Wind turbine fibreglass blades – they all end up in the landfill.


15 thoughts on “Wind turbine fibreglass blades – they all end up in the landfill.

  1. This story is out of the U.S…very interesting. Thank you for posting it.

    Surely the Wynne government has made plans for recycling all of the parts of Ontario’s turbines.
    Personally, I would like to see the fibre glass used for making garbage cans for urban communities.

  2. Where are they now?


    “Top Ontario official to testify about wind power health risks”
    Dave Seglins, CBC News |
    19 July 2012

    ‘[excerpt] Opponents of industrial wind turbine developments in Ontario are celebrating a court ruling that will force the province’s chief medical officer of health to testify about the known noise and health risks of wind power developments.

    Ontario Superior Court Justice Mary Sanderson issued an order Wednesday that requires Dr. Arlene King to testify in the case of Shawn and Trisha Drennan of Ashfield Township by Lake Huron in southwestern Ontario.

    The couple is fighting the proposed Kingsbridge II project by Capital Power Corp. to install 150 wind turbines, one of which will be within 650 metres of their farm north of Goderich.

    Provincial lawyers tried to overturn a summons for King to testify. However, in Wednesday’s ruling, Sanderson rejected the government’s argument that the Drennans’ request for her testimony was an abuse of process.

    Sanderson pointed out that Dr. King had indeed found limits to the science on wind power.

    “Dr. King identified two data gaps in her report,” the judge wrote.

    One of the data gaps involved “sound measurements at residential areas around wind turbines and comparisons with sound levels around other rural and urban areas, to assess actual ambient noise levels prevalent in Ontario.”

    The other gap identified by King was making noise level assessments to “mak[e] an informed decision on whether epidemiological studies looking at health outcomes will be useful.”

    Last week, Health Canada waded in, acknowledging there are gaps in the science and has committed to conduct a two-year study of the health of 2,000 residents at eight to 12 wind farms across Canada. The study will examine what affect wind turbine noise is having on their lives.”‘

    • The Ontario government has gotten away with moving the pea under the shells for several years now !

      In the last episode, the doctor was removed from her position. Why let the doctor go? This could have been moved again without removing the doctor.

      Big message to any other doctors to keep quiet?

      • No one has heard a single word from that doctor. These 30 residents who submitted statements regarding their direct adverse health impacts which started after the turbines were turned on, will be waiting and continuing to be exposed until next spring, when they will know if funding will be granted for a ‘project’…not an ‘investigation’.

      • Sommer, what do you mean, “not an investigation”?

        The law, the Ontario Health Protection and Promotion Act, Section 11, requires the Medical Officer to “investigate to determine whether the health hazard exists or does not exist”.

        Are the fiduciaries trying to describe their activities as something other than “an investigation”?

        Do you know?

        (many thanks)

    • Another example of someone who:

      1. grossly failed assessing the facts and then made bad judgements;
      2. refuses to admit the mistakes she committed (?) ; and
      3. is now in a position with decision-making authority, owes a fiduciary responsibility, and is biased.

      A few years back, Saxe published her opinion:

      “This film adds to the ever growing evidence that so called “wind turbine syndrome” is a contagious nocebo effect caused by fear and dislike of turbines, and not by the turbines themselves.”

      In good faith – was she prejudging the results of Health Canada’s Wind Turbine Noise and Health Study?

      Was she trying to influence the results?

      It goes to show what she thought of Health Canada and their actions to address these public health issues in the first place?

      How should we reconcile her opinion with research findings including at the University of Waterloo that describe problems exist which contradict her conspiracy theories?

  3. Four years later and this situation has gotten worse because all of the people who the Drennans were so courageously fighting for, including themselves, are being exposed to audible noise, low frequency noise modulations and infrasound radiation. The substation beside the Drennan farm is both highly visible and audible.
    No one has protected the residents of this community. Even though the Huron County Health Unit’s admission that the criteria for assessment had been met and “investigation” was initiated to begin in May of this year, this community still faces another year of waiting to find out if funding will now be approved to complete this “project”.
    So these people face having to deal with this exposure when they are in their homes and neighbourhoods, even longer.
    This is a crime. Anyone who doesn’t realize it or who is not taking bold action to protect these residents is complicit in this crime. ‘Silence is complicity’.

  4. Ella: FYI

    Carbon War Room, May 29, 2015

    ‘News: Clinton Climate Initiative Partners With Rocky Mountain Institute And Carbon War Room To Advance Renewable Energy In Caribbean Island Nations’

    Rocky Mountain Institute merged with the Carbon War Room c. December, 2014

  5. Every thing here is riding on November 8th.
    Life as we know it, will be determined on that day.
    My ‘deplorable’ mind tells me so.
    Until then, Nexterror is stabbing as many spears in the ground as possible here.

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