Buddhist temple project in rural Ontario threatened by wind turbines

33 thoughts on “Buddhist temple project in rural Ontario threatened by wind turbines

    • Buddhists don’t lose over the long term

      Diane Chen, Volunteer and Manager of Property Development, says, in the video:

      “With the wind turbine, the sound and also the low frequency sound, even though you can’t hear it, it does affect your body …

      “The visual effect is not good either, because when you go for a pilgrimage you’re supposed to cast your eyes to the distance, and you should be able to see the Buddha and the sight line very clear so you can focus…

      “We were here first, we bought this piece of land ages ago, way before the Green Energy Act came into existence…

      “Buddhism is not about confrontation. We don’t want to be in a confrontational manner with the government or with any person. We don’t believe in that. We believe in harmony…

      “We have to leave it in the hands of the Buddha.”

    • Honourary Degrees Awarded

      ‘[excerpt] Former Ivey dean Carol Stephenson… among the 16 individuals awarded honorary degrees at Western University’s 307th Convocation.

      Stephenson was honored at Ivey’s HBA ceremony on June 21…

      In her citation at the ceremony, Stephenson shared how courage has helped in her career and in life. She encouraged the HBA Class of 2016 to be true to themselves and act on their beliefs. But to do, she said, takes courage.

      “Courage is a muscle that is strengthened by practising it in both our professional and personal lives through our everyday actions, decisions, and choices. Courage can show up as persistence and resilience in the face of adversity. Courage is about not giving up on your dreams,” she said. “And this is important to me: courage can show up as kindness and compassion. Courage is reaching out when it would be easier to turn away or not get involved.”

      Stephenson was Ivey’s dean from 2003-2013 after a successful career in the Canadian telecom industry and she has already earned significant recognition for her community work and industry involvement.’

  1. What I find interesting is the average citizens fight these inefficient wasteful things both in Canada & US and the government turns a blind eye. And still Sierra Club and other environmental organizations don’t seem to see what’s going on — and, accept wind companies touting “trade secrets” for bird/bat kills and environmental groups don’t say a word. I begin to wonder if they aren’t in bed with the wind companies!

  2. Low frequency sound modulations and infrasound radiation can be felt at great distances from these turbines. These sensations, especially for a person who is in tune with his/her body are even more acutely experienced. These sensations are frightening and they harm our bodies. Placing turbines in close proximity to where people live, work or gather for whatever purpose is a mistake…plain and simple. These mistakes must be corrected by turning off the turbines and dismantling them.
    Why is this government continuing to waste money and energy siting these turbines so ignorantly? What really is there agenda?

  3. FYI Ella, RE: Fracking in Huron County, MI

    Food & Water Watch, Washington, D.C., founded by Maude Barlow, set up the Global Frackdown to Paris 2015 which had over 1,200 groups from 64 countries, including over 700 organizations based in the U.S. sign on.

    Food & Water Watch also launched Americans Against Fracking.

    http://www.globalfrackdown.org > About section.

    There is more on the internet on this issue.

    Also active in Canada through the Council of Canadians.

    • FYI, Ella

      World Resources Institute/WRI

      Board includes:

      Michael Polsky, Invenergy
      Andrew Steer, President & CEO, also on the Executive Board of the UN Secretary General’s Sustainable Energy for All/SE4All.


      Refer back to Enel Green and Michigan wind project.

      • Its pretty unreal what’s going on here in the Thumb right now.
        I’m to the point where I’ve already lost everything I ever worked for, since all you see from my yard is turbines. In our sitting area, where we used to enjoy a semi-quiet cup of coffee, talk about our day, enjoy a BBQ, ect.. ect.. is no longer. We actually, purposely, park a truck in front so we don’t have to see the blight. It’s hard on the eyes, spinning and spinning and spinning your vision.
        The only thing we have going for us at this time is the new Editor of our local paper, probably to late though.


    • Maude Barlow is doing some very important work. I tried to alert her to the harm these industrial wind turbines were causing…to no avail.

      • Maude Barlow is associated with the anti- fracking movement in both Canada and the U.S. Her organization started the anti-fracking movement which has spread around the world.

        Or against fossil fuels.

        Can’t use fossil fuels then renewable energy will have to take its place.

        No friend of those who have to endure IWTs.

      • Barlow is in with the 350.org (Klein, McKibben & Speth) crowd.

        Gus Speth, Vermont, is in with Envenergy & World Resources Institute.

    • There’s a real problem already, been a problem for years.
      The Thumb of Michigan has notably poor water. Many, many people haul their water. ( I know about this because we hauled water for several years north of our current home). Most wells are tainted with high concentrations of salt. It’s a well known fact around here that drilling a water well is wishy-washy as far as results.
      I thank G-d every day for my present water, well water, a bit hard and lots of minerals, wouldn’t trade it for anything.

      Our concerns with fracking would focus mostly on the fact if they hit that good water vein, our wells will be drawn dry, and we know they don’t care if they do that to us.

      • We had two driven sulfur wells with a little oil in the water. Quick-sand got into one of the wells. Now have city water in the township.

        Know what it’s like to cart drinking water.

    • Greenpeace – Pembina Institute, Sept., 2013

      ‘Renewable is Doable: Affordable and flexible options for Ontario’s long-term energy plan’

      A report on why Ontario does NOT need nuclear power.

      Two of the three Authors include: Shawn-Patrick Stensil and Tim Weis.


      Remember back to 2009 and the Green Energy Act and who were active in enacting this?

      Background events need to be put into perspective to know what the situation is in Ontario.

  4. The ECOreport, Oct.23, 2015

    Scroll down to:

    ‘Ontario Shows How Policy Fosters Solar Development’

    “With less solar potential than most of the US, Ontario surpasses every state but California and Arizona in installed capacity.”

    Article includes a US solar map.
    The rest at:

    There is a Canadian solar map online.

    Use of policy and not the use of factual information.

  5. Bloomberg, July 7, 2016

    ‘Tough to Keep the World From Warming When Carbon Is this Cheap’

    “Governments have set inadequate targets due to lobbying pressures and they didn’t think carefully enough about overlapping. That has destroyed investors confidence that carbon prices will rise.”

    The rest at:

    Quebec cap-and-trade is mentioned in this article.

    Much information about Quebec – Ontario- California cap-and-trade was posted at OWR April 2015 when the cap-and-trade agreement was signed.

    This is where we are now a little over a year later. Cap-and-trade deal was heavily pushed/supported by ENGOs in Ontario and Quebec.

    • E&E Publishing, June 13, 2016

      ‘MISO survey sees Michigan generation deficit possible by 2018’

      “Michigan is another focal point for coal closures. The Lower Peninsula faces a 300-MW shortfall in June 2017 that will have to be met with capacity import. The deficit is expected to double by 2021.”


      Article has links for more information.

      Article says DTE has plans for solar production using vacant Detroit land.

      • well, that’s about all Detroit is good for now anyways………lol !
        Yes, yes indeed-y lets put that crap in Detroit, and while their at it, lets put thousands of turbines right there too. Let those suits in the high-rise buildings look at that all day long.

      • There aren’t many people left in Detroit’s high rise buildings anymore.

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