Ontario Electricity Prices Are Out Of Control

The Huffington Post Canada, Daniel Tenceroriginal

Ontarians aren’t just imagining it: Electricity prices in the province are soaring.

Prices jumped by 15.7 per cent over the past year, according to Statistics Canada’s consumer price index, about eight times faster than overall inflation.

Bank of Montreal chief economist Doug Porter published this chart showing just how far hydro rates have diverged from other prices in the province.

“Meantime, electricity prices in the rest of the country have posted average annual gains quite close to the overall inflation rate over these periods (i.e., roughly 2 per cent per year),” Porter wrote.

“In Ontario, only three other categories in the CPI have risen faster than electricity since 2002 — water charges, home insurance and cigarettes. But in the past seven years, nothing has risen faster than electricity prices.”

Ontario’s prices are being driven up by a number of factors, including subsidies for the province’s green energy program.  Read article

7 thoughts on “Ontario Electricity Prices Are Out Of Control

  1. Unfortunately hydro one swears up and down till their blue in the face that the delivery charge… the global adjustment charge… the other regulatory charges AND the HST should not be factored into the cost of hydro…… my non liberal math takes the full charge of the hydro one bill divided by the total cost of the bill that equals the cost of hydro per kwh!!!!! Alot of these comparisons are not accurate due to the omission of all the shat charges!!!

  2. Ella: FYI

    How things work:

    MISO > Markets and Operations tab > Real Time Market Data > select a topic to view

    Real time wind energy production of MISO
    Wind forecast for wind energy production for the next 24 hrs.

    Visual tool to see how wind energy production fluctuates.

    MISO covers quite a bit of U.S. territory which includes Michigan. But this is the wind production available for MISO transmission. Up and down!


    May be a useful visual tool for Ontarians to see wind production fluctuations as they are happening.

  3. Bloomberg, July 15, 2016

    “Canada will have a national price on carbon emissions by the end of this year, Environment Minister says.”

    Note Suncor Energy in this article.

    Remember Suncor & Ecofiscal Canada? Push for a carbon tax.


    Town Halls about carbon issues were held across Canada earlier this year including a town hall in Toronto in June.

    Only the opinions of people in large urban areas counts?

  4. And Barbara you know there are many people who wouldn’t think that Suncor (an oil company) would want carbon taxes.

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