‘[excerpt] On huge regulatory overkill and unnecessary coal phase-outs:

    “We have a problem of overkill in some areas, including, for instance, the coal phase-out in Ontario. That was a huge overkill in response to the air emissions issue…They didn’t need to phase out those coal-fired power plants. But it’s the alarmism that made it impossible to have that debate at the time.”‘

    • The CCAP/Climate Change Action Plan from the Ministry of Environment and the IESO Smart Grid Forum Report are/were ways to help shape energy policy in Ontario.

      Smart Grid Forum Report is 2015.

  3. The Green Climate Fund/GCF, (UNFCCC)

    The Board has 24 members including:

    Caroline Leclerc, Canada

    “The Green Climate Fund embodies a new and equitable form of global governance to respond to the global challenge of climate change.”

    Website last up-dated March 11, 2016

    Climate crazy Canada?

  4. Washington Post, May 31, 2016

    ‘No peace for Greenpeace’

    Resolute Forest Products filed a civil RICO suit in a federal district court in Georgia alleging a pattern of defamatory and fraudulent behavior by Greenpeace and allied organizations.

    The company has also filed a defamation claim against Greenpeace in a Canadian court.

    Has links to a 100 + page document and an appendix which can be downloaded. The appendix is shorter.

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