Amherst Island residents worried wind turbine cement plant to be built near school

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It’s a heated topic on Amherst Island, the wind turbines. But, this time the concern has shifted. Residents are worried about a cement batch plant said to be a base for the project, that they allege will be built very close to the Amherst Island Public School.

Beth Forester has lived on Amherst Island most of her life, along with 6 generations of her family. She went to this school, as a student and teacher… and now her grandchildren go there. “As far as I know it’s as close as those fence posts over there.”

Forester’s referring to a cement plant that will provide the materials needed for wind turbine footings – that residents say is being built near the school. Beth Forester, concerned Amherst Island resident & grandparent “As a teacher I just can’t not envision a closed up, closed the windows in a country setting, close the windows to keep out the noise, the dust, the nastiness.”

Forester isn’t alone.  Many other residents are concerned too, now not just over the turbine project but the possible location of the plant. Bruce Sudds, Concerned Amherst Island resident & parent “Just over 500 meters behind our school there will also be a base for industrial activities for the building of wind turbines on Amherst Island.” Read article

20 thoughts on “Amherst Island residents worried wind turbine cement plant to be built near school

  1. Sad, but not surprising… isn’t there any sort of zoning that would protect the school from having an industrial complext built so close to it?

  2. It just doesn’t stop, does it. Capitalism at it’s finest – the profit margin trumps everything.
    Children, schools, environment – nothing matters unless there’s a dollar to be made from it.

    • Renewable energy business is driven by artificial demand created by government policies.

      There are companies forced into the renewable energy business by demands from eco-activists groups to be in the renewable energy business that companies don’t want to be in. This is one way to force investment in renewable energy projects.

  3. 500 meters is allowable for a cement plant near children school…. if you look it up under the Green Energy Act small children’s safety and health are secondary to this act…. same with all age groups’ health and safety… remember folks this Green Energy Act is going to save what’s left of the planet…
    no one is safe from the almighty GEA…
    not birds…
    not turtles….
    not bees…
    not even you and me!!

  4. Sad, sad, sad. Here is proof that the Ontario government and all of its minion ministries and ministers, of health and the environment, energy, natural resources, on and on, do not care about our health, do not care about the environment, do not care about protecting nature and helping us live in harmony with it. All of their talk, all of their prognostications, preachings, and photo ops are just spin. They do not care about our children, either. Power and money. Smug righteous talk about being “green.” Staying in power, putting money first, that is what matters. Our beautiful landscape all across Ontario has been desecrated; hundreds if not thousands of rural folk made sick; people’s life savings, the value of their homes, made to disappear; hydro bills skyrocketing; hundreds of thousands of birds, bats, and field creatures slaughtered, de-homed, all to feed these monsters, behemoths, the industrial wind turbines and their masters. They call this a democracy? Are the jackboots far behind?

    People of Amhearst Island, my heart goes out to you. Do not give up. Expose every dirty secret you can. I detest muckraking, sensational, shallow journalism, but let the newspapers, press, and media earn at least a wee bit of their keep. Tell your friends and family in other countries what is happening here, use “social media” to spread the truth. We citizens of Ontario are captive, unless we pull up stakes, sell all we own, and move elsewhere. The current government is obdurate, and the Liberal and Conservative regimes that preceded it, are also to blame. Only severe public embarrassment on the world stage will perhaps give them pause.

    Annie Walsh

  5. Air particulate samples should have been done prior to this construction. And still not too late to do this.

    Has to be done on private property near the construction by a private company. Homes nearby will be affected.

    Only the School Board could do the sampling on school property.

    Steps need to be taken to show the public what’s taking place and collecting data is one means. Photos can be another means.

    This present government appears to be on the zero carbon bandwagon.

    • Wise advice. However, even with sterling evidence through pre-construction particulate matter air testing to establish the norm, I am not sanguine about the current regime in power in Ontario accepting and acting sanely on such evidence. No, the strategy to date has been, “Ignore. Ignore. Ignore. Dispute. Dispute. Dispute. Deny. Deny. Deny”. All of the gold standard scientific research and testing on the extremely damaging health effects of infra sound caused by industrial wind turbines in Australia and European countries has been poo-poohed by the current Wynn government. Still, I agree air testing must be done.

      • Having followed all of the efforts to date to get all levels of government to protect the residents of Ontario, it clearly looks as though we must collectively approach this situation as a crime.These paid and elected people within Ontario’s government have neglected their duty to protect us.

      • Yes, it is a crime, or rather, a series of many crimes. Not only have our elected governments failed to protect us. It is they, from the premiers (Dalton McGuinty, Kathleen Wynn) on down to the ministers of the respective ministries of Health, Natural Resources, Energy, and their appointees to the Environmental Review Boards, who have actively promoted and pursued the harmful policies of Big Wind. These are not petty crimes against Ontario’s people, wild animals and birds, and the land they are delegated and paid by us to protect. These are crimes whose harmful effects will last generations. Honest people, certain they would receive a fair hearing, have discovered to their hurt and consternation that no mountain of facts and evidence, no amount of expert testimony, would budge the Ontario Liberal governments from their obdurate policy of “Green Energy,” promising millions of dollars of taxpayers’ money to industrial wind corporations, in lucrative twenty year contracts. Protests by the hundreds, and legal actions by the dozens. Still, the arrogant wielders of power issue permits for more harmful industrial wind turbine squats. So yes, heinous crimes indeed against Ontario’s people, our health, that of our land, and the innocent wild creatures. “Green Energy” has destroyed and continues to destroy good energy: it has stolen the good energy of people, trees, the earth, animals, birds, natural habitat. Energy thieves they are, not energy protectors or energy producers. But Justice? Many people have put years of their lives into seeking justice in the courts. There have been a very few victories, which were very soon clawed back. Do we have any prospects for obtaining convictions of the elected officials responsible for this energy theft in Ontario courts? I wonder. That is why I place more trust in cosmic Justice. It is slow, but it is sure.

      • We must seek justice in order to get the message out loudly and clearly in this province that destroying the safety and security of our homes in rural Ontario is not acceptable. All paid and elected people who have not fought the Green Energy Act on our behalf have been complicit. Extortion and attempts to deny that extortion has taken place is not okay in this province. Can you imagine our collective future if we aren’t successful in rural Ontario in seeking justice for the perpetrators? Can you imagine our collective future if we say it’s okay for our elected leaders to neglect their duty to protect?
        It is an ethical imperative to provide safe and affordable energy to residents of Ontario.

      • A well known Vermont Unilever subsidiary has a direct connection to Greenpeace USA.

  6. Welcome to the forum Annie Walsh…. yes we are all fed up… the question is what are you willing to do about it…. queens park is a joke…. it’s there to contain your protest so you don’t get in the way of the government’s work….
    like I said before. … 120 non willing host municipalities X 2 buses / municipality X 50 people / bus = 12000 people…. start at Ole Katty Wynnds Don mills constituency office right to the Queen’s Quay. …. every 5th lock or so should do…. I don’t know maybe then Ole Katty Wynnd might see this as a crisis …. maybe. …. who knows..

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