Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne attributes byelection loss to rising Hydro rates

wynneCity Centre Mirror, By David Nickle
The Ontario Liberals’ loss in Scarborough-Rouge River last week was largely a symptom of rising electricity rates, said Premier Kathleen Wynne at a media availability Wednesday, Sept. 7. Toronto Councillor Raymond Cho won the Sept. 1 byelection for the Progressive Conservatives—taking the riding most recently held by former Liberal MPP Bas Balkisoon from the Liberals for the first time since the 1990s.

Wynne expressed her disappointment with the loss on election night—and at Queen’s Park following a meeting with Toronto Mayor John Tory, reiterated her views that frustration with rising electricity rates helped power Cho’s surge in the polls.

“We heard concerns at the door in Scarborough-Rouge River and frankly those concerns we have to take to heart and we have to use them to inform our actions going forward,” said Wynne. “And one of the things we heard most consistently was Hydro rates.”

Wynne said that she had heard the same thing from northern Ontario residents during a summer trip through James Bay.

“I heard the same thing about electricity rates in the north,” she said. “It’s not something isolated. I recognize that the investments that we made in the electricity sector by building out the infrastructure, bringing the system up to standards, have caused this.” Read article

12 thoughts on “Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne attributes byelection loss to rising Hydro rates

  1. What a load of crap.
    It’s not too hard to picture the coming approach. We’ll be paying Hydro rates that are income tested. Those at the upper income levels will pay much more, so others can pay less. Lose a few votes at the upper end and retain / gain a bunch at the lower end.
    If it is in effect, a social program it should be paid out of general revenues, not by other Hydro customers.
    Oh, by the way Premier Wynne, perhaps you should take a look at why the rates are so high , rising so fast, and will continue to rise even faster. Hint: the Green Energy Act and Wind Power.

      • There is a recently published article in the Ottawa Citizen: http://ottawacitizen.com/news/local-news/how-ontario-is-failing-its-rural-residents-and-why-it-matters

        The author attempts to cover some of the reasons, but fails to address the U.N Agenda 21/30 which Ontario’s government is participating in. I kindly thanked him in a direct email and pointed out to him several ways he could have dug deeper into this story and probed two of the government related people he spoke to. Within minutes I received the rudest email I’ve ever received from anyone. I had even told him about the serious adverse health impacts of turbines in close proximity to rural resident’s homes and he completely dismissed this.
        We need to get to the bottom of this agenda to cover up and deny this orchestration of the demise of rural Ontario.

      • The party that owns a conference centre near Toronto also owns a nearly 10,000 ground mounted solar panel farm in Vermont. Also on the Board of the RMI in Colorado.

  2. Wake up Wynne! Rising hydro rates are the tip of the iceberg… If we had enough time to list Wynne’s horrific failures, and fiascos, we could fill a huge book. She is a disgrace to the human race.

  3. It’s the liberal’s green energy act that caused this. Ruining prime farmland for no-power turbines and charging us ten-fold is a liberal idea of green. Thousands of miles of huge towers, from Lake Huron to the gta in the last few years, for next to nothing in power. I wonder, how many liberals it would take to eat a turbine in a year, since food doesn’t grow on access roads and cement. The wind doesn’t provide “free power” either. It costs the rural folks plenty.

  4. I wouldn’t be a bit surprised that this time next year we’ll start hearing about MPP’s announcing that they don’t intend to run in the next provincial election. Many of them can see the hand writing on the wall.
    Wynne acknowledged that hydro rates was the main reason they list the by election. It is proof again that Ontario Hydro is a cancer in the economy of the province and everyone of us on this should not hesitate to refer to the situation in this manner. I know it sounds sordid but it is reality

  5. I wonder who will pay the costs of compensating all of the people who have been harmed by the industrial wind turbine experiment in rural Ontario?

  6. Wynnd said; ” building out the infrastructure, bringing the system up to standards”
    This her way of saying; we screwed up the electricity sector with the failed Green Energy Act, we destroyed environment and polluted the country side with
    wind turbines with no benefit to climate,nature or economy and brought poverty to this once great province…………

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