Absurdities abound with rural water plan

1297854991096_ORIGINALPeter Epp, London Free Press
It’s difficult to rule in isolation. That can be the only conclusion from the latest incident between rural Ontario and those in charge of Ontario’s Green Energy Plan.

How else to explain the almost embarrassing lack of understanding that the Green Energy people have about the potential impact of their decisions in parts of Ontario where wind turbines are to be developed?

The latest wrinkle comes from Chatham-Kent, which happens to lead the province in the number of wind turbines located in a single jurisdiction, and whose residents are bracing to receive even more.

A citizens’ group is now concerned about the potential impact that turbine vibrations will have on rural water wells, in an area where 40 to 50 turbines are to be constructed. They say studies show turbine activity can disrupt groundwater activity, a red flag for those who depend upon water wells for their households and agricultural activities.

Turns out that the Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change is prepared for such an eventuality — or they thought they were. The ministry’s approval for the turbine company reads that “an adequate amount of bottled water” must be provided to “the impacted party” should there be a disruption with water well activity. That’s a lot of bottled water. As one Chatham-Kent farmer told reporters, an average horse can consume two to five cases of water a day. Read article

1 thought on “Absurdities abound with rural water plan

  1. So the gov should supply bottled water for ever chicken, pig and cow on top of the humans by the thousand per day to just one farm.

    Say again how all that plastic, fuel transportation, delevery, processing is green???

    Sorry just trying to wrap my head around how the turbines are saving the planet………I seriously wonder did the fiberal gov every play connect the dots when they were a kid? Cuz I’m thinking they missed that all important aspect in life it sure would have helped in this greed energy debacle.

    Hey ministry if your interested in hiring for some of those so called green jobs that pay so well, I got dibs on some 4 yr old country kids you can hire that know how to play connect the dots and can see the real picture for you.

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