CTV News: Electricity Bills in Ontario – Shockingly High


7 thoughts on “CTV News: Electricity Bills in Ontario – Shockingly High

  1. Again remember minister Thibault ‘ s comments a few months back… just because you can’t pay your hydro bill does not constitute a crisis for him or his government….. sickening to hear that story and I’m sure there are tens of thousands of ontarions who are in the same position…..

  2. Until we have a team of experts managing the energy portfolio in this province we will be faced with the ramifications of mismanagement.These ramifications are extremely stressful and can cause serious harm.
    If the members of a team of experts are assessed to have failed to perform to provide safe, affordable energy so that all in this province can flourish, then they lose their job.
    Right now we have these crucial issues being used as a ‘political football’.
    What are the qualifications of the key decision makers currently in Ontario?
    We can do better than this.
    We must.

  3. Bardish Chagger, Rookie Cabinet Minister, Promoted To Government House Leader…

  4. I would urge everyone to take a close look at the qualifications behind the people who hold key decision making roles at every level of government. Expose this information carefully so that everyone can see for themselves who is making such crucial decisions affecting our current reality and our collective future.

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