Hydro horror stories: tales from rural Ontario

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Residents of rural Ontario are outraged by ever-increasing hydro bills and the constant threat of disconnection. Facing an unresponsive utility provider, Hydro One customers from across the province are speaking out.

In the past three days alone, Global News has received more than 400 emails and messages from concerned Ontarians frustrated by the lack of government transparency and the apparent disregard with which industry regulators treat their concerns.

In their own words, read how the hopes and dreams of some rural Ontarians have become complete hydro nightmares.

Lindsay Ambeault, Sault Saint-Marie, Ont.

My husband and I have four children. One with autism. We have had to learn to eat only using $200 a month. Two of our children are in diapers – imagine the cost. We get the disconnection notice EVERY month and are behind approximately $1,000. I feel as though we work just to pay PUC. It is ridiculous!

Matt Grassie, Peterborough, Ont.

I live just outside the city of Peterborough Ont., and I am impacted greatly by the cost of hydro.

My bills are OVER $600 a month, but I have seen bills in recent years over $1,000 a month. I have suffered disconnections in the past, the worst one being on Remembrance Day while I was at the Remembrance Day Service paying my respects (I am a Canadian Forces Veteran). Even with the banks closed, I managed to get them their money. They took two days to reconnect me. We are on electric heat, and our water pipes nearly froze because of sub-zero temperatures. Read more

2 thoughts on “Hydro horror stories: tales from rural Ontario

  1. Rural people in Ontario have systematically had the quality of their day to day lives reduced by this government. The agenda is to force them to relocate into ‘human settlements’ so they can be more easily controlled.
    People who live in the country have the potential to be deeply in touch with the earth itself. This level of connection to the earth can inspire a decision making process as consumers and stewards of the land that is the result of a kind of reverence for the interconnections of species at a very subtle level.
    If this government really wants to ‘save the planet’ it would encourage people to keep our small villages in rural Ontario vital so that more and more people could return to rural Ontario.

  2. we the people in the rural area of sharbot lake. live in fear day after day our hydro will be turned off. than we will have no lights, or water as we all use pumps to get it from below ground. we also need pumps to pump water back out from our basements. we won,t be able clean, bath, shave, cook ,or heat are homes or keep food from going bad with no fridge. please brian hill the global news reporter who is doing this story. tell the people of ontario and the goverment. we need them to tell hydro one to stop now. any more disconnections because of arrears on our hydro one bills. because we can,t keep up with the high hydro rates we are being charged on our hydro bill

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