Enough is enough with wind company false allegations.

No doubt this happens pretty regularly. You are writing a response on a public forum and out pops a pro-wind advocate who says you are nothing but a ‘denier’, or a ‘coal-burner’, or whatever. It’s a poke to engage you, so you don’t because that’s not why you are there – stick to your message to the intended recipient.

But what about when they start saying flat out lies, that are serious, without any facts to back them up? I get it, thoroughly, when one makes a statement you need to substantiate. In the case of NextEra’s lawsuit against me, calling them NexTerror and NextError, I easily had over sixty links to recent news article of “errors” and “terrors” they had committed in our neighbourhoods, and I’m sure many more could be added today.

tide6Two days ago I had a discussion with Tide… yes “Tide”, as in laundry detergent. There was an annoying ad that kept popping up on Facebook with twirling white turbines around their new scent-free laundry detergent, and they told us “the formula is made with 100% renewable wind power electricity.”  I replied, as it is pretty much one’s duty to explain the negative environmental effects of wind turbines to such companies when this happens.

Then an employee of Brookfield Renewables, Jeremey Davidson, popped in with the usual, “Ester [sic] wants her detergent made with nuclear or stinky coal power.” Whatever. Ignore. To Tide I sent links to American Bird Conservancy articles, the Bird Studies Canada recent report, and the picture of NextEra cutting down the eagle nest.  tide2-copy

Then I get this. →
Apparently “we” lit a nacelle on fire. I’m very open about what I have done in the line of protesting, so those that know me know that  vandalism has never been part of it. What I do, I always make sure I can stand by morally and ethically with no regrets. To be accused of lighting a wind turbine component on fire (when I’m not great with fires and have a fear of heights) serves only one purpose for Mr. Davidson – to discredit me, and other protesters. We were now collectively labelled criminals because of his statement.

tide3-copyI thought he might retract this blatant lie if we pointed it out to him, but he just became more adamant.

We tried to reason with him, help him back out of this but to no avail.

Do we just let him go and let his fancy, defamatory story stand? No, not this time. He crossed a line. The line accusing me and others of being criminals when we are far from it. I get this enough because of the lawsuit, as if being sued instantly makes you a criminal.  Whenever I have to explain that I was sued to someone I meet, they are usually shocked and then I get, “So Esther, that means you are a… criminal?”

Yeah. Get that enough times and it you realize what an unchallenged statement can do to your reputation. A SLAPP is a sneaky way to accomplish defamation, legally.

So I write Jeremy’s employers that morning in hopes they can quickly inform him that this is bull and he needs to remove it. I come home from work to find there is still no response recieved, so I write again. This time it is much more pointed, asking for a written public apology and adding, “If Brookfield Renewables doesn’t take action to reverse these false statements, that have not been backed up with any facts when requested, then I’ll have to assume that Brookfield Renewables agrees with Mr. Davidson and promotes his use of libel to spread false messages about people who may oppose Brookfield’s wind turbine operations, in order to damage the opponent’s reputations.”

And ta da a response arrives exactly 13 minutes later.

Ms. Wrightman, we received your email today and I have forwarded it to my colleagues in our operations so they may look into your inquiry. Please allow them some time to review and follow up. Thank you.

Before long the defamatory statements against us are taken down from Tide’s Facebook, and the next morning this apology of sorts is posted:


The truth comes out. He simply saw a damaged nacelle and made a huge assumption that it was me and other ‘protesters’ who “lit it on fire”. That was more than a story, that’s a lie he concocted. He may as well have assumed NextEra lit it themselves based on the ‘proof’ he had.

When NextEra cut down the eagle nest, no assumptions were made by the public. NextEra did it. They admitted it. There were news stories. There were pictures, and a video. It was a fact.  That’s the difference between truth and lies.

9 thoughts on “Enough is enough with wind company false allegations.

  1. Quite a pickle we find ourselves in. I think during the French Revolution, mere accusation could get you guillotined. Now it’s the Green Revolution, and people’s good name is being wantonly destroyed. You know, when this kind of mayhem becomes the order of the day, one must stand up. More people must stand up with you. You have my blessings!

    • “people’s good name is being wantonly destroyed.”
      Yes our names are of great importance if you know what i mean.
      It is written by your handlers in dog latin,and all this mess relates in some form to all our woes.
      To figure this out you will not be one of those to busy with your career or have a gov job,or a full fledge sports enthusiast or one that has to much money and everything is fine type of people. leaves very few that will reseach this great fraud or stand up with you or us
      Your name is there game they play and they win. Until we stop this game.

  2. Notice the tendency among wind energy advocates to OVER-simplify a complex situation.

    Here is Brookfield’s “Jeremy Davidson” demonstrating:

    his faulty and reckless notion of “causation” — he sees a burnt nacelle and assumes Esther was involved — then he goes on to defame her;

    & his misperception that there is conspiracy among everybody who resists the proliferation of wind turbines. As if it’s war, and the soldier whose gun is drawn must quickly decide, “friend or foe?”

    But Jeremy’s character was more fully revealed when he publicly admitted:

    “Haha, it’s funny hearing you talk. You guys know so little about wind power. WE laugh at how misinformed you are on your wind resistance sites.”

    Brookfield — a billion dollar, multi-national corporation built on characters like Jeremy.

    Is that pathetic? Or, what?

    Anyway — first they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win..

    Or so it goes..

  3. One of the most irritating websites favoring wind power is climatecrocks.com. If you make any sort of aesthetic argument against wind turbines you’re mobbed by the usual accusations of climate denial or coal money. “Cats kill more birds,” blah, blah, blah. All those people care about is carbon, and they act like wind power burns none of it.

    They are doubly annoying because they claim to be doing it for “the environment,” whatever that means anymore. The visual environment is being polluted beyond measure from all angles.


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