Ontario cancels future green energy plans

GO AWAY1Shawn Jeffords, Toronto Sun
So, where are you going to spend your $2.45?

Ontario’s Liberal government announced Tuesday that they’ll be giving hydro ratepayers the whopper of a rebate on their bills every month by halting the purchase of $3.8 billion in large renewable-energy projects.

Energy Minister Glenn Thibeault said a new Independent Electricity System Operator report shows the province will have a steady supply for the next decade, so the change of course makes sense. Tossing the toonie and change back to consumers adds up when you combine it with the government’s recent move to slash HST from hydro bills.

“This is a $3.8-billion savings,” he said. “When you look at that for every consumer in the province, that’s $2.45. When you start adding together all of the savings that we’re bringing forward for consumers, it’s starting to become more and more significant. So, if it’s 50 cents or $50, I’ll continue to try to find ways to help put downward pressure on rates.”

The purchases would have seen Ontario buy 980 megawatts in renewable energy projects and 75 megawatts of energy from waste projects.

Question period was dominated by the topic of hydro, as nearly every Progressive Conservative speaker raised the issue. Tory Leader Patrick Brown, who has been calling on the government to stop paying for new green energy projects since he took the party helm last year, called the move “too little too late.”

“It’s bad policy,” he said. “We’ve given away $3 billion in hydro in the last three years. As I said today in the legislature, this premier has become the minister of economic development for Pennsylvania and New York.” Read article

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