Wind power debates continue

Laura Barton, Welland Tribune
A recent survey says Ontarians are pretty evenly split when it comes to wind turbines. The poll done by Mainstreet Research and Postmedia was published June 7. It had 2,537 people respond to questions about turbines. The survey determined that 43 per cent of people do not like turbines, 43 per cent do and the remaining 14 per cent don’t know.

Wainfleet Mayor April Jeffs said she hears more negative comments and concerns than positive remarks. When the township was against the first wave of five turbines, residents fought for them and thought it was a great idea.

“I just don’t hear that anymore,” said Jeffs. Because of the larger expansion of the industrial wind farm, Fleeters are having second thoughts. It’s partially a case of not realizing the consequences of the infrastructure necessary for turbines, said Jeffs. “I don’t think any of us quite realized the amount of transmission lines and such,” she said. Read article

1 thought on “Wind power debates continue

  1. Geez I’m plastered by turbines and rarely ever hear about those surveys that’s pretty odd.

    And funny do those surveys tell of those folks that’s have a turbine but won’t admit hating it outright and put thier farm up for sale in total secrecy not a for sale sign to be seem all under the table or move their family away and keep the farm just to rent?

    No you won’t have real data on such a topic. Shhhhhhhh

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