Efficiency better option than Hydro One rate hike

electricity costJim Merriam, London Free Press
The word efficiency doesn’t appear to be in the vocabulary of the suits — empty and otherwise — that run Hydro One. The utility’s “province-wide consultation process” includes an online survey for those inclined to help with a poorly veiled attempt to get support for rate increases.

In the preamble to the survey Hydro One admits as much: “All feedback . . . will in turn influence plans that the company will submit to the Ontario Energy Board.” The board will determine new rates. The survey asks a number of questions about Hydro One services and customer priorities.

Here’s an example: Survey respondents are asked if they prefer longer power outages in order to keep costs low, or if they prefer to maintain the current length of outages with a “relatively modest increase” in rates. A third option would see the length of outages reduced at yet higher costs.

In all such questions the option of Hydro One improving efficiency in order to offer better service never appears. That would lead to the assumption that Hydro One sees itself working as cost effectively as possible. Read article

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