Subsidy Sam – A Tale About Money, Greed… And Wind Turbines

SubsidySambook_sm-211x300Lyndsey Ward and Josh

“Subsidy Sam was written in response to the wind industry’s own book for children, Tommy the Turbine. Following requests from people fighting wind turbines around the world a children’s story, Timmy the Tiny Turbine, has now been written and will be published online in August 2016 with illustrations by Josh.”

3 thoughts on “Subsidy Sam – A Tale About Money, Greed… And Wind Turbines

  1. What a fabulous piece of work!!!!!!!!
    LMAO over the phrase…” Edward Scissorhands on acid”… anyone who is around turbines and has seen the Scissorhands movie will certainly relate!

  2. Love the “McWeasel” reference !!!!! There are several in my area! I have printed off the book and will read it to the kids!

  3. As an adult colouring book
    this product could serve as therapy
    for some of the many people who find themselves
    up late at night or during moments of distraction throughout the days,
    stressed, in one form or another by the international wind energy racket.

    Many thanks to Lyndsey and Josh for finding creative new ways to address these problems.

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