Watch “Follow the Money” on CBC: The inside of the dirty wind industry

If you’ve fought the wind industry long and hard enough you’ll be able to practically identify characters in this drama (that plays more like a documentary). For once the inside of the wind industry is shown, and it’s not an exaggeration. Terror, gag clauses, dirty money, carbon schemes, threats, legal weasels, lies upon lies – sound familiar? Sounds like the wind industry in Ontario. Those who haven’t lived it might find it entertaining, but those who have been through the wind wringer will see it as brutally and gut wrenchingly real.

Watch online: CBC – “Follow the Moneyfollow the money


18 thoughts on “Watch “Follow the Money” on CBC: The inside of the dirty wind industry

      • Barbara, you’ve been saying “Follow the money” for a long time now regarding the turbines here in Ontario. I wish that CBC would do a documentary on the real story and the financial connections behind both the climate change alarmism and all funding associated with it including the industrialization of rural Ontario with turbines.
        This story needs to be told.

      • UCS has been involved in U.S. auto industry affairs.

        An no one can relate to this in Ontario?

      • And Earthjustice contributed $275,000 to lobby for renewable energy in Michigan according to their 2012, U.S. IRS Form 990.

      • Union of Concerned Scientists, June 19, 2013

        Kevin Knobloch, president of the Union of Concerned Scientists will take a new post as Chief of Staff to Department of Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz on June 24, 2013.

      • Rocky Mountain Institute, Colorado

        Board of Trustees includes:
        John Abele, Vermont, owns Kingbridge Centre, King City. Ontario.
        Peter Boyer, also with Union of Concerned Scientists
        Jose Figueres Olsen, brother of Christiana Figueres, UNFCCC
        Jigar Shah, Founder of the original SunEdison, had solar project Ontario

      • An internet search revealed that Peter Love and David Love are brothers.

    • World Resources Institute/WRI

      Board includes:
      Michael Polsky, from Illinois
      D. James Umpleby, Caterpillar Corp., Illinois and not the first one from Caterpillar to be on this board.

      Then go to the donors page to see who funds this organization.

      As far as I know, Caterpillar has moved some operations to Mexico.

      • Felipe Calderon, former President of Mexico is also on the WRI Board.

        As far as I know, there were no IWTs in Mexico prior to his term in office. But check this out if you want to.

      • Gus Speth, founder of the WRI, is affiliated with which in turn is associated with Greenpeace.

        Bill McKibben and Naomi Klein are both with which is active in Ontario/Canada.

      • Frances Beinecke, (NRDC/Natural Resources Defense Council) is also on the Board of of WRI.

        Gus Speth is one of the founders of NRDC.

        NRDC, UCS and Sierra Club have been involved in U.S. auto industry affairs.

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