‘Water Wells First!’ Public Protest Wind Turbine Adverse Effects

Ontario Ground Water Association
Strathroy, Ontario – June 27, 2016 – “On Wednesday, June 29, 2016, residents of the municipality of Chatham-Kent, Ontario, embark on their Water Wells First! campaign to protest and advocate for protection of their water wells, says the Ontario Ground Water Association.” These residents understand that renewable energy is important to the future of Ontario and in the battle that is climate change but the safety and security of their water is their priority. The Ontario Ground Water Association (OGWA) became aware of increased water quality issues in the region when inquiries intensified from Chatham-Kent and Lambton County residents for well water testing through the OGWA’s ‘Well Wise’ water testing program. The OGWA is fully supportive of the Chatham-Kent residents in this endeavour.

Existing Wind Farm developments in this area are disregarding known science on vibration and seismic coupling, causing adverse effects on local ground water and drinking water wells.

The pile driving of foundations began the onset of water quality deterioration during the construction phase. After the wind mills are in service, the vibrations transfer into the concrete foundations and continue to vibrate the rock and soil formations of the surrounding areas. This activity directly affects the sources of the residents’ water wells. The result is dirty, turbid water. These residents are also rightly concerned about what effects this vibration has in an area known to have elevated levels of Radon gas.

Water Wells First! is a call to action from the affected residents of Chatham Kent to have the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change (MOECC), the Provincial Government, and the wind industry recognize these adverse effects. This appeal is for the prohibition of pile driven foundations in this area, to demand vibration suppression, and to require assessment of seismic coupling on any wind developments. The OGWA shares the concerns and goals of these citizens in their efforts to ensure the sustainability of their water wells and ground water in Chatham-Kent.

The Ontario Ground Water Association is a not for profit organization representing ground water professionals in the Province of Ontario. Established in 1952, the OGWA is “Dedicated to protecting and promoting Ontario’s most precious resource – ground water”.

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11 thoughts on “‘Water Wells First!’ Public Protest Wind Turbine Adverse Effects

  1. Some wind turbines, for example, Vestas V82 1.65-MW models at Clear Creek, Norfolk County, Ontario, drip huge amounts of OIL from the nacelle. Huge splatter marks on the turbine towers are seen easily by the naked eye, and show up well in photographs.

    One must think, if there is this much oil staining the towers how much has spilled into the fields CONTAMINATING soil and ground water!

  2. Statements such as “renewable energy is important to the future of Ontario” and the battle is lost.

    You can’t have this issue both ways. Probably means affected people still don’t understand the issues involved with renewable energy.

  3. Didn’t Chatham-Kent re-elect, re-elect, re-elect Mayor Randy Hope on his pro wind turbine platform?

    The residents could have said “renewable energy is important to the future of Ontario and in the battle that is climate change” and added “but wind turbines are a poor choice for renewable energy, there are better options”.

    They didn’t say what needed to be said, so let them drink turbid water whilst toasting Randy Hopeless and his disastrous legacy.

    • I’ve seen the CTV video:


      and now I suspect that I know the bigger picture.

      All these guys that are complaining about the water quality, whilst still extolling the virtues of “green energy”, appear to be gagged IWT hosts with buyer’s remorse who are compelled to say that they still love wind turbines but who are now trolling for public sympathy … and maybe a little more money from the wind companies.

      Watching these Goobers whine about their bad, greedy choices in life is the best “green porn” I’ve seen in quite a while. Ya baby!

      • And you often hear how people say how great “green energy” is. Or we are not against IWTs.

        They don’t understand the effects of renewable energy projects on communities. Even their own communities.

        All this does is to encourage developers and the present Ontario government to pursue more renewable energy projects.

    • You are 100% correct. If they had chosen SOLAR…..on their barns, on large buildings, we wouldn’t be having this discussion!

  4. All I can say is WE told you SO!!!..We Tried to stop the Greed Energy 2008…everyone is gettin the back lash now ..hydro rate increase,bad water, etc.

  5. There is cause for celebration over at WCO with the perception that Ostrander Point has been saved, for now, despite the fact that ecosystems on Prince Edward County’s South Shore may still be destroyed in a more comprehensive fashion by the WPD White Pines project.

    But how many people have read the Divisional Court’s decision re: Bryce v. Ontario, Environment & Climates Change, dated June 28, 2016? (It’s not available at canlii.org, yet.) It’s a Decision by Justices C. Horkins, Sachs & Patillo.

    Does anyone know if Horkins, Sachs & Patillo live near industrial wind energy projects?

    Or whether they have any scientific training which qualifies them to interpret scientific uncertainty?

    I would bet they do not — oops, I mean,
    I would not bet that they do.

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